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How To Keep Your Family Busy While They Stay Home And Learn While Indoors

Millicent okello is a freelance writer and a teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.


Top 10 Best Indoor Family Activities

Many people at times find themselves indoors with their children during weekends and holidays . Even with or without the parents around, the children can do many indoor activities to break the boredom.

It is therefore advisable to keep the children busy with some interesting activities around.

1) Bake and Decorate

Indoor days are the perfect time to try and get creative in the kitchen. Make your own dessert bar by putting out toppings that kids can add to either a cupcake or ice cream sundae. Let each child decorate his/her own cupcake and bring it on the bar for marks. Make it all creative with lots of colour to brighten up your fun day. Grab the kids baking recipes and make sweet cakes and pies. Visit the websites with good food recipes as well.

2) Dancing lessons

When it comes to dancing, we love to make our bodies move to the beats of music. Let the children choose a collection of their favourite music from the play list and have them all together for the dance session . Here ,they don't have to be the best dancers but allow them be themselves and rock the dance moves. It's their little party house. Let them have fun and enjoy. If you don't have any idea on what to watch, you can visit online dance ideas for kids or free online dance classes and tutorials for school-aged kids.

Hey, they need to move their little bodies even if they can't go to the playground. Let them shake their bodies out and make memories as you record the events of the activities.

3) Go Hunting

Before you do the hunting, remember it is going to be inside the house. Ask the children to create a list of their favourite hunting items. Could be hunting animals. Place animal dolls inside different corners of the house and have the children dress into their best hunting costumes. This will be fun as you will be guiding them on what to do and how to do the activity. You could refer their stories to children books online.

Treasure hunt island can also be created in the house. Have the children hunt for valuable treasures in the house and reward them for getting the valuables. This should be happy moments for all.

4) Film production/Acting

Children are like watching Tv, and movies or being online chatting with friends and playing games. As for that reason, they all have their favourite characters in the films or movies. This could be cartoon characters or real life actors. Have them enact the plays, dramas or scenes from the parts that they like most. Let them choose character roles they want to play and do it in turns. Let the children be creative on their own and fantasize about anything that they want to. Your role should be to watch and direct them as you enjoy the show. You can use sound tracks to make it interesting.

5) Do lip-sync

Lip-sync is another way of having fun especially when you are together as a family.

Let the children choose their favourite songs and play the music in the background. Have them pretend to be on stage and imagine themselves being the singer of their chosen songs. Let them dramatize and dance to the beats of the music. This can be made more interesting by providing them with the music instruments that are available in the house.

When the teenagers want to be all alone and maybe be on their computers all the time, You can ask them to join in all the activities. Let them be the roll models to the younger siblings and act by leading the rest. They could be old enough to show the younger ones what to do. Be in the lead and guide your team . You are the captain of the ship, the teenagers assistant captain as the little ones join by assisting where necessary. Nobody should be left out here.

The teenagers are young adults. You cannot expect them to do all the above activities. Instead treat them differently based on their age needs. For example it's true that you can't expect the teenager to go treasures hunting with a 4 year old. The young adults can do at least some productive work that revolves around their world. Apart from taking part in a few of the above, they can do the following:

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Family and Friends Interaction

6. Have a video discussion chat with friends

Now that the younger adults also need to be actively involved, approach them and tell them that you want to have a video discussion with them and close friends from school or neighbours. Remember, you don't have to be involved in their talks but play your role as the parent or guidian. Tell them to request their classmates or friends who are willing to join in the discussion to choose topics to be discussed. Each can join with atleast two topics for the talk. After that, let them arrange them in order of discussion. Can be alphabetically arranged to ease the discussion. They can choose on a topic to talk about and then freely avail themselves for the particular talk.

After all is done, go through the topics of discussion and see if they are right for their ages. Their friends can ask their parents to take part too by allowing them to have the talks. This will be fun. It's like families having video talks using zoom. Allow them to discuss at intervals .Let them choose what they like to talk about. Make sure the discussions are not involving explicit topics. Let them note some of the challenges that they think the young teenagers face in the current situation or while growing up.As a parent, at least you will have known some of the issues your teeenager needs to be addressed.

7) Make use of the internet

Since the college students are likely to be involved in computer work, why not ask them to also take some important roles. If you have a business for example , this is the time to ask them to create online pages for your shop and try to be creative and market a few staffs online. Photography can do wonders here. Let the young adults take advantage and take the best pictures. You can include the small kids too. Family pics to market the shop is a good idea. Let them take the best photos of the goods being sold and download them online.

They can check on book keeping as well as sales records. Let them manage the business online. This will be training your children to be responsible. Be on the watch and praise them for every good work done.


Know Yourselves Better Time

8) Family time discussion

Having a feeling that you have always been away from one another and have never sat together to discuss issues, this is also another time to take advantage of the situation. Tell the children to gather around and inform them of a small family meet up. Give them a question answer list .you can even have an interview with them one by one. to answer questions based on family matters. Also, remember to observe social distance among you.

9) Counselling

Being indoors for long can be so boring. You can find that this is the moment when children can be depressed including you. Have a counselling session once a while when need be.if you can't do the counselling and you have a family counsellor, you could call them on phone or video call and let them have a counselling sessions with your children. You are also free to have a talk with the counsellor when you feel depressed.

10) Watch a film

Create a family home in movie in your house. If you have the Netflix , have a collection of your favourite downloaded movies and watch as a family. It will be fun watching as a group . Have comics as top nothes, action or series, anything you want to.

With the few mentioned above, the children will be happy to be indoors especially when they can't go out. Make if fun and a memorable experience for all.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Millicent Okello (author) from Nairobi, Kenya on October 21, 2020:

Hello peggy. Apparently, so many teenagers are indoors suffering silently. With some basic ideas , they can get out of all these. It's so sad that some parents don't realise it.Thanks so much for the comment

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 17, 2020:

You have given some good ideas to keep children busy during COVID-19. I heard some interesting statistics today on the CNN network. Apparently, the statistics of teenagers suffering from depression has eased during the pandemic. They attribute this to them getting more sleep, having more family time spent together, etc.

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