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UKG (Kindergarten) Worksheets

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Kindergarten counting worksheet

Kindergarten counting worksheet

Kindergarten Worksheets - LKG & UKG

Kindergarten worksheets can be a very effective way of getting kindergarten kids practice basic concepts. Worksheets designed well with interesting activities and attractive illustrations appeal to children and they feel like doing them. Good worksheets can sustain the attention of children, who get a feeling of accomplishment when they complete the worksheet activity.

The kindergarten course in many places is classified into two parts - Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG). Accordingly worksheets may be available for LKG as well as UKG.

See this article on printable kindergarten worksheets to see what the topics in a typical set of LKG worksheets may be.

UKG English worksheets - Lesson plan

UKG English worksheets may typically cover the following:

Capital and small letters in order
• Words with short vowel sounds: a,e,i,o,u
• Words with long vowel sounds: a,e,i,o,u
• Recognising words with same vowel sounds
• ‘This’ and ‘That’
• ‘Here’ and ‘There’
• ‘I’ and ‘You’
• ‘He’, ‘She’ & ‘It’
• Names of colours
• Opposites
• Singular & Plural
• ‘Is’ & ‘Are’
• These & Those
• Words with ‘ow’ & ‘oi’ sounds
• Sight words
• We, You & They
• What & Who
• Capital letters, Full stops & Question marks
• Answering with ‘Yes, it is’ and ‘No, it is not’
• In, On, Under & Near
• In front of & Behind
• Inside & Outside
• Near & Far
• Action words
• What are they doing?
• Has & Have
• Picture reading
• Conversation
• Simple sentences
• Myself

UKG Maths worksheets - Lesson Plan

UKG maths worksheets may typically cover the following -

• Review: Identification of numbers ( 1 to 100)
• Review: Counting 1 to 100
• Review: The number line
• Review: Numbers and number names
• Understanding zero
• Before, After & Between – on the number line
• Comparison of numbers
• Smallest & Greatest
• Shapes
• Addition: Picture stories
• Addition: counting with pictures
• Counting forward from any number
• Addition: Using fingers & Lines
• Addition: On the number line
• Addition sums
• Addition table of 1 and 10.
• Addition examples
• Ones and Tens
• Subtraction: Picture stories
• Subtraction: By crossing out
• Counting backwards from any number
• Subtraction: Using fingers and lines
• Subtraction: Using the number line
• Subtraction sums
• Subtraction examples
• Position
• Time

UKG - General Knowledge worksheets - Lesson Plan

UKG General Knowledge worksheets may typically cover the following -

• Our body
• Cleanliness & good habits
• Good manners
• Family
• School
• Safety
• Wild and domestic animals

• Animal sounds, babies & homes

• Birds
• Insects
• Plants
• Fruits & Vegetables
• Food
• Seasons
• Air & water
• The Sun & the Moon
• Our country
• People at work
• Days & Months

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Printable kindergarten worksheets

Kindergarten worksheets are widely available - you can get them as bound workbooks or as individual worksheets. They are also easily available online - both as physical workbooks/worksheets you can order and have sent to you and as printable worksheets that you can download and print on your home printer.

Printable kindergarten worksheets are advantageous in that you can get them instantly (you can download them anytime) and conveniently. You can also usually print out selected worksheets, or specific worksheets more than once for more practice.

Kindergarten worksheet videos

In kindergarten worksheet videos we can watch the worksheet being actually performed by some animated character. Again this may be interesting for kids since they usually enjoy watching animated videos.

You can see a whole lot of kindergarten (LKG) worksheet videos here.

See Chalky the magic chalk doing a kindergarten (LKG) number recognition worksheet

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