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How to grow in your family :: How to be a good and cool member of the family

How does the relationship in a family grow and develop. It is of essence that every member of the family becomes responsible, mature and wise so that harmony and peace will reign on their home.


Here are some tried and tested ways become a nice member of the family and at the same be part of family’s healthy growth:

Ask adults in your family about their real life experiences while they were teenagers or when they were in college. You may inquire them about what was the hardest part and how they were able pull through from different situations. Knowing their past experiences will give you valuable lessons on how to cope up with your own set of problems and dilemmas.

Help in household chores. Do a chore in your home even without being asked to do it. Doing a household chore will play a role on becoming responsible, helpful, and persevering member of the family. Here’s a caution while doing this though, your parents might get shocked and will faint once they see you doing chores voluntarily, wahehehe.

Admit mistakes, whether they are said or done, that hurt a member of the family and ask for forgiveness right away. This will iron out kinks and get rid of strains, discords and disagreements.

Ask for advice and wise counsel from the smart adult member of the family. Listen carefully to their directions. If you cannot talk to them personally, do not let distance barrier hinder your communication. Write a letter, e-mail or text them. You might give them a personal call which is better but can be costly. They will certainly become happy to hear from you and will be very glad to help and give you sound and timely advice.

Get connected with your siblings and parents. Have a conversation with them about their day. What was the best part of it? What didn’t work out well? Doing this will build strong bond in the family as this will link you intimately. Find time to play with your younger siblings. You may also watch TV and or enjoy the company of your parents and lend them a helping hand while they are busy gardening, cooking, fixing something and the like. Be fun to be with since this very cool thing to do.

These tips and pointers will for surely help you become wise, responsible and even cool.

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