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Keekaroo Height Right High Chair Review (Updated 2020)

Update: After 12 Months of Use

My kid has grown to 50lbs (or 22kg in metric terms) and still find the chair comfortable enough for daily use. The durability of the chair has been pretty amazing and the fear of the chair "giving way" is no longer there. Although the straps appear to be cheap at first, they seem to hold up pretty well after so many months of use. One minor annoyance is that the chair can be pretty hard to clean with the infant insert installed.

Product Information and Features

  • Keekaroo is an American company founded in 1967 by Tim Bergeron. His daughter suffered from down syndrome which emphasized his design around comfort for his juvenile products.
  • The High Chair is best suitable for juveniles aged 6 months to 250 pounds (110 kilograms in non US metrics). In case your are wondering, 250 lbs is definitely not a weight any normal 6 month baby would have.
  • The included plastic tray is removable and BPA-free (bisphenol for the medically curious ones).
  • It employs passive crotch restraint and 3-point safety harness to secure your baby to the chair.
  • The Keekaroo High Chair is made with a highly durable rubberwood and applied with a plant based lacquerer finish.
  • It comes with a 5 year warranty (I believe it doesn't cover everything though).

Despite the slight bump in difficulty in assembly of the Keekaroo high chair (compared to your conventional piece of wooden furniture), you definitely will not be disappointed with its quality, looks and usability. It took me and my wife around 30 - 40 minutes to assemble the high chair after unboxing. We are novices at furniture assembly (other than some experience with IKEA furniture) so that's not too bad I guess?

Some of the available colors of the Keekaroo Height Right Highchair

Some of the available colors of the Keekaroo Height Right Highchair


  • JMPA certified means it has been thoroughly tried and tested by an expert facility on baby products. You can find more about the JMPA certification seal here. It is extremely sturdy and has a limit of 250 pounds or more than 100 kilograms! If it was any wider, an adult could sit on it without crushing it to pieces. If I am not wrong, all Keekaroo products are JMPA certified.
  • Looks and feels modern which will fits well into any type of household. It has a small footprint and looks just like any regular chair. It would not stick out like a sore thumb in your home. There are a few colors but it seems the mahogany one is always out of stock, so do keep a look out if you really want one. I personally prefer the "natural" wooden base color. The padded cushions also come in different colors.
  • The eating tray is modular and removable, which comes with the high chair, can be removed which makes it optional. This means it can be used as a normal chair as some juveniles like mine prefer to eat on the table instead. The padded cushion can be removed for washing too.
  • Adjustable Height with a 1.5° seating angle. This angle allows your baby to be seated safely and comfortably near the table. Supposedly, the designers at Keekaroo work hand in hand with therapists to design a baby chair that promotes good seating posture from young. A screwdriver is needed but it's rather straightforward.
  • Durable and easy to clean. It's made out of solid environmentally friendly wood it is very stable even with an active baby on it. My baby sits on the chair playing with his toys on the tray and the chair does not even move an inch. As mentioned, the padded cushion and trays can be removed for easy cleaning too. It's pretty straightforward to clean the whole chair - just wipe it with a clean cloth.
The Keekaroo high chair is just like any other chair when the tray is removed.

The Keekaroo high chair is just like any other chair when the tray is removed.


  • The high chair utilities a 3-point harness instead of a 5-point harness. Most modern baby car seats makes use of a 5-point harness for greater safety. The Keekaroo high chair uses a 3-point harness which does not have fixture / attachment points at the hips of your baby. Although for a household baby char, a 3-point harness is more than sufficient, this may be a slight concern to some parents.
  • It cannot be used outdoors as it is made of rubberwood. As rubberwood is chemically treated before use, contact with rain can remove the protection. This will render it susceptible to insect attacks and fungus.
  • The eating tray is usable only at the highest height setting and the mechanism to remove it can be improved. The lowest height setting is simply too low. The plastic tray clips can feel cheap and easily breakable compared to the rest of the chair.

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