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How to Wash & Care of Your Mask


Overnight, we have to get used to living with this piece of cloth hanging from our ears to protect ourselves, but above all to protect the others around us.


Now that we know very well what the mask is for and where to get it, we must know what steps to take to ensure it is maintained and washed properly so that it is effective.

Here is how to wash and maintain your protective fabric mask so that it maintains its effectiveness.


First, you must wash your mask after each use. If you leave it in the car between each use, hung up after the mirror, or in the glove compartment, your mask will not fulfill its primary function of protecting you and others. Whether you've worn it for just 5 minutes or all day, you should wash it every time you take it off your face.


The mask can be washed in the machine at least 60 ° C. To make sure you reach this temperature and start an efficient load, select a long cycle and set the temperature to “hot” or “very hot”. Avoid the “quick” cycle, as this will not be long enough for the washing required by a protective mask.

If you don't have a washer, you can also hand wash the sheet mask, but make sure the water is hot, but not boiling. Hand washing will also ensure that the mask will not deteriorate as quickly as if it is machine washed. In short, it's the same principle as with clothes.


You can air-dry your mask as well as machine dry. The important thing is that it is dry within two hours of washing. If you've chosen to hand wash it, two hours of air drying may not be enough. In this case, you can use a blow dryer, being careful to wash your hands first, and only touch the rubber bands with your hands.


It's also okay to dry your cloth mask outside on the clothesline.


You may not have time to run a load of laundry with your mask on as soon as you step inside the house. In this case, plan a plastic container that you leave on the entryway cabinet and where family members can put the used masks. It is important that the container is airtight. In particular, avoid putting the mask used in the laundry basket.

Once clean, you can have the same operation, but we recommend that you have a container for each member of the family. This way the kids don't mess with your own masks, and vice versa.


Remember to inspect your mask before each use! Frequent washing and drying of this new accessory can damage it. Make sure there are no micro tears, especially at the seams. As soon as the mask seems a little damaged, you must unfortunately throw it away and get a new one.

Use Mask To Protect You and Your Good wisher.

Use Mask To Protect You and Your Good wisher.

In summary, your mask should be washed in the same way as your clothes, sheets, and towels and then be dried within two hours, after each use.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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