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Moral Stories for kids | Short stories for kids with morals | The Lion and the mouse



The lion and the mouse is a very popular story that we learnt as kids and look forward to teaching our own kids. The mighty lion was trapped and it was the tiny mouse who rescued him. Apart from the moral ‘Little friends may prove great friends’, there are other lessons that this fable teaches. So if you’ve been meaning to teach moral values to your kids, this would be a great way to get them started on the lessons.

Story of the day – The Lion and the Mouse.

We all remember how the meek mouse turned out to be a true friend and helped the lion in his time of need. Here’s an animated video for kids that tells you how it all happened.

Moral of the Day – Little friends may prove great friends

The Lion and the Mouse

1) Little friends may prove great friends

This is the most popular moral that this story teaches. It teaches us to never judge others by their strength, looks and status. Only true friends stand by you in times of need and they might be the weakest or the quietest of all the people you know. The lion must have wondered ‘ how could a tiny mouse hope to help a strong animal like him?’ but as you can see, he was proven wrong.

2) Never make fun of anyone's weakness

Calling others weak won’t make you strong. Teach your kids that making fun of others or ganging up on someone weaker than them is mean and cruel. We should be compassionate towards others. Often the weakest people turn out to be the best ones.

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3) A friend in need is a friend indeed

A person can have hundreds of friends but the truest ones are those who stand by you and support you even when everything seems to go wrong. Teach your kids that having a true friend or being one is important than having lots of friends.

4) A truly humble person is the strongest of all

Humility is one of the best virtues to possess. A humble person inspires trust and confidence from people around him. Practice what you preach to your kids. Be a humble person and encourage your kid to be the same. The lion might have been a proud animal but he soon learnt his lesson of humility from the mouse.

5) Whenever you promise someone something, always remember to keep that promise

Teach your kids to accept responsibility for their actions and that it’s very important to keep your promise. You should not let others down, especially when you have promised them something. Like the mouse kept his promise of helping the lion someday, we must also learn to keep our promises.

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