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Music And How It Affects Our Thoughts, Feelings... Ultimately Our Actions!

MUSIC: What Are You Listening To Now...

More importantly... what are your teens listening too?

More importantly... what are your teens listening too?

Can The Choice We Make Of What Kind Of Music We Listen To - Have An Impact On What We Then... DO?

Is music that powerful, that depending upon what we choose to listen to on a regular basis - actually affect the ultimate process of how we come to ACTION?


And in this order? Can we really give the media of music this much credit in how "our" lives proceed?

Well, this depends on how much emphasis that YOU place on the music that you choose to listen to. What does your particular genre of music really say about YOU?

What Music Is Your Teen Spending Their Money On?



As much as we all love our music... by the time we are adults, most of us - have settled fairly comfortably into our relationship with music.

As far as my personal taste in music goes - I happen to still absolutely love to listen to great rock and roll -- particularly when I am driving out on the open road!

Led Zeppelin, Journey, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Deep Purple, Cold Play, John Mayer, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, America, Bad Company, Chicago, David Mathews Band, Creed, Maroon five, The Doors, Eagles, Foreigner, Jack Johnson, John Legend, Eric Clapton, Kansas, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rod Stewart, Rolling Stones, Styxs, Usher, The Who, Bread, YES.

I love the classic bands and have added in some new loves over the years as well!

But, I don't listen to those groups on a daily basis like I did when I was in my teens... only when I want to feel like a teenager AGAIN!

Now, that is what I call POWERFUL MUSIC! It just feels so GREAT to throw on my music as loud as I "want" - without my teenagers telling me to turn it down! Really!

I like my rock and roll really LOUD! Thus, a drive in a fast car out on the open road - me alone - and my favorite rock and roll - cranked up high - can be a favorite time to just let it all hang out!

It is amazing what this kind of an adventure can do for a gal, like me!



Music And Our Thoughts. "As A Man Thinketh, So Is He...

Each and every day, that we awake to a "new" day... we are our own creators of that given day. Meaning - we decide what "we" are going to do on that given day. Now, albeit that many of us have chosen a life, wherein we might feel such obligation to our choices, that we might even "feel" trapped.

That is a cop-out in accepting the FACT that "you" ultimately made the choice for your life, as to the road - that placed you exactly where you were when you woke up, this morning!

If this be accepted, then - what you, or I - or any person, individually "thinks" about upon their daily awakening... thus do their actions follow. Agreed? Pretty simple math, don't you think?

Now, let's apply "music" and the power and influence that music can have upon our daily "awakenings"...

Standford Research Online - MUSIC AND TEENS

  • Standford Online Research Reports
    BY KATHLEEN O'TOOLE Parents of adolescents who can't tell heavy metal from pop rock may have a tough time discussing the meaning of life with their children, say two professors of communication in a new book on youth and music.
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Music And Feelings. Speaking On Teens - "Oh, I'm Not Really Too Concerned, It Is Just A Phase - They Will Come Out Of It...".

Kathleen O'Toole continues....

"Entertainment executives and teenagers who argue that pop music is "just music" do not take into account that "most human learning is incidental in nature and takes place outside of designated educational settings," the authors write. Poetry is "equipment for living," the late philosopher Kenneth Burke once wrote. Christenson and Roberts emphasize that in the adolescent years, pop music is the "heavy equipment" ­ more influential than television, movies and computers"


Recent Research In The Field Of Music...

Music choice indicative of character

Ter Bogt also found that people's personal preference for particular music genres remained relatively stable throughout a person's lifetime.

Finally, the study exposed a pattern between a person's musical preference and his character. Fans of hit parade music, hiphop and R&B tend to be nicer and more extroverted.

Rock-lovers, by contrast, are more introverted, sloppier yet more open-minded to new experiences. People who love classical music are nicer, more precise, more open to new experiences but emotionally less stable. – (Sapa) - February 2008


Let's get real. Just for a minute...

Music is powerful. It is math. Therefore it has both negative and positive powers.

We can choose to use music and enjoy music in our lives for positive reasons and influence.

Because it is so powerful... and our teens are so very vulnerable - we must be vigilant as parents to know what our teens are listening to and HOW it could possibly be affecting the way they wake up in the morning!

Write- On!

So.... let's watch and listen for HEALTH!


My Own In-house Musican At Home...

We share a lot of the same love for music and listening... but I would rather listen to him, more than anyone else!

We share a lot of the same love for music and listening... but I would rather listen to him, more than anyone else!

Write-On! Has More To Say On HubPages...

How are you affected by the music you choose to listen to?

Bernd Willimek on February 12, 2014:

Music and Emotions

The most difficult problem in answering the question of how music creates emotions is likely to be the fact that assignments of musical elements and emotions can never be defined clearly. The solution of this problem is the Theory of Musical Equilibration. It says that music can't convey any emotion at all, but merely volitional processes, the music listener identifies with. Then in the process of identifying the volitional processes are colored with emotions. The same happens when we watch an exciting film and identify with the volitional processes of our favorite figures. Here, too, just the process of identification generates emotions.

An example: If you perceive a major chord, you normally identify with the will "Yes, I want to...". The experience of listening to a minor chord can be compared to the message conveyed when someone says, "No more." If someone were to say these words slowly and quietly, they would create the impression of being sad, whereas if they were to scream it quickly and loudly, they would be come across as furious. This distinction also applies for the emotional character of a minor chord: if a minor harmony is repeated faster and at greater volume, its sad nature appears to have suddenly turned into fury.

Because this detour of emotions via volitional processes was not detected, also all music psychological and neurological experiments, to answer the question of the origin of the emotions in the music, failed.

