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Kids Education Learning Pod - Sign up for In-Person Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic and Fight Back!

Enough Is Enough!

If you are a parent then you are feeling this sentiment as strongly as I am these days. When Covid-19 started, I followed the rules and didn't make noise. The mandatory masks came out, I didn't make any noise. A temporary stay-at-home order rolled out, I didn't make any noise. The school got temporarily closed down and we had to do online learning, I didn't make any noise.

The keyword being: TEMPORARY.

If being restricted and doing online education was HEALTHY we would've adapted these ways a long time ago, but they are not. They are HARMFUL to ours and our kids' mental health and general wellbeing!

Now I am reading about schools being closed INDEFINITELY and online learning being PERMANENT.

HELL TO THE FUCK NO! Enough is enough. I have observed this entire situation spiral out of control and our leaders, who are supposed to be protecting, helping, and looking out for us, are imprisoning us like zoo animals and dictating our freedom. It's not just us anymore. Now it's the kids too. And this is where I draw my line.

During this craziness, part of why I hadn't made any noise was because I felt like my voice wouldn't be heard anyway. I felt like I was too small to make a difference. I was scared to use my voice. Scared of getting penalized. Scared of the rules. It was also because, as a mental illness warrior, I avoided the news and didn't stay informed for my own sanity. It was also because I don't understand politics and the lingo intimidates me. I also held hope that this would be over before I knew it.

I may not know all the rules, or the lingo, or the data, but I do know MY RIGHTS and my KIDS' RIGHTS and what is happening in our country right now DOES NOT align with that. I know that this is WRONG and our leaders need to realize that their careless actions will NOT go unnoticed, unaccounted for, and unresisted!

Mess with me, cool, but don't mess with my kids!

As a mom or parent in general, you have said this statement countless times. The moment I became a mom, nothing else mattered but my job to protect my kids. I have gone against the "rules" a thousand times for my kids' general wellbeing, mental health, and healthy development.

I have kept my daughters from their dads and severed custody visitations to protect my kids. I have gone against my lawyer's advice to protect my kids. I have fought in court for my kids' futures. I have stood up to a narcissistic parent for years in order to protect my girls. I have stood up to family for my kids. I was prepared to sever uncle-niece relationships for their wellbeing due to racism.

I have lived up to this statement my entire parenting life, and today is no different! When I look at our leaders and what they are doing, they just remind me of all the narcissists I have faced in my lifetime and the power struggles I had fallen victim to. Just like my abusers, our leaders have no clue on how to create healthy solutions because healthy solutions don't benefit them! Oh, and they are obsessed with POWER.

Nope. We have come too damn far from history to be letting these idiots turn our democracy into a dictatorship and land of power. WE WILL NOT ROLL OVER ON OUR BACKS.

Our kids need us. I am ready to fight for mine, are you?

Fight back!

Standing up for what you believe in and fighting back against the status quo can be intimidating, especially when the majority of the people don't agree with your "rebellious" reactions. Those people are not against you. Those people are secretly cheering you on. They envy you for your courage and bravery. Those people wish they had the strength to stand with you and agree with your stance wholeheartedly.

Then why do they seem to disagree? Because they are scared of judgment; harassment; fines; prosecutions; failure.

When you fight back, it's for everyone! The kids, the struggling parents, the teachers, human rights and freedoms!

A protest is currently in the works by us for, hopefully, the end of next week. I hope to see you there!

Stand in your truth firmly. You've got more people rooting for you than you think.


Oh no, the ICUs are filling up! Why not use empty buildings like hospitals, get more medical equipment to fill those buildings, therefore, help more people who need medical attention?

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Oh no, the virus is spreading, let's lock everyone in their houses but leave all the homeless on the streets with no medical care or shelters and offer no financial aid to everyone losing their jobs and getting evicted from their homes.

