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How to Make Up Your Own Bedtime Stories! You're kids will love It!

Bedtime Bear

Bedtime Bear

Bedtime Story Fun!

I have a younger brother and two little cousins. All in all they are 2 boys and 1 girl in the 5-8 age bracket. To entertain them just before bed, I often find myself making p stories, when they've grown bored of the books they have and the fairytales forever told.

So here's a useful tip to parents reading this. Make up your own Bedtime Story, take your imagination out for a walk or a ride. If it's too much to handle have your little ones help.

Bedtime is that time of night when your body naturally wants to relax, which makes it one of the best times to boost your bonds to those kids you love. They tend to talk more/open up. I think it's also best to inject their minds with positive, fun and as my mom says happy thoughts. Bedtime stories also allows their imagination to grow.

Apart from aiding the development of your child/ren and boosting your bonds, it will help you wind down from any stresses you may have had during the day. It will inject some fun and playfulness that will not only perk you up but make you laugh ...and we all know laughter is the best medicine...go on give it a go!

  • The best place to start is a quick who?what?where?why? session in your head and keep it simple.
  • Don't aim to high especially if it's your first try.
  • What kind of story? one with a moral obligation, going to bed or just a silly one!
  • Use different voices for each character. My bro and cousins lurve this one!
  • Get your kids involved. Have them pick names of characters, places. Why not let them finish your setences and go with the flow of what they're saying.
  • Make sure it's not too loud nd rowdy. You want to wind them down not rev them up.
  • Have Fun!

The following is one of my very own! It just happened and I'm so pleased with it, I thought I'd share. Feel free to tell it your kids...there will be more!

The illustration/s are also my own. I wanted you to have an idea of what they looked like in my head as I told the story. I'm no good at drawing things like this. There are some extra notes in bracketed italics to consider.

J the main character, is a mixed race boy with long curly hair. I haven't decided on his age yet, let's go with the 6-8 range :D He doesn't like going to bed, until one night he goes on an adventure. He is surprised it happened either.

J, His Bed and a Larzian (they are teeny)

Counting stars in space

Counting stars in space

The planet Llarz

The planet Llarz

Llazians are little bulbous things! {I'm not great at cartoons}

Llazians are little bulbous things! {I'm not great at cartoons}

The Story...

"It's that time again" said Mum.

And already J was feeling glum.

"Is it really time for bed?" He whispered as he bowed his head.

"Yes, my son I'm afraid it's true" she smiled.

"Come along we have much to do!"

J brushed his teeth, then washed his face...

And beat his mum in the Quickest to the Bed Race.

He got into his jimmy jams and said 'Good night' to Mr. Sam (his gold fish).

Now it was officially time for bed.

Mum kissed his little head.

She tucked him in all cosy and warm;

To let his dreams take form.

On leaving the room she took off the light

And J, gazed at a pretty sight.

He was flying in outer space.

His bed zipped and zapped all the way to LLARZ {sounds like Mars}

While he gladly counted all the stars.

His bed landed on Llarzian rock

Where a Llarzian lady in a fuchsia frock

Was so surpried to see the boy,

who mistook her for a silly toy.

He picked her up and she let out one, loud yelp:

The Standard Llarzian Call For Help

Quicker than you could bat an eye

Llarzians fell from the sky- He was....


They captured him, these little things

and took him to their mighty kings.

There were 4 in fact from Ickrygack to Rulagoyner.

Each King examined little J

who wasn't quite sure just what to say.

He stood righ up and scrathed his head.

"Sorry to be here, it was my bed"

"A bed? a bed?" so said the Rulagoyner king.

"A bed? A bed?...Does it sing? "

All the Llarzians wanted to see

and gathered round on one knee.

"This is my bed" said J all proud.

"Ohhhh a BED!" the Llarzians screamed out loud.

They touched the bed and jumped on to.

Up and down and round they flew!

"We love your bed" said the tallest king.

"Are you sure it doesn't sing?"

"I'll sing for you...if you like?"

"By the way, my name's J Nathaniel Tike"

"I love my bed, my bed loves me, we love to travel..next stop's the sea!" {They like when I sing this part so make up a tune to it}

This was the song he proudly sang

until a big thingy let out a CLANG!

The kings stood up and together said

"Good citizens it is time for bed!" {tell them what citizen means-my bro wanted to know}

"You go to bed here to?" J looked on puzzled

"Oh of course at night that's what we do"

"Well Goodnight everyone"

J got in to bed and waved his arms high above his head.

Back down to his room, landed his bed

The door opened and in popped Mum's head.

"Sweet little one"

But fast asleep was little J

and now there's nothing more to say.


Gloria Siess from Wrightwood, California on December 09, 2010:

LOVE your illustrations--I draw like this, too! You might like my Hub, The Magic of Story Starters, {Getting Your Child to Write)I esp. liked I love my bed, my bed loves me!

Sa Toya (author) from England on January 05, 2010:

Cheers guys....

I just might look into getting it published

I didn't think it was that good and woop woop to the rating up cosette thankies.

@ladyjane well at least your getting your bedtime stories now :D and Russian ones too sounds lovely and romantical ;)

Cheers m'dears!

ladyjane1 from Texas on January 05, 2010:

wow that is very impressive I can really see this as a book someday. You are quite talented. I loved the story. I know this is silly but my parents never read to me at night and I would always love to read to my kids. Well now that my kids are grown I remarried and we have been married for 9 years now but anyway, Ian is Russian and he will whisper Russian fairytales in my ear to get me to go to sleep. I guess Im just a big kid. lol Great hub.

cosette on January 04, 2010:

omgsh haha how wonderful! you should publish this (as in a book), it's great :D

rating this one UP too.

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