But how music can convey volitional processes? These volitional processes have something to do with the phenomena which early music theorists called "lead", "leading tone" or "striving effects". If we reverse this musical phenomena in imagination into its opposite (not the sound wants to change - but the listener identifies with a will not to change the sound) we have found the contents of will, the music listener identifies with. In practice, everything becomes a bit more complicated, so that even more sophisticated volitional processes can be represented musically.

Further information is available via the free download of the e-book "Music and Emotion - Research on the Theory of Musical Equilibration:

or on the online journal EUNOMIOS:

Enjoy reading

Bernd Willimek, music theorist

those who called me tim on February 17, 2011:

music is amazing i have been called a satanist simply because i like death metal. if only one would listen to the lyrics (though it may be difficult) they would understand.

MY COMMENT OF THE MUSIC!!! on December 09, 2010:

Music is like a warm blanket on a cold day...i need it desparetly!it can affect my emotions and all but the world revolves around music,man!

GothGirl on December 03, 2010:

I tink music can affect you in many ways. But that's only if u let. Music can and do have positive effects. I seriously don't understand y ppl don't see this. Most ppl think that since rock music talks about death it's automatically devil's music but that's not true since I listen to rock and it hasn't effect me in any way.

maria on November 23, 2010:

i find that music can warp the way that i am thinking or also help expand and intensify that feeling

Tiifden on November 14, 2010:

Music is my life.

Valerie on October 27, 2010:

Music is so powerful we use it as therapy in our society... hence a degree in "Music Therapy". It can literally change someone's life around. ;)

Write On! (author) from United States on July 11, 2010:

Thank you, Pamela.

William -- I think that every generation seems to create meaningful music that is capable of recalling memories specifically to that era. Many today, do not understand or appreciate music of the past.

In the end, music is personal to the listener and judging the quality of specific music is a matter of personal taste as well:)

William F Torpey from South Valley Stream, N.Y. on July 11, 2010:

Music has played a major role in my life, Write On! The music of the first half of the 20th Century has taken me through the gamut of emotions, especially through the talents of Bing Crosby. I've assembled several hubs with videos of my (and "Your Grampa's) favorite songs and singers) but there are very few singers or songs that I've found listenable over the past few decades. Much of today's music songs like "noise" to me, not music.

Joyful Pamela from Pennsylvania, USA on July 10, 2010:

Music can definitely affect one's thinking. Wonderful article!

tandin on June 23, 2010:

hey thanks....for the really helped me a lot

lee_imai on January 29, 2010:

thnx 4 hlping me in my research project...

pianomusicteacher on January 20, 2010:

yeah! rock on! \m/

music really affects our emotions, our thinking, and helps us unleash the strangest feelings we have and speak through the rhythm and melody

Nicole on November 05, 2009:

I would defently have to agree.Music is the biggest part of my life!I listen to it all the time when im sad,happy,bored..all of my emotions!!But my mom also likes some of the music i like but not all of it...LOL!!!

lyzel on September 13, 2009:


whwt is the advantages of being a music lover?

natasha1223 on July 29, 2009:

Thnx ppl! I am doing a research prjct. at home 4 practice, and this helped!! :) I lstn. 2 csscl. msc. often, & I find some calming, and others exciting.....(??) Yea, whatevvvvsss ppls!

O, and I also play the clarinet, so dat hepls w/ things sometimes...ya no??? (mayb nt, idk!?) lol

k...I keep on editting my comment, cuz Im so bored!!!! :(((( I dink Im gonna go on Neopets, Stardoll. or sumthun like dat....(??) ~ completley random ppls!!

FYI: I think I perfer listening to classical music before bed, (some kinds) because it calms me down....Mozart calms you, (I think) and then Beethoven and Bach excites you! (BTW) ~ lol. xD

blahhhhhh on April 20, 2009:

this is all awsome info

Write On! (author) from United States on February 20, 2009:

camille -

If you Google "effects of music on teens", you will gets some great results on this topic. I wish you the best with your project.

Write On!

camille on February 20, 2009:

im camille..

im doing a research project..

can you help me on answering my question?..

how does addiction to rock music affect the lives of youth?..


Britneys Fan Club on February 12, 2009:

Hi there Yeah music makes my world go round its what i need every day to lift up my mood and soul :))

played the guitar many years

like your hub its very informativ

pls come by visit my music hub as well

greetz c ya soon ;)

Haydee Anderson from Hermosa Beach on February 10, 2009:

yes, I do agree that music is very powerful that affects peoples emotions when listening to it. I can't say that I am an avid musoc lover but everytime I feel sad or stressed out, I listen to music to uplift my feelings.

Write On! (author) from United States on January 31, 2009:

Solacemoon -

I totally get what you are saying. You are saying, exactly what this Hub is all about. Music is powerful, and can literally affect our thoughts and feelings. It is our thoughts and feelings, that ultimately create our actions. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Write On!

solacemoon from Illinois on January 31, 2009:

I'm not a teen but I can tell you i listen to all kinds of music in every genre.I would say I bend more toward electronic techno dance music and alternative music pop and new age chillin beats.

I listen to music according to the mood I'm in.Music can uplift you make you sad and can make you reflect on life.I for one have had songs depress me just by the lyrics.Rap does nothing for me as I find it all negative and vulgar.I want music that lifts me up.

Music is universal but music that is has cool sound effects can affect the way the mind thinks and reacts and in turn will cause excitement or relaxation.

I hope this makes sense to you.

TriniMindy on October 08, 2008:

im doin a research project and i need some help i would like it if all of you trinidadian teens out there would tell me what type of music you listen to and how it affects your mood. much appreciated, thank you.

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