Oh no, we have to lower the numbers of deaths in our country by stopping everyone from being able to socialize and locking them inside yet the number of deaths due to suicide, police enforcement, and domestic abuse is rising but that's okay so long as the Covid-19 numbers lower.

Oh no, the numbers of Covid-19 cases are rising but none of it is due to kids, schools, and playgrounds but let's close all the schools and parks anyway ripping the kids' childhoods away from them for no reason.

Oh no, the number of sick people is rising probably due to underlying issues and everyday common causes but we will pin it on the Covid-19 pandemic that way we can justify all those rights impeding restrictions and stay-at-home orders.

Oh no, the parents are making noise, let's send them bonuses to "help" with homeschooling so that they'll leave us alone to gain more power over them.

Oh no, we have no money to give our people to survive all these restrictions but their falling is our plan anyway, here, let's spend all this money we could give them on this new massive library just to piss them off.

All I see here are power struggles, dictatorship, self-benefitting decisions, careless choices, and ABUSE.

Solutions would look like this:

- Investing in businesses to transform their place of business into a safe space to survive the virus,

- Investing in additional mental health services for those who need support during the pandemic,

- Investing in additional shelters for victims of abuse

- Compensating workers losing their jobs due to business closures

- CLOSING DOWN THE RIGHT PLACES - So many businesses and outdoor areas are being closed down that have no influence on the Covid-19 data! Yet, massive establishments like Amazon warehouses, Walmart, and Costco remain open as well as airports allowing "essential" traveling, what?

- QUARANTINING ONLY SICK PEOPLE TO STOP THE SPREAD & putting in place preventive measures - So, you're not sick but you can't leave your house or socialize IN CASE you get or are sick. Justification: The virus is contagious before showing symptoms. Okay, so is Influenza who has also killed people. So is Norovirus, which can be fatal in certain people. So is meningitis. Let's not forget the Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. Might as well add pertussis, which my step-daughter had as a toddler and is pretty common in kids and can be fatal. STIs are also contagious, does that mean we need to abolish all sexual activities and give out fines if people don't listen?

Our leaders are attempting to control the entire country into obedience to prevent deaths caused by Covid-19 (though I am certain that many are caused by other issues as well) yet they;

- Sell cigarettes which kill MILLIONS,

- Have opened services to allow addicts to continue their drug use in a safer manner,

- Have kept schools open despite many school shootings and deaths,

- Do nothing about racial injustices and murders,

- Do nothing about indigenous abuse and deaths,

- Don't make noise over child and sex trafficking which kills every day,

- Don't invest in more mental health services resulting in more deaths,

- Do nothing to prevent suicides,

the list goes on, but you get the idea. This is not about deaths. This is about power and personal motives. If it was about Covid, we would see solutions, not schools and playground lockdowns.

Join the revolution, the fight, the stance of the people in winning ours and our kids' freedoms back!

Follow our Facebook group!

We have started a Facebook group (link is below) for our learning pod project that is currently in the works. If you are a parent, teacher, educator, tutor, college grad, coop student, caregiver, nanny, babysitter, or someone who wants to volunteer, follow our group for updates, information, and protest rallies to stand against school closures. We are in the planning stage and count on everyone's help to make this project a success for the sake of our children.

Though our ultimate wish is for the schools to reopen, we have no information on if or when they will, and we have also witnessed parents being fed up with the system and the government, ceasing their children's return to school altogether, hence the learning pod project being in full effect for the parents who may need an alternative. We understand that the learning pod experience can get expensive for lower-income families, therefore, plan on creating a Gofundme account and take in donations to set up a subsidized program so that our services can be available to everyone. Our project is very new and we are looking forward to launching soon but also want to be sure that all of our bases are covered.

I would love to receive your thoughts, comments, and suggestions on the matter to further help us gain clarity on the direction we will ultimately take upon launching this new education service.

In conclusion, I believe in the people, in our rights, in our freedom, and in our future. I hope you will too.

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This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2021 Michelle Brady

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