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How to be grateful to others when they are useful to you?


Many people out there forget the benefits that they have received from others as time passes by in a few months or a few years even. They failed to look back on their life and agree to see how they achieved a better experience. Did they get any help with that achievement? In today’s society, even the kids forget the support that they have received from their parents. They also ask what did my parents do compared to my friend’s parents.

It is so surprising and sad to hear that type of comments from grown-up children. Most of the parents are fully aware of it, but they completely ignore those comments. In my view, the children say that because they want to overcome their guilt that they do not show any love to their parents. They buried themselves in modern society and assumed that their parents good enough to look after themselves.

Parents may be capable of looking after themselves financially even they undergo a situation of hand to mouth living and keep their difficulties to themselves. Therefore, they quickly get through that, but the fact of loneliness may be torturing them, and having children do not help them to come out of the isolation because the kids do not want to spend any time with them. Therefore, in total, kids of this decade do not even think about gratitude.

May be some parents would have provided more to their children, and some other parents could not provide like them. There could be thousands of reasons for that that does not mean parents are selfish and did not care about their kids more when compared to some other parents. Any life depends on their economic conditions to provide luxury for their kids; it may not be their fault and beyond their capabilities as well.

Not every one of us can be a highly paid official or a wealthy businessperson. Still, kids have to remember the love and affection that they got from their parents, not comparing the facilities with their friends got from their parents. Therefore, all of us need to understand nothing is permanent except the true love and affection that we received from our parents. Parents sacrificed their life in some form or the other to provide everything to their children.

From the day child born, the parents pay so much attention to the child in looking after the health. Then when growing up, teaching all types of good behavior, finding schools, and so on. Then they spend most of their time in the development of the child and help the child to grow up as an intelligent, educated person. Once the child goes into higher education, parents merely lose their peace of mind thinking about their child’s safety, and friendships until the child finished the training.

It is usual for today’s children do not want to get an opinion even from their parents about their marriage. They select their partner and show the partner to the parents, so the parents agree whether they like the partner or not. Then they move entirely away from their parents and start their own life. After a few years, they decide to have kids as both of them go to work; they begin to think about their parents because they do need help.

The parents expected to run behind them to help with their children, and sometimes when their children grow up, they start to ignore eth grandparents as well. The grandparents make themselves available to help the grandchildren, protect them from abusers when their parents go to work. Of course, the parents should help their children in every way as possible the only they expect from their children is to remember that and show them some kindness at least in words.

We should develop gratitude in children.

All that I said above issues with kids is partly due to the mistakes of the parents as well. As parents, you need to develop a feeling of gratitude from their young age as well. It is essential whether you are young or old need to be grateful for all what we do have in our life. Say I can write this to the day I have to be thankful to God for having me the determination and help to write like this.

How do we develop a sense of gratitude in our kids?

Remind them every time they get something from someone to say thank you, and when asking some help from someone, start the request using the word, please.

You are always prepared to help someone less fortunate. Your child may do well in school because of your help, but another child in the same class, if asked for help, be ready to help without any resentment. Teach them what you give today will get back in another way tomorrow. Tell them about the gratitude that you are showing for the help you received from your parents.

When your child goes to bed, spend about 5 minutes, and ask the child to what is that he is thankful for today. Therefore, the child might say my friend tried to do bad things for me, but I ignored and be kind to her thinking about your advice to me mom, Thank you.

You can teach them to be grateful for being helpful to people, not negatively taking everything, and start to make things a positive way. Ask them to write a journal every day about things that they have gratitude on that particular day. Say, for example, if they had an excellent dinner, be grateful for that to the person who prepared the dinner for them.

Life is full of good and bad things happening, so we need to learn to forget the wrong things and feel grateful for the good stuff that happens daily. If you get your children to practice this daily, they will learn to grow with the feeling of gratitude for everything they get in their life.

Consequently, when parents grow older, there is no chance of neglecting their parents. They will remember the good things that they have received from their parents and be grateful to then as well.


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