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Kindergarten Preparation for Learning What the Day Will Be Like in Colorful Picture Book

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Time for School


Colorful Picture Book Introduces Young Students to Their School Day

Lucy Golden's Unicorn's School Day is a fun and colorful picture book to introduce your young child to what their school day will be like as they go to school for the first time this year. It is also a great choice to read to preschoolers who will be attending preschool in a childcare center. The book is also interactive with a special wheel on each page that children can turn to see pop-up pictures inside the cut-out that are related to an activity.

Unicorn is excited about the first day of school. Breakfast is over and it's finally time to go. Unicorn arrives and all of the children are busy checking in as they place their names on the board. Turn the wheel to see what Unicorn is playing with while waiting for everyone to arrive for the day. Everyone is finally in the classroom and it's time for circle time. Turn the wheel to discover what musical instrument Unicorn is playing while singing "The Wheels on the Bus". Numbers and counting are a big part of preschool and kindergarten. Turn the wheel to count with Unicorn. All preschool and kindergarten classrooms have a dramatic play center. Turn the wheel to see what Unicorn buys at the farm stand that the teacher has set up in the dramatic play center. It's time for recess. Turn the wheel to see what the children are playing with on the playground. Lunchtime is here. Turn the wheel to see what Unicorn has in the lunch that her dad packed. Quiet time is for choosing a book to read. Turn the wheel to see what book Unicorn is reading. A fun activity comes at the end of the day. Young children will be engaged in discovering what Unicorn chooses to use to participate in the last activity of the day.

Sophie Beer contributed her talents as an illustrator for Unicorn's School Day. The colorful illustrations are chock full of details that children will find in their classroom.

Unicorn's School Day was published by Random House and is recommended for ages 3-6. It has an ISBN of 978-0-593-37462-7.

Colorful and Engaging Illustrations of Unicorn's Classroom

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Activities to Prepare Your Young Child for School

It's hard to believe, but it's time for school! Parents are always looking for ways to prepare young children for their first day at school. Picture books are a great way to begin a conversation about what to expect when school starts.

Lucy Golden's Unicorn's School Day is a colorful picture book with simple text to introduce young children to a day at school. My favorite part of the book is the interacitve wheel that children can turn on each page to see the answer to what Unicorn and her friends are doing in their classroom as each activity is introduced.

*Read Unicorn's School Day in a story time session. Call attention to the details of what will be found in the classroom. Chalkboards, crayons, drawing paper, musical instruments, a dramatic play center, and the playground are all part of the preschool and kindergarten classroom.

*Engage your child in a discussion of what they expect to find in their classroom.

*The book is interactive with the cut-out section on each page and the mechanism for turning the wheel to see what will appear inside the cut-out circle.

*Take a tour of your child's school if allowed. Many schools have an open house day before school starts. Attending an open house is a way to make your child comfortable with the school environment before the first day.

*Will your child take their own lunch to school? Unicorn's dad packed a lunch for her/him. Allow your child to choose their lunch items to take to school.

*Engage your child in a discussion of their favorite activity that they participated in after they return home from their first day. Unicorn's first day was a success and Unicorn could not wait to go back the next day.

Happy New School Year! This retired teacher is wishing the best during this extremely challenging time for all the teachers and children going back to school. Good luck to the parents who have chosen to homeschool.

© 2021 Cindy Hewitt

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