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How to Know if You are Pregnant : 10 Signs Which Shows You Are Pregnant

Signs of Pregnancy

Signs of Pregnancy

How to Know if You are Pregnant : 10 Signs Which Shows You Are Pregnant

Due to the differences in the genetic makeup and other factors, different girls and women responds differently whenever they conceive. When it comes to noticing early signs of pregnancy, for others, they easily notice early signs that they are pregnant, while to some they do not show any symptoms at all. Each and every female who has reached an adult conceiving stage, is able to experience different symptoms at different stages. A pregnancy test can be the best way to be at least sure that you have really conceived. The majority of women who are able to see early signs are able to observe any of these;

  1. Inability to have a regular menstruation period
  2. Desire to peel
  3. Tender breast
  4. Tiredness feeling
  5. Loss of taste in food
  6. Morning sickness

This article aims at uncovering signs and symptoms which you can use to know if you are pregnant or not. The article, will talk about early signs and symptoms, middle and as well as ends signs.

10 Common Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy

The following are some of the signs & symptoms which will help you to know whether you are pregnant or not.

1. Unable to do monthly menstruation period

The majority of females who get pregnant are able to notice a missing menstruation as early as possible. This is so because the egg, which is responsible for menstruation tends to be fertilized which in turn makes the body produce a restricting hormone which prevents further menstruations.

It should be noted that missing period is just one of the signs that you are pregnant and it's obvious, but this does not mean that the moment a menstrual cycle is missed then you are pregnant, as there other factors like stress, diseases among others, which could make you miss a period too as they could successfully cause hormone imbalance.

2. Tiredness

The majority of women who have conceived tends to feel tired and weak, and this is so because of an increased in the levels of hormone progesterone. This fatigue feeling, tends to get better after around 13 pregnancy weeks.

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3. Night and morning sickness

The majority of females who are pregnant tends to be feeling signs of sickness during the morning in the early hours and during the evening. It should be noted that, despite these signs which are mostly faced during the morning and evening hours, they can also be experienced within any time of the day too. As a sign of sickness, some women who are pregnant vomit.

4. Sores (Swollen) breasts

Pregnant females usually experience tender breasts similar to what they feel before menstruation period, only that this particular time it accelerates. Areolas start to darken and enraged in most cases. It should be noted that soreness does not last long and it goes away the time the hormones balance up. During this period, you also experience an increase in breast which could be noticed when you are wearing your old bra which used to fit you well before.

5. Implantation bleeding (Spotting)

Spotting tends to be experienced by pregnant females as a result of embryo development in the lining of the uterus and in most cases it's light bleeding. It looks like blood drops, which are small in amount and can be brownish discharge from your Virgina. Spotting ranges from a few days to a few weeks. Spotting sometimes makes a few women thinking they haven't conceived, such that they are experiencing a light menstrual period.

6. Eager to eat

Most pregnant women experience constant hunger, food aversions and food cravings during the early days of pregnancy. When they take foods, they feel wonderful and pleasant during the early days, but to some may have unpleasant food taste. Most female pregnant women experience food aversions from the start of the pregnancy to the end of the pregnancy.

7. Headaches and dizziness

Most female pregnant women are able to experience light headaches and dizziness during the early start of pregnancy. This is as a result of hormonal changes which result due to the pregnancy and also it is caused due to an increase in blood volume in the body.

8. Mood swings

Mood swings are mostly caused as a result of hormonal changes and can happen from the start of the pregnancy to the end and it's just considered as normal. Sometimes you may be depressed, tempered, feeling committing suicide, among others. When you notice that your mood swings, has reached certain abnormal level, consult nearest health-care for assistance.

9. An increase in urination

Pregnant women experience an increase in urination due to an increase in blood levels in their bodies which makes their kidneys to process more fluids which land on their bladders causing an increase in urination.

10. Constipation

Pregnant women have an increased hormone in their bodies which slows down the digestive system functioning and this may lead to constipation.

In conclusion, this article has uncovered 10 signs which you can use to know whether you are pregnant or not. Among others, the article has uncovered that dizziness, missing a period and mood swings are some of the signs which can be seen on different pregnant women.

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