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The lion and the mouse | The hare & the tortoise - short moral stories for kids with pictures

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The lion and the mouse - available on Kindle - kids picture story book with activities

The lion and the mouse - available on Kindle - kids picture story book with activities

Picture story book on Kindle

Tomzi's - The lion and the mouse - story and kids activities - now on kindle

Kindergarten stories are loved by kindergarten kids. Stories like the story of the lion and the mouse and the story of the hare and the tortoise are much .loved.

Scroll down below to read both these stories with pictures.

Story-time is a favourite time for most children. Whether it is fairy tales, folk tales, kids fables or your own tales, children love to be read aloud to or told stories to. Many kindergarten schools even have story telling competitions for both jr kg and sr kg kids (junior and senior year of kindergarten). Whether it is for pure fun and enjoyment or whether it is to convey a value or a moral, story telling is a wonderful time and short kindergarten stories have an important role to play. Though this is the day of dynamic visual media with TV, video, computer games and the internet all vying for a child's attention, there is nothing to beat the wholesome joy of sitting with your child and telling a story. Story time with simple stories for kindergarten and other kids is a great time to bond with your children and short kindergarten stories can be a very useful part of kindergarten. Kids fables are timeless.

20 stories for kids with moral lessons - FREE until Mar 18th

The lion and the mouse is one such kindergarten short story based on a story from Aesop's fables. The story of the hare and the tortoise is another popular story told to kindergarten kids.There are a huge number of such short stories for kindergarten kids with morals (for both senior and junior kindergarten or LKG & UKG as called in some places). Stories for kindergarten students often entertain as well as educate. There is a wide range of picture story books for toddlers, preschool, nursery and kindergarten kids.

The lion and the mouse video

The lion and the mouse: A kindergarten story

Sheru lLon resting under a tree - the lion and the mouse story

Sheru lLon resting under a tree - the lion and the mouse story

The Lion and the Mouse - stories for kids about friendship

It was a hot day in the forest. Sheru the lion ate a big meal. He was very tired. He went to sleep under a shady tree.

Neetu Mouse plays on the lion

Neetu Mouse plays on the lion

Neetu the mouse was playing happily in the forest. He jumped about here and there. He saw Sheru’s tail and ran up the tail. Sheru did not wake up. Neetu became a little bold. He wanted to have some fun. He ran up Sheru’s back. Sheru still didn’t get up. Oh, this was great fun!

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The lion and the mouse

Neetu Mouse climbs on to Sheru Lion's head

Neetu Mouse climbs on to Sheru Lion's head

Neetu became even more bold and danced on Sheru’s head. Sheru got up with a loud roar. He was very angry. He caught Neetu with his paws.

The lion catches hold of the mouse

The lion catches hold of the mouse

Neetu was very scared. He said in a small voice, “King Sheru, I am sorry. Please don’t eat me. I was only playing. Please let me go. I shall always be your friend. Maybe one day I can help you.”

Sheru Lion decides to let go off Neetu Mouse

Sheru Lion decides to let go off Neetu Mouse

Sheru laughed. He said, “You are so small. How can you ever help a big lion like me?” Sheru thought, “Anyway this mouse is too small to eat. I am also full. I will let him go.” So Sheru put down Neetu.

Sheru Lion is caught in the net

Sheru Lion is caught in the net


A few days later, some hunters came to the forest. They spread out nets to catch animals. Sheru was caught in a net. Sheru was very angry. He roared loudly. All the animals heard the lion. Neetu heard Sheru. He said to himself, “My friend is in trouble. He needs my help.”

Neetu Mouse helps tear the net to release Sheru Lion

Neetu Mouse helps tear the net to release Sheru Lion

Neetu saw Sheru caught in the net. He bit the net with his sharp teeth and slowly made a big hole in it. Sheru came out of the net through the hole.

The lion and the mouse are friends!

The lion and the mouse are friends!

“Thank you, little mouse,” said Sheru. “You are so small, but you saved my life.”

“It was my turn to help you, King Sheru,” said Neetu.

“We will be friends always,” said Sheru.

