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How to Survive the Domestic Violence?


Domestic violence can take many forms, violence within marriage, children's sexual abuse, and elder abuse, teenager's abuse to parents these include verbal, battering, emotional abuse, and making use of the vulnerable relative. Domestic violence is a severe abuse, and in families, the wife faces domestic violence from the husband, due to some issues come up regularly.

Sometimes the husbands become violent because of alcoholism, problems at work, and issues with his family because of dowry disputes, and even interests in some other women. If the man born in a family where parents and other family members were always under the influence of alcohol, there is a possibility, the man also will turn to have those habits. One of the reasons the people check the background before the marriage, as they do not want the couple to have problems after the marriage.

How does the abuser behave?

The alcoholic man will be putting the children's and the wife's lives under threat if there are children in the family. The men of this type will be hesitant to go to work, and even if they go to work, they are bound to make mistakes in the job. As a result, he will lose the job, so the family cannot depend on his income. Consequently, the wife will decide to go to work. When the wife comes home after their work, either the man is not in the house with the children, or even if he is there, he will be in a drunken state, and the children will feel terrified of him.

If the wife tries to talk to him or to question as to why he has not gone to work, he will come with all sorts of excuses and at the end starts to scream at everybody at home to cover up his mistakes. The wife will be in a tough situation and will always be thinking of leaving him, and the children, as she feels drained by all these. The immediate solution that you have found from the abuser is the safety and the recovery plan. If the program does not work, you have to leave the abuser leaving no choice. When the abuser misbehaving and try to fight, you should never fight back as he will quickly try to prove that you provoked him.


How do you deal with it?

The wife and children need a separate holiday in a situation like this. In addition, they all will be scared to come back to the home after the holiday case. They have to seek an immediate solution; they can report him to either the police or the domestic violence unit. They will eventually find alternative accommodation for the wife and children as children's wellbeing considered the top priority. Now, the mother of the children has time on her own to decide about her next step to deal with the situation.

For the mother is concerned the survival from the domestic violence is temporary as she will like to find a permanent solution to stop the domestic violence or come out of it entirely forever. If she still cares about her husband, she could get a counsellor to advise them and give him a chance. As a human being, even though the man has poorly behaved, sometimes some women want to give him a chance in the false that he will change. Some men make so many promises and keep going back to their mistakes if that is the case the woman will be better off leaving the man for good and do not come back, get a restraining order for him to leave you alone.

How do you recover from Trauma?

The victim must leave the abusive environment permanently to prevent from getting further damage to the woman and the children. He will attempt to see you once you have reached the restraining order but never allow that to happen. You should always keep yourself surrounded by your loved ones, close family, and your close friends. You might be having low self-esteem, develop some hobbies to keep yourself occupied, and it may be straightforward ones to help you.

Get help from a therapist, to understand yourself and the issues that you are having. Collect documentary proof that you have with regarding the violence that you have gone through and hand it over to a solicitor to file the case with the courts. The children need freedom in their lives as they get emotionally affected and will have a fearful sense for the rest of their lives. The woman should free herself from domestic violence first and then take care of the children with the authorities' help.


What is the adverse effect on the children in their future?

The children will grow as unhappy children with a lack of confidence and terrified of facing any wrong incidents because they remember the terrible situation of childhood. The mother might find it challenging to bring them up as successful children in their life. The kids will find it difficult to interact with other kids because they faced social damage. Eventually, it affects developmental growth. They would have lost the mother's care and attention during the bad times in their home, those results in growing up with insecurity.

Avoid domestic violence when you have a family as it affects everyone in the family and leaves to destroy the future of the kids in particular.

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