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How to Raise an Aries Child

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Aries Children Are Tough and Rewarding to Raise

Raising an Aries child can be challenging, but in the end this is someone who will make you proud.

Aries children are full of fire. They thrive on confidence. They love to learn and try new things, they're natural born leaders, they're decisive, argumentative, confrontational, creative, successful, and have incredible potential.

Your child is full of energy. Some of the best things you can do with that energy include:

  • Get them involved in sports. They need to run, jump, sprint, and explore. Your Aries child won't do well in a sedentary environment. They must be engaged.
  • Get them involved in the community. Volunteering can help them learn leadership skills.
  • Take them on field trips to museums, historic places, galleries, zoos, and the like. This child needs to travel and go places, they need to learn, and they need to investigate.
  • Put them around other children to learn new social skills.
  • Give them different tasks and chores to complete. Aries will do well with parents who teach them to not only start things but to try and finish them too.
  • Teach your Aries child to try things in new ways. They need new vantage points.

Compulsively Excited

Make sure you get this in your head: the Aries child refuses to be sedentary or bored. Now this can be good for parents -- your kid will keep you on the run, they'll keep you guessing, and they'll try to inspire you.

Aries children are all about getting into action. They have a really hard time when things are slow -- if they're around too much slowness this could lead to depression or RAGE.

You want to fill up their childhood with experiences and opportunities. They'll absorb and consume whatever you teach them. Aries children have wonderful minds and can learn most things. They like a little bit of ruckus, so they may start up fights or conflicts for fun. (Just remember, they're also sensitive.)

Aries children will go the direction they feel is best. They can come off somewhat aloof to some people because they like to start up things, but don't always finish them (they almost never finish things). They'd prefer others to pick up the slack so they can keep chasing after new things, new ideas, and new pursuits.

Aries children are highly goal oriented. They like learning new skills, they enjoy accomplishments and achievements, and they have big egos. Your child wants to be seen and praised. This little person wants to be in the limelight for something -- anything, really. Aries wants to be appreciated and adored above all else.


Q. How do you discipline an Aries child?

You must stay calm and not get too angry with the child because they'll feed off your energy. If you give them calm, soothing, water-like energy they may change their minds. Aries children are prone to kicking, biting, screaming, and throwing tantrums. Don't give into this -- your main goal is to teach them appropriate ways to handle their anger. Don't teach them that anger is bad, but do focus on anger management. This will be a long lasting stage in your parenting, but if you succeed at teaching your Aries child proper anger management, you'll be assured that your child is going to soar in adulthood.

  • Have your child count to 20.
  • Have your child walk away from the situation.
  • Don't yell or hit them. If you need to, put them in timeout so you can get some space. Don't make the situation worse with your anger.
  • Use music therapy -- have music and sounds to help them take it down a notch (or 7 notches.)
  • Instead of throwing fits, get them to take that anger out on some paper. Get them to draw. Give them some paint. Give them some music and let them dance.
  • Bring out the boxing gloves and a punching bag. Make their destructive habits constructive.
  • Get them to laugh and see the humor of the situation.
  • Help them to not take things so seriously. You need to help them widen their perspective.
  • Be gracious. Be quick to love and slow to anger.
  • Don't war with them.

Q. Are Aries babies difficult?

Yes. They're tough, but they're also vulnerable. You need to be there with them and help support them. They have a lot of inner emotions, so they can get their feelings hurt. You need to be protective of this and to help them grow. When they're sad, go to them and let them know you still love them, and they still have greatness about them. Give your support to them. Don't push your Aries child away -- they need you, so draw closer. BE CALM.

Q. What are Aries' weaknesses?

Lack of patience, mood shifts, anger outbursts, impulsive, aggressive, tantrums, rebelliousness, dramatic, loves starting things and hates finishing things, brash, conflict-oriented, will do things their way, demonstrative, big ego, and demanding.

Q. What are Aries children biggest fears?

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They want to be seen and noticed, so their biggest fear is they'll be forgotten. They fear they won't leave a mark or an impression on the world or others. They fear you'll forget them or won't care about them. They'll test the boundaries of this: they'll see if you'll still care about them when they do wrong. You have to dig deep and show unconditional love. Always include your Aries child in any games or fun. They can have serious feelings of missing out. Aries in the zodiac came into the world to bring out life -- to reject their energy is deeply painful.

Q. Are Aries loyal?

Aries children are fiercely loyal. They're protective of those that they love. Your Aries child may defend their siblings and even parents against bullies, predators, and the like. Aries children will fight for their parents. They don't want to see their loved ones hurt.

