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How to remain the better person you were before?


We fail to realize that one of the things that we cannot avoid is getting older and do not prepare ourselves from our young days. Then during our old age, we lose ourselves for no real reason and become emotionally, physically, and financially dependent on others around us. Why can we not forget that we are old and keep us happy and healthy? Of course, there is an unavoidable reason for serious illness. Apart from that, we should learn to take things easy and keep us engaged invaluable ways of living a contented and independent life.

Some of the ways that you can keep yourself active at old age.

Keep you busy

The only thing that not all of us can avoid is getting old, most of us become frustrated & depressed when we reach old age, but I am different working harder than before for that, I have many rejections for what I do. However, that does not bother. I think that people who show contradictions will work like me and will face the same thing. Then it will be too late for them to regret that. I do what young people usually do, so there is a reason for others to get annoyed with it. However, nobody can change me and make me stay without doing anything useful to society and me.

Avoid developing problems

Older adults have developmental and physical problems, and their personalities change, then they stop doing anything valuable or interesting to keep them occupied and happy. They all do the whole day eating, sleeping, watching TV, and sometimes chatting to people but never attempt to remain the better people they were before. Then they feel neglected, overlooked, and ignored. They forget to realize that age is not a barrier to contribute to society, which gets them some recognition as long as they live.

Reaping what they have sowed


Reaping what they have sowed

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I will never allow myself to fall into that category. I do the impossible against all odds, but I want to “feel” normal even if I cannot walk, and I will continue to do so. These people are reaping what they have sowed, and this why they face negligence and ignored. Besides, I am a person who cannot stay in bed or watch TV for a long time. I make sure that I keep myself busy all the time, but maybe others around me may not appreciate what I do now, but that does not bother me.

Do things helpful to you & others.

I make sure that I do things that are useful to me, the people around me, and society. I do write all the time now, creating online courses and writing many eBooks as much as possible. In addition, I do some accounting work for my clients. Even if I have a pleasant time with my family, I start work that makes me happy when I return home. I think that I have an addiction to what I do which nobody can take away from me.


I never do anything wrong.

I am not doing anything wrong I keep doing all these, but finding customers to sell my work has become a bit difficult for me. I do all this work but never spend much money on anything. I am sure the quality of my work is good, but it needs good marketing tactics to make money.

Further, I do not have much interaction with people as I spend all my time accomplishing the tasks that I allocate to finish in a day. If you are reading this, you must have understood that I am an older adult who does all this work on my own without any help or appreciation. I cannot blame anybody as we all live in a busy world.

Make money as long as you can.

I said all these, and you might think that I am not keen on making money, that is not true. I write and publish posts and articles on social media platforms every day, so I am sure that someone who becomes interested in my work and wants to work with me then hopes things will change for the better. My attempt to keep myself like the person that I was before will become successful. I would not stop there but will continue until the last minute, as I do not believe in changing myself for no reason just because that I am aging. I have written this to motivate people like me but not to find any mistakes in anyone. We have to bear in mind that life goes on and on, so we have to spend our time doing something worthwhile.

Regardless of the age when we achieve our goal, it might be minor we feel proud and valuable to everyone that is the way to live our lives, and that my belief.

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