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Mother's Cord

Emmanuel Ekpenyong is a bassist that writes natively about nature and happenings of reality


The first time I witnessed a woman give birth was some years ago, then I was still a fresh student Nurse. The pregnant woman was a young beautiful lady but you could see how swollen her face had become engulfing the contours of her face that she kept saying how ugly pregnancy had made her become. She seemed like a very playful person but when her labor began, she switch from being Helen Paul to Lady Morgana. The very first day she set her eyes on me in the ward, she said I looked like her sister, Aniebiet, and I screamed back in excitement, ‘that’s actually my second name ma’am,’ she released a smile at me and started calling me her sister. The day she was taken to the delivery room, she was arrested by so much agony, I could see a very cheerful person fading into a bitter woman, the pains were so unbearable for her, her husband was restlessly waiting at the verandah, (these two people liked themselves so much, you could always see the attachment whenever the husband came around, he never left her for more than 15 minutes when she was approaching her expected delivery day).In the delivery room the midwife kept asking her to ‘push’, she kept trying but it was as if she lost all of her strength in there, she started to gasp like someone who went up and down Mount Everest, she asked me to come stand beside her so she could hold my hand as her sister. The midwife screamed again ‘push!’ She tried again but still lost her strength, then she broke down in tears, she intended to wail silently but she lost it and gave a loud cry, the husband hearing her cry like that from the window broke down too. I stood there having episodes of goose bumps, it was my very first time to witness such a thing and I said in my heart, ‘if this is the result of having sex, I’ll never have sex again, not even with protection incase an atom of sperm misses road,’ I made that promise to myself (ask me later if I kept to it, I said later not now o).The midwife kept lending her some strength with her words, telling her not to give up, she patted her thighs often to keep them open, then she asked her to do some breathing exercise then push again, as the baby’s head began to approach the exterior, the midwife had to tear some part of her perineum so the baby could come out with ease. The woman gave this very long lasting push there after, she had screamed and lost her voice, she was still holding my hand, next thing she gave me a bite on my hand (In my head I was like “wtf ma’am, that’s rude nana I thought I was your sister” ). But I couldn’t express out my hurt because she won’t even hear me, we were in different worlds that moment. I felt the pain on my hand that I had to let go my hand from her, she dragged me back o, still crying, wailing, panting and in so much distress, at her very last push with every single strength in all of her, the baby came out, as soon as she saw the baby, e dey like magic, in spilt of seconds all her agony disappeared, she started smiling, the midwife handed her the baby to hold for a while, it was a boy, a very cute baby boy, she looked into the baby’s eyes, smiled at him and said ‘Ememobong welcome!’ Then she brushed into laughter that made everyone of us in the room with her laugh. The moment she was out of the delivery room, her husband rushed towards her, he wanted to grasp all of her but she kept smiling at him that shat was okay, he bent over and hugged her, her agony faded and her wounds began to heal. I share this story here because every time life hits me hard and I feel like giving up, I remember this pregnant woman who gave me a bite on the hand, how deep her pains was and how relieved she became of her agony when she birthed successfully, her joy at the end matched her pain and even went beyond. I say to myself all the time, whatever pains I’m going through right now, it is because I am about to birth success, so it’s okay for me to cry when I’m tired and exhausted of many things life throws at me but what is not okay is me giving up. It’s not delivery until I get the positive result at last. I just need the right people in the success journey delivery room with me and with God always on stand by, I WILL.

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