Q. What are things you shouldn't say to an Aries?

  • Patience is a virtue -- you need to teach them about patience, but sometimes being direct about it can backfire.
  • Stop being so vain.
  • Stop acting like a baby.
  • Why are you always so sensitive?
  • You can't do things right!
  • You're so stupid! (You shouldn't say that to any child, that's verbal abuse.)
  • Why are you so dramatic?
  • When are you going to stop acting like a child?

Q. What are the characteristics of an Aries?

Aries is a born leader. They're passionate, excited, dynamic, and often charismatic. They thrive around people and can be powerful at socializing. They're creative, fierce, smart, and innovative. Aries moves quickly by instinct.

Where Are They Getting All Their Energy?

You might be wondering why your Aries child is so on fire, so bright, and so eager. It will be hard to keep up with the pace of an Aries, especially in childhood. They have so much on their minds, and they're eager to get going. Your child may scream and throw tantrums rather than take to patience. You'll have to teach them in stages the importance of patience and make it a goal. They want things to arrive immediately. They want instant results.

So where are they getting all of this energy? Let's take a look at the core elements that make up an Aries profile.

The First Sign of the Zodiac

Aries is the beginning. This sign starts the year. As the first of everything, Aries has a young like spirit. They can be immature, jovial, wild, unpredictable, excitable, brash, and passionate. The first sign of the Zodiac is all about getting things started and getting some movement into our bones. Aries begins spring after the cold, hermit like winter.

Aries can be a chatter box. They have a lot on their minds and often get compared to air signs because of their talkativeness and because of their sharp minds. Aries as the first sign is also a symbol of youth. Think of it as the first child of a family. They're eager to be like their parents and grow into their shoes. They want to take on the world, and they don't have many of the fears and reservations older people might have. They're brave and plucky. All this ambition can be a lot for parents who want to keep this in check. You'll have to give the Aries child the reigns and let them go into the world. Your Aries children learns through mistakes.

As a parent, you should work on getting Aries as many experiences as possible before adulthood and introducing them to as many people as possible to perfect their social skills. As a parent, your main job with any child is to teach them how to have successful relationships with others. Give them direction about what are good social skills and what are things that might hurt people's feelings.

You have to stop the Aries from time to time to pull them aside and review what they said or did to others -- Aries because they are so outspoken, brave, and excited will step on people's toes. They will embarrass others, they'll hurt feelings, and they'll make a scene. Your job is to help them understand what they're doing and how to do things better. It won't always seem like what you tell an Aries is sticking, but they'll absorb your words over a lifetime.

Aries does want to please its parents. They both want to live unattached and independent (they are starting a new year), and they want to make you proud. Aries feels good when you tell them you make them proud.

Fire Element

Aries is not only the first sign of the entire Zodiac, they're also the first fire sign. You can learn a great deal about Aries just by studying the element of fire.

Those with the fire element deeply in their natal chart are:

  • Full of desire to get things moving.
  • Passionate, excited, curious, and brave.
  • Full of energy. Fire symbolizes free-will, so children with fire will manifest things into action. They'll be decision makers, they'll be frenetic, and they like to try new things.
  • A little too much ego. Fire signs are known for being full of themselves, especially Aries and Leo.
  • They can be more argumentative, conflict-oriented, aggressive, mean, or dip into fits of rage.
  • Natural born leaders. Your child under the right circumstances could be a champion of people.

Fire is all about action, potential, energy, and creativity. Your kid is a super powered engine. You'll need to work on anger management with an Aries to help them be more constructive with their aggression. Teach them anger isn't necessarily bad, but you have to handle it well and master it.

Aries will get herself into a lot of trouble if she allows herself to steam up and take charge every time something happens that she doesn't like. She can get things going, she can literally tell gravity what to do, but she needs to understand two major things: boundaries and consequences. Fire needs to occasionally take the time to think before jumping into action.

Ruling Planet Mars

Aries is also the most aggressive fire sign -- it's got the bang and buck of initiation, the burning desire to get the year started, and the pesky planet Mars ruling over it. If you didn't know already, Mars is the warring planet. Aries shares this planet with Scorpio, but these two signs are very different. Aries is obsessed with getting things started. Scorpio is obsessed with survival and death. The difference is that Aries is made up fire: free-will, and Scorpio is made up of water: emotions.

Mars pushes Aries to be big, to take on wars, to step into battles without fear. These may sound like scary qualities to a parent, but in actuality you could use some of this zest to help push your child to do well in school, to do well in their relationships, and to help them with their lifetime earnings (career is old adage, let's face it.)

Mars is all about instinct. Aries knows exactly what to do in the heat of a battle or an emergency. They live and thrive off instinct, which is connected to their sense of confidence and entitlement. The problem is that Aries loves to go into battle and win, but they often don't want to pick up the pieces -- they're terrible with aftermath.