The hare and the tortoise - video - kids story

The hare and the tortoise: A kindergarten story


The Hare and the Tortoise - Kids fables

Once upon a time there lived a hare. The hare could run very fast. It was proud of its speed.


One day, the hare saw a tortoise walking very slowly. The hare laughed at the tortoise and said, “Oh! You are so slow, such a slowcoach!” The tortoise said, “My dear friend, you are so proud. Let’s have a race to see who is faster.”


So the hare and the tortoise had a race. The hare ran very fast and very far. Then it turned back to see where the tortoise was. The tortoise was far behind the hare. It was walking so slowly!


The proud hare thought, “The tortoise will take a very long time to come near me. Let me have a nap.” So it stopped running and went to sleep.


The tortoise slowly but steadily went past the hare. The hare suddenly woke up and saw the tortoise just crossing the finishing line. It started running very fast. But it was too late. The tortoise had already won the race.

So what is 'the hare and the tortoise' moral - "Slow and steady wins the race," the moral of this kindergarten story is well known.

Kindergarten stories - animated video

Animated versions of kindergarten stories are very popular these days. They can be fun for children to view. Animated kids fables are quite popular. Such kids videos featuring popular kindergarten stories and indeed a host of stories, folk tales, moral stories, fairy tales, Aesops fables, Panchatantra tales, Jataka tales, Arabian Nights, and many more kids stories are widely available.

This page has animated videos of the lion and the mouse as well as the hare and the tortoise stories. There are also another two stories in video given below. Scroll down to view them.

The thirsty crow - another popular kindergarten story - video

Another popular kids story with a moral - The boy who cried wolf! - video

Why kindergarten stories - kindergarten story telling

Children love stories. Many grow up hearing a lot of stories. Stories can have an important influence on us. They can not only entertain and enthrall but also educate and motivate. This can be true for not just kindergarten stories but for many other stories too. So many of the basic values and morals that we have imbibed as children would be from the host of stories told to us during our childhood days by our parents (perhaps more often grandparents).

Lots of preschool and kindergarten videos here

The art of story telling

The art of telling a story is an important one, and a wonderful art. A really good story teller can enthrall the audience and transport them to a different world. How can we we ever forget the fairy tales we heard in our childhood days, when we would be cast into another world, a fantasy world of fairies and brownies, of bears that could talk and houses one could eat; a world where good was all good and bad all bad. Many of those kindergarten stories that we heard are the stories our children hear today. Those precious tales and fables have survived for generations and still retain their evergreen charm.

Story time is quality time

Story time can be a wonderful way to spend quality time with your children. In the good old days grandparents would be surrounded by many grandchildren and would tell and re-tell favorite stories. This not only helped keep children occupied, entertained and happy in a safe setting but also created a feeling of togetherness and sharing among families. The morals and values inherent in many of these folk tales were imbibed by the children without for a minute thinking that someone was lecturing them or preaching morals. We can do this today too. There is no dearth of read aloud stories for kindergarten if one prefers to do it that way. And there is also no dearth of kindergarten short stories online to get inspiration from. Many picture books with wonderful kindergarten stories with pictures are also widely available.

Story time in a kindergarten class can be a wonderful way to keep children engaged. Children never tire of listening again and again to their favorite kindergarten stories. If all children can actively participate in the telling of popular stories it will be even more interesting for them.

Use kindergarten stories to teach kindergarten concepts

Reading out kindergarten stories to children apart from being great fun and entertainment for them can also be very educative. A host of beautifully illustrated picture books are widely available , that you can read out from, and read along with your children. You would not only be spending some wonderful time with them, you can also use the opportunity to teach them many things. Kindergarten stories can be effectively used to reinforce many of the basic concepts taught in kindergarten. Kids can learn from stories too! For instance, you could ask the child to point out to different letters of the alphabet in a book, identify common words, count out numbers (for example, count three pigs in the picture), ask which is bigger or smaller etc, point out who is taller and who is shorter, etc. Children can learn to identify common pictures and simple words. Of course keep in mind that it does not become like work, for the best learning takes place when you do not think you are learning.

See below the popular kindergarten story of the lion and the mouse with pictures.

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