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Love is TIME: The Perks of a Work-at-Home Dad

Rhylee Suyom has hopped in three different worlds: the academe, the corporate, and the media. He enjoys being with nature and his family.

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The joys of parenting and the perks of having all the time for my family...

The joys of parenting and the perks of having all the time for my family...

Love is TIME: The Perks of a Work-at-Home Dad

Almost two years ago, I left my plantilla position in a city college after seeing our three-year-old daughter being abused by a nanny we just hired, following the eloping of the old, trusted one. I did not have any second thoughts about leaving my work; my daughter was more than my life and work combined. After the usual talk with my Dean, I hurriedly wrote a letter terminating my contract. I picked up all my things and left that very day to rescue my daughter from the nanny. From then on, it has been me and my lovely one together 24/7.

I have been doing some content writing since 2007 and I have to admit that the money it brings in was a little short of what we need to pay the bills and put food on the table. Perhaps this is because I can only take projects or orders whenever opportunities present themselves such as at lunchtime or after school hours. When I got to be at home, there were few projects at the time since it was the end of the semester (one reason why my Dean allowed me to leave). It was supposed to be the ideal time for public school teachers since the Yuletide season affords the opportunity to be with my family plus all the bonuses attached to working for the government. Faced with the grim reality that all the good stuff will be done away, I tried asking the admin of my online writing portal for more projects, only to be told that ‘we are experiencing a massive decline due to the emergence of more and more competitors.

You see, this is the problem with the site I am affiliated with; the projects are dependent on students, not companies or corporations. My saving grace came almost three months after the countless applications and constant waiting for vacancies in content writing sites. Since then, there has been a constant stream of projects albeit the holidays often make me feel sorry since the savings would have to be used for the 'lean months.'

I must say that working at home has given me the best days of being a dad. I have spent so many precious hours with my daughter while earning more than the university has offered me before. At times, I could not help but laugh my heart out knowing that I need not dress up, drive around, buy not-so-cheap clothes or eat at cheap 'totobits' since the Admin wants the teaching staff and faculty members to be 'presentable' and 'with dignity.' When I see my earnings, I am grateful for not having to spend the usual chunk of my salary to maintain the 'professor' lifestyle while still thinking about my daughter together with a stranger, helpless in our humble home. I am really blessed to have known how to write and have worked at home to make sure that everything will be taken care of for my little angel, and I have seen the stark difference in her development in comparison to when she was with her nannies (yup, she has had many). And, guess what, my lovely wife had just given birth to a healthy baby boy completing my daughter’s nursery rhyme of ‘finger puppets.’

For those who are torn between keeping a professional career and wanting to be a full-time parent, I hope my plight will serve as an inspiration. I will probably be back in the academe come 2025 when our little one gets to Grade One since the schedule will require six hours of schooling already. I may opt to teach part-time near my kids’ school so I can guarantee their safety. For now, I am still looking for possible writing jobs which require two to four article submissions only per week. I can only write at night when the coast is clear, and all is quiet. Still, the number of resources used, and my stress level now dwarfed that when I was still teaching especially with the things, I had to go through some submissions of requirements and processing of grades. You should have seen how much hair falls off each shower time in both mornings and in evenings. If love is really spelled T – I – M – E, I sure hope that I am giving and offering the best there is for my family. And while the writing gigs may be seasonal thus limiting my chance to be a good provider for our family, the opportunity to cuddle, smile, play, teach and learn from my kids afford me the greatest promotion yet ----- blissful quality memories. Perhaps it is true then that we will only know the true value of things when they are long gone. Most of the time, those which we value most are of the least worth. For the abusive nanny who has made me realize the importance of my family more than any title, I may have or have had, being a FATHER has always been the most revered for me…and I am more than grateful to play it with much love and with much time.

Thanks for reading and hope this has inspired you in one way or another.

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