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How Well Do You Know Your Children?

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How Well Do You Know Your Children?

How well do you know your children? In 2017, A group did a 100 survey on parents to test how well do they know their children unfortunately, 70 parents claim they know their children, but do not know their children's friends and their children's friends parents, 20 parents claim that they know their children, their children's friends and their children's friends parents while 10 parents don't even know at all but they trust their children.

As parents it is your responsibility to know more about your children both physically or emotionally. When they have problems either bullying, gender knowledge, puberty and so on, you must never be the second or last option in their mind but rather be the first option to talk to about their problems.

Raising children is a challenge. It's one of the greatest jobs on the planet and certainly one of the hardest. Whoever said parenting was easy was wrong. The reason a lot of parents don't really know what's going on in their children's lives because, children especially the teenagers or young adults don't really talk or tell their parents about their problems or daily lives either the parents are strict, aren't really present in their lives or they don't know how to tell their parents.


Pop Quiz On How Well Do You Know Your Children?

Here are some quiz on how well you know your children?

1 Who is your child's best friend?

2 What is your child's favorite color?

3 What is your child's favorite animal?

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4 What is your child's favorite tv show?

5 What is your child's favorite place to visit?

6 What does your child struggle the most with at school?

7 Who is your child's favorite teacher? why ?

8 What is your child's dream career goal?

If you know all the answers correctly then you know your children but communicate with them more in order to build a trust between you and them

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