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How to control a lousy situation at home to save your child?


Some parents always think about their issues, leaving the thoughts about their kids behind. They fail to realize that we brought the kids into the world, and if we neglect them, it will affect their future badly in the send. As they spend more time in themselves, they fail in their commitments to the kids.

Even though they look after their kids most of the time correctly but failing to realize that some of their actions will affect the kid's future in the end. Parents have to be the role models for the kids because we are the first people they learn everything from to help themselves. Therefore, if we make mistakes in front of them, remember we teach unhealthy lessons to the kids without any costs to us. However, that will cost you and your kids in many ways later.

When I was a child, my father got angry with the neighbors over some issues that frightened me a lot. Parents have to realize controlling their feelings because if they burst out with a bad temper of revengeful feeling towards others, the kids are learning the same.

We are all human beings and face problems in our daily lives, but having kids is another issue we have to learn to sacrifice our lives for the kids. They are our generation. We will leave them behind one day so live a life that your child can remember, admire, and use as their inspiration.

When you become a parent, the first thing you have to learn is responsibility and patience. If you do not have both, you will have a disastrous life that turns on to your child. Some mothers in some cultures give preference to their husbands and neglect their child, so the child becomes a loner. That makes the child lookout for help and friendships, so the child falls into all types of problems and becomes a loser the most of the child's life.


In families, the father and the son cannot get along the mother does not know to bring peace to the family? As a result, the father takes advantage of the child. The child falls into problems, and ultimately, the child has to leave the parents and lives alone.

If that particular child could not find a partner, they have to live most of their life alone. It explains that this parent had their selfish issues that almost destroyed the child's life. I will explain how it happens. In this case, the mother could not control the father for being a troublemaker for the child. No one can blame the child at a very young age and expect anything from the child except trying to get away from the father.

The mother took the father's side, thinking that she might lose him, and she left alone the rest of her life. Therefore, she gave all the support to the father. That resulted in the son having a lonely life from a young age and becoming mentally weak. This particular child will not have proper education, a job, or exemplary character to attract a partner who will like this child.

That means the parents are together enjoying their lives, but the child is having a stressful life and does not have anything to lean on. That said, some kids could develop their life successfully even though they go through a bad life during young days that does not mean all the kids can overcome the difficult times at a young age and start a better life on their own when they grow up into adulthood.

Therefore, parents should take proper parental responsibility and live as a role model for the children. Remember, if you do not keep the bad situations at home under, everyone's life affected as you will live in regrets and your child become a loner.


I want to insist that parents should have parental responsibility, particularly patience, showing love and safety to their kids, caring about their wellbeing. A child who does not get all these from the will grow up with no confidence, self-esteem, and self-belief. Ultimately, the child will not grow up as a happy and successful child, and that is what we look forward to having in our children. That makes them happy and the parents also a happy life.


Sara Param (author) from London on February 08, 2021:

I would not accept a father having a shower with his daughter. That is not good for the child at all.

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