This kid will need extra help cleaning up after chores, they'll need extra help learning how to apologize, and they'll need extra help going back through their memories. Aries is always looking forward. They're always looking for the next opponent or challenge.

How do you get them interested in the aftermath?

  • Turn chores into contests. Time them to see how fast they can clean, reward them for good behavior, and challenge them. Give them challenges to complete and then they can be tricked into using their fire energy for chores.
  • Teach them that a lack of forgiveness is a weakness. You have to turn these things upside down to really reach your Aries child. If they think being cocky and never apologizing is the wrong way and weak -- then they'll be far more likely to care about others and make sure they're on good terms with others.
  • Ask them questions to help ground them. You should ask them questions about their memories and experiences, ask them what was their favorite thing they did that day. Slow them down to get them thinking about their day, their week, their year, and so forth. Keep pictures around the house, keep heirlooms. Get them to practice reciting memories. Otherwise: they'll just keep their foot firmly on the gas pedal and not recognize their own life, mistakes, and the like.

Spring Energy

Aries introduces the season of spring into the world. It appears in late March and goes into April. Aries puts heat into the season to help flora turn green again. Aries gives the ground a kiss to bring back flowers. This is the season of wind, rain, scents, and fruits. Aries is an electrifying sign full of creativity, potential, variety, and a spring well of the organic. Aries literally pumps color back into the world. This sign is drawn to life and wants life to be free, expressive, wild, and even weird.

Aries plants the seeds in the field to make the garden come to life. This Sun sign wants to end winter and bring in something new. It tires of hibernation, sitting still, bleak colors, long-drawn out chats, cuddling by fires, and hunkering down. Aries wants there to be kinetic reactions all around it. The sign likes to be busy, flirtatious, engaged, and new. Your Aries child won't want to sit still. They won't want their days to all fill the same. Aries children will have a variety of interests and talents. They do best with a full spectrum of experiences for this reason.

Think of the early moments of spring. You might still have some snow, but now there is a mix of rain and wind. The grass begins to change colors. The trees regain their leaves. The birds and animals returns from the caves. Aries is a big call to the living. It lives in the five senses: color returns everywhere from the ground to the sky, the songs of birds and insects return, berries and other fruits return, the world even smells different with more floral tones rather than the stench of dry earth. Instead of reaching out and feeling frost or decay, the flora feels more firm. Spring brings back the world from the dead. It's the season of love, friendships, hard work, and enjoyment.

Aries, Taurus, and Gemini are the three spring signs. They all treat the season differently. Aries as the Cardinal sign shocks spring into life. Aries runs everywhere it can to bring back the green color, to bring back animals, and to bring back music. Taurus manages what Aries leaves behind. Aries starts many things all at once and Taurus takes care of the aftermath. Gemini enjoys and plays in the world Aries and Taurus have created. All three of these signs are intellectuals in their own rights, and all three of these signs are more youthful than the rest of the Zodiac. They can be a little bit immature at times -- as well as bold, innocent, and naive. All three bring beauty into the world and have a fascination of it.

Aries wants life in part to enjoy something more beautiful. This sign is the complete opposite of death. They don't linger on existential crises; they instead feel frustration when they're held back. It is their mission to go out into the field, to wander, to battle for the greater good, and to make the birds sing. Aries is of course a powerful sign -- what other sign starts an entire new year?

Aries Is Represented by the Head

Every Zodiac sign is represented by a different part of the body. Aries is represented by the head. This means they have a lot of mental fortitude. They're smart, cerebral, energetic, and sharp. Their crazy thoughts will come out in the throat and mouth as Aries is guided by Taurus.

You can expect your child to be:

  • Constantly thinking
  • Ready to jump into conversation
  • Instinctive
  • Intuitive
  • Mentally focused
  • Mentally divergent
  • An excellent student
  • Seeking new thoughts and experiences

The ram horns symbolize the Aries. The horns symbolize the brain power, the sharpness, the aggressiveness, and the creativity of this person. Aries, like Taurus and the bull horns, can focus and charge through just about anything. Aries is more aloof than Taurus who can get too focused on one thing. Aries can change its focus and continue moving forward and adjusting their path as needed.

It's best as a parent to let your child think, ponder, and use their instincts. Be there when they fall short, encourage them to be kind to themselves as Aries can be hard on itself. Aries will lose its patience and try to force start things. It's mental energy and capability is so high that it demands for there to be solutions, progress, and excitement.

It's important to remove decay out of the Aries child's environment. Look for things that are old, unused, gray or without color, and get rid of these items. Aries can feel trapped by old or useless items. The child needs constant growth. You want to kindle them with timber.

