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It Has Been a While


It Has Been a While

It has been a while since having a little one in my house. I had forgotten how fun and frustrating it can be. My two daughters are 11 and 9 years old now, and boy do they keep me busy. Throwing in a new baby to the mix felt insane at first.

January 2021 I found out I was pregnant, again. So many thoughts went through my head. I'm 29 years old with 2 almost pre-teens, how will I manage a new baby. When I told my partner he was of course very excited, he has always wanted children of his own. Telling my girls was a different story. My oldest was upset and stated she did not want another sibling. My youngest was so excited and full of joy about having a little sibling.

To say the least, we all had to take some time to think about what our new lives would look like with this new addition. I knew in the end it would all work out.

The Pregnancy

The pregnancy was a little rough. I was incredibly nauseous for the entire 9 months. Everything gave me heartburn including things I never thought would or could, like water. Too much walking or movement would cause my back and lower stomach to hurt. I don't remember my other pregnancies being so rough. Maybe it's just because I'm older, definitely not in shape anymore. But all of that was only half of it.

Everyone says that with pregnancy comes hormonal changes and emotional rollercoasters, but nobody tells you how bad it really gets. I was such an emotional wreck, I cried over everything for the first few months. Just dropping my older two kids off at school would cause me to cry the whole drive to work. I became incredibly jealous and would catch myself judging people over stupid little things that had never mattered to me before. Sometimes, I could catch myself before words would vomit out, other times I wasn't as lucky.

The Delivery

At exactly 40 weeks I was induced and delivered our beautiful baby boy. All of a sudden all of the heartburn, back pain, and nausea was worth it. He was beautiful and perfect in every way.

For me there were many first times while delivering my third child. Being in this crazy pandemic time of covid, all of the rules and regulations involved in just going to the hospital is a lot. For delivery where we are, it was hard.

I have never been induced before, my water broke with my daughters. Being scheduled to have a baby was nerve-wracking. We were scheduled to be there at 6am! I am not a morning person, so I did not sleep very well, couldn't eat anything just in case, no coffee.. nothing. Once things started going and the induction was explained better to me, I wasn't as nervous. It was pretty much exactly what I had gone through while delivering my older kids. We got there, they checked to see dilatation and effacement, and then started hooking me up to machines and giving me medicine. About 12 hours later and more shaking than I could have imagined, we had our beautiful son in our arms.

I was allowed to have one support person with me. Not being able to see my girls for 2 days was emotionally hard for me. Not having my mother with me during delivery was a first. She has always been my rock.

We had to wear a mask the whole time we were there. Not a big deal, we would take the mask off when the staff wasn't around. All of the staff was amazing, shout out to all of them!

This time around I was having a boy, and yes we did have him circumcised. (I know that is a big controversial topic, but that is what happened so keep your comments to yourself.) Anyways, so all of that was new to me. The care for his circumcision was very simple and easy, not much different from the umbilical cord, and the ring actually healed before the umbilical cord.

This was also the first time the new baby was left in my room with me and hardly taken to the nursery or for testing. The nurses would wake me up every three hours to feed and change the baby.

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Post Pregnancy

As if my hormones were not bad enough during pregnancy, it only got worse after. I would literally cry all of the time. Everything would set me off, no matter my emotion.. I would cry.

We really don't talk about postpartum depression enough. There is a lot of information out there if you do some research.. Most women don't want to research why they are so sad, they don't even want to admit to it. So many things go through your mind after pregnancy and delivery.

Thinking back on that time now, I will admit I was going through some postpartum depression. I never admitted it at the time, I would answer all positive thoughts on all of the doctor appointment paperwork. I wish I would have asked for some help though. I wish that the topic was talked about as a normal thing to go through instead of it seeming like one of the worst things in the world. That is just my thoughts on it.

Aside from all of my emotions, my baby was doing great! He was growing fast already and hitting those milestones with no problem.

We realized quickly that he has sensitive skin. We had to switch all of his soaps to unscented or/and for sensitive skin. his skin cleared up overnight.

He was a scratcher! He would tear into his face and arms. We realized this the first day he was born. I asked the nurse for some clippers or something because his nails were already so long. They informed me that it is not recommended to clip baby's nails for the first month or so because they can bleed. And that they recommend not even file them because of how fragile the nails can be at this point. So we got him some gloves and eventually he stopped trying to gouge his skin. We slowly stopped using gloves over about 6 months. Especially when he started trying to pick things up and started to play more. In the end he only wore gloves when he was sleeping.

The First Year

Our son is formula fed. Which was very scary this last year because of the shortage and recalls. We live in Wyoming so we don't have a lot of options of places to buy formula and at that point there was no way I could start breastfeeding. Thankfully we made it through and haven't seen much of a shortage since about April. Now we are about done with formula and I couldn't be happier about that. Besides the fact that a gallon of whole milk is over $4 here.

We went camping this summer. Lil dude had a blast for the most part. It was hard to an extent since he wasn't walking yet and still likes to put everything in his mouth. We spent the whole time either holding him or listening to him yell at us from his playpen. We still got a good laugh out of it though, baby's facial expression are the best. He hated having sunblock put on him and I think the lake freaked him out. However, he did seem to enjoy himself and the s'mores.

I never noticed with my older girls, as I was a single parent and working all of the time, between 8 and 12 months they grow up so fast. He has went from crawling to almost walking. Eating mostly solid foods, pretty much everything you have he wants. He loves pasta with white sauce, waffles, bananas, pancakes, cheeseburgers, and muffins. We are down to about 4 formula bottles a day.

Now he is almost a year old! The time has gone by so quick! Trying to plan his 1st birthday has been fun. What kind of party do you throw for a baby? He isn't really into anything specific. He does really enjoy the little green girl on the PBS channel that does the exercises. He will literally stop everything he is doing when he hears her just to turn to watch her exercise. Maybe we can get her on a cake!

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