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How to Keep Kids Engaged at Home During The Coronavirus Lock Down

While the world continues to battle the coronavirus and normal life being affected, we are learning some lessons albeit in a harsh way.

Lock Down-Children Stuck at Home

The coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent lock-down, has led to schools being shut. Parents are struggling to keep their children engaged in productive ways and ensure that they do not get bored and restless. On the positive side, we can say that this is a good time for the parents to bond with their children which would otherwise have been difficult with their hectic work schedules. Parents need to ensure that their children are continuously engaged in creative activities when they are stuck at home due to the lock-down. And with small children, it is even more difficult. Keeping an energetic child engaged and out of harm’s way can be quite challenging for a parent. They need constant monitoring as these little wonders are full of inquisitiveness and love exploring anything and everything they see. It is a great time to teach them interesting activities that will keep them occupied and entertained at home. So with a little planning and forethought, parents can deal with the situation.

So here are some tips to keep the children engaged at home:

Plan the Activities for the Week with your Child

Involve the child in the weekly planning, it will make the child feel important and may even come up with creative ideas of his or her liking to do each day. Make sure it has a mix of creative, learning and fun activities. During the course of the day as each task gets completed as per the list, ask the child to tick the completed box. Having a well-balanced, daily schedule will keep them steady and prevent behavioral problems later. It will motivate them to achieve other goals too. Knowing what to do next makes the children feel secure and also can lead to forming good habits. It will help them to stay organized and disciplined as they grow and make them independent and successful in adult life.

Baking and Cooking can be Fun

Children love cookies and cakes. So involving the children in Baking activities can be interesting and fun for the child. Give them small tasks like mixing the flour, beating eggs, mixing sugar and see how they will enjoy the activity. It can keep them busy for some time. Allow them to experiment. Turn the kitchen into a lab and allow your child to explore the intricacies of cooking. When the children participate in the cooking they are more likely to enjoy the food that they have helped prepare. Teaching them simple cooking steps from an early age has great advantages. They become self-sufficient and will learn to appreciate the value of food as they witness the effort that goes into getting a meal ready for the entire family. As they become comfortable doing the small tasks like stirring vegetables, mixing flour, arranging the table, slowly increase the responsibilities as they grow older. You can plan new menus with the children. Signing up for online baking and cooking classes with the children is a great way of bonding.

Gardening Together is Refreshing

Gardening can be a fun learning activity for children. Nurturing plants can make them bond with nature and at the same time learn the importance of plants and trees and the ecology. They will grow up to be nature nurturers. Gardening with your children can be so much fun. It is a rewarding experience and an opportunity to spend quality time with them, at the same time teaching them valuable skills. Children love to watch the seeds that they sow, sprout and grow into plants. They will be even more thrilled when the veggies start growing or flowers start blooming.

If you have a backyard you can start a small organic veggie garden. You can grow okra, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins and lemons. If you don’t have a backyard, you can convert your balcony or terrace into a small garden. You can grow herbs and tomatoes in pots which don’t need much space. Children love watering the plants and see them grow. You can also encourage them to talk to the plants. Studies have shown that plants grow well when spoken to. Spring is a very good time to start the gardening project with your kids. Teaching the kids the basics of gardening will help them appreciate the beauty of nature. Gardening activities are known to be relaxing both for the parents and kids.

Note: Please note that items like seeds, fish, an aquarium, other materials needed for gardening, art and crafts and cooking materials can be purchased online which is safer. It is not advisable to go out shopping at this time of the pandemic. If you do need to go to the stores to shop, safety guidelines with regard to social distancing, wearing a mask have to be strictly adhered to, for your safety and for the safety of the family. Children and the elderly are advised not to venture out as they are more susceptible to the virus infection due to their lower immunity.

Make the kids tech savvy

Make the kids tech savvy

Technology can be Helpful

Though the restriction of screen time to avoid screen addiction is important, technology can be very helpful in the growth of the child. At-home exercise programs, child-friendly aerobic workouts, and yoga can be accessed online. There are webinars to teach children how to set up an aquarium or fish tank. They can also learn about the different species of fish and how they can be taken care of at home. There is no harm if your kids use tablets for fun learning games or watching educational videos with parental supervision. They learn things faster and helps them become tech-savvy as they grow up.

In a world ruled by technology, familiarizing children with technology can make them smarter. Their imagination will improve when they watch animated videos and pretend to be their favorite animation characters. But it is important to limit the usage of technological devices to avoid screen addiction and there is the risk of them becoming couch potatoes. They need physical as well as a mental exercise for overall development. It is important that parents spend quality time with their children by indulging in interesting and challenging tasks to avoid screen addiction in them.

Board Games

Board Games

Board Games to Bond with the Children

Popular board games like Monopoly, Chess, Ludo or Scrabble can keep the child occupied and entertained. Board games can teach children important social skills such as communicating, sharing and interacting with people. They help in improving the concentration and creativity of the children. These games help develop social interaction, decision making, and critical thinking, along with the basics of finance. One never gets bored with board games. These games are an ideal way to spend time and bond with the kids. Then there are educational board games like balderdash, Scattergories, Upwords which help in word building, memory, logic, strategy, math, classification, learning new words, etc which can help the child learn useful things. Academic concepts can be taught to children through these games. For example, chess and clue enhance their critical thinking and math plus they are fun. Board games are good for children's’ mental growth. They make them more intelligent and self-sufficient.