Power Color: Red

Aries as a fire element and a child of Mars gains some of its zest from the color red. Aries gains a great deal of its power from the red and white chakras -- red is at the base of the spine, white is at the top of the head. The base of the spine is all about instinct whereas the crown of the head is all about enlightenment. Aries will constantly be shifting and having epiphanies. They need an environment that helps boost this. If you do not give enough to Aries to kindle their flames, they may become seriously rebellious in their teenage years. Your Aries teen will look for something that sparks their interest and shakes them out of boredom. It's best to teach them when they're young how to cope with boredom and seek creativity. The Aries child is meant to be creative, but if they're not seeing action in their lives they can become destructive.

At a young age you should get your Aries child engaged in the real world.

  • Have them join a sports team or regular after school activity.
  • Take them on trips. Aries children do well to learn experiences through travel.
  • Have your child learn how to play an instrument.
  • Take up dancing.
  • Get them involved in community events.
  • Have books readily available throughout your house.
  • Put effort into your home's design -- Aries children do better in homes with creativity rather than beige walls.

Feng Shui for Fire Children

Speaking of interior design, it will help you and your child get on common ground if you use some Feng Shui to help with the energy of your home. Your child will thrive if there is some fire energy within the home. Avoid having too many water elements in their bedrooms: avoid fountains, snow globes, mirrors, curves, blue and black items, and overall darkness. To encourage the fire element in their bedroom you can add items at an affordable rate.

  • Red is the key color for Aries and fire Feng Shui. Add a red accent wall, throw in some red throw pillows. Orange and pink can also encourage the fire element.
  • Add more lights, candles, and electricity. Put video games that are age appropriate in their room. Put glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling.
  • Triangles and shapes with sharp lines encourage the flame element.
  • Fire Feng Shui does well in the southern part of your house, so consider having your child's room or play area there.
  • Add images to the walls that are red or pictures of fires, volcanoes, the sun, stars or things with heat.
  • Add items that remind you of summer.
  • Remove items around windows to get more light. Go for white shades or thin shades.
  • Fire is nourished by wood, controlled by water, and diminished by earth. Fire will melt metals.
  • Remember: your living space, your bedroom are an extension of your personality. Parents have the ability to help shape that for their children.

Learning about Fire from Tarot

In Tarot, fire is represented by the House of Wands or Clubs. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all symbolized by this suit. The journey of the House of Wands is to master free-will. As a parent, you could use information about the wands to better understand your fire kid.

Remember: it takes practice and diligence to master something like free-will. Your child is obsessed with learning how to make things happen. This is their journey.

House of Wands

CardDescriptionChildhood Growth

Ace of Wands

A hand out of smoke holds a stick

Optimism for new beginnings, invention, novel ideas, innovation. Your child is excited by sparks

Two of Wands

A man stares out at a vista. He stands between two wands

Discovery, decisions, choices. The world is literally your child's oyster

Three of Wands

An onlooker faces the sea. He stands on a rock. He is between two sticks. He holds a third stick

Your child is forward thinking. They're on the hunt for the next step in their journey

Four of Wands

Four sticks stand together. A canopy at the top connects all four sticks. The sticks are before a city

With hard work and solid decisions, there can be harmony and beauty

Five of Wands

There are five people stuck in one spot. Each person has a stick

Conflict from trying to do too many things at once. Difficulty balancing out different perspectives

Six of Wands

A man is traveling by horse. He passes 5 sticks, he holds 1 stick

Finding leadership, direction, applying free-will correctly

Seven of Wands

A man is on a cliff holding down a stick. 6 sticks are reaching the cliff

Strain, stress, burn-out -- doing too much, but the fight isn't done

Eight of Wands

Eight sticks are in the air pointing down -- like arrows

Swiftness and speed

Nine of Wands

Eight sticks stand upright behind a person, like a fence. The person has a bandage on their head. The person holds a stick

Courage in the face of strife

Ten of Wands

A person is climbing uphill with ten sticks in their hands -- a very full load

Overload, too much responsibility, overwhelmed -- help your child balance out the number of tasks they take on

Page of Wands

A page with impressive clothing holds a wand and observes it

Thirst for action and yearning for growth

Knight of Wands

A knight appears on a horse with a stick in his hands

Travel, progress, forward action -- finding purpose as a teenager

Queen of Wands

A woman sits on a throne with a staff in her hand. There is a flower, a black cat, and lions

Thoughtful leader, honest, maturing instinct into purpose

King of Wands

A king sits in a throne with a scepter. There is a lizard on the ground symbolizing what the king has overcome

Professional, authority, leadership, knowing how to balance instinct and charisma for the greater good

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