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9 Ways to Inspire Your Kids to Think Like an Entrepreneur


Mandy Moore has one foot in the business world and the other in the parenting world.


It's never too early to teach your kids about entrepreneurship! With the increasing success of self-made millionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, it is important for children to learn how to think creatively. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can help your child become an entrepreneur and what qualities they should have in order to be successful.

An entrepreneur is a person who starts up, manages, and assumes the risk for an enterprise. Being successful in entrepreneurship requires creativity, leadership skills, and problem-solving abilities. These traits can be nurtured at home with some simple tips to get you started!

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

— Walt Disney

1. Encourage your child to make their own decisions.

One of the easiest ways to help your child learn to make decisions is through one of the most common questions we hear children ask: "what are we having for dinner?" To help your child think like an entrepreneur and make their own decisions, turn the question back on them and ask them "what would you like for dinner?" Giving your child a chance to make their own decisions will help them learn how to take risks and think creatively.


2. Let your child make their own mistakes.

Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks—including mistakes. In fact, a lot of entrepreneurs today say that their biggest failures were their most important lessons in entrepreneurship and helped them to learn how to succeed. So allow your child some time for making mistakes—it's an invaluable lesson!

3. Encourage your child to be persistent when solving problems.

Entrepreneurs need perseverance; no matter what they're doing, entrepreneurs never give up. For example, when a child is building with blocks and they can't find the right block to make their design work out, encourage them to spend some time finding new ways of solving the problem. The more persistence your child has in solving problems—no matter how difficult—the better for their future success!

4. Encourage your child to try new things and take risks.

Asking your child to do something they're not used to can help them gain entrepreneurship and problem-solving skills. For example, if you know that your daughter is afraid of bugs but wants to be an entomologist, encourage her to touch a bug. If she tries it and finds out that the bugs are actually fascinating, she will have learned how to take risks and face challenges in order to achieve her goals!


5. Encourage your children to explore entrepreneurship.

One of the best ways to help your child think like an entrepreneur is by exposing them to it! It might seem challenging at first, but you can always start with great resources and books. Tell your kids about what entrepreneurs do—who they are, how they get started in their own businesses, etc. Watching a video on entrepreneurship, reading about a young entrepreneur, or even interviewing an entrepreneur are all great ways to give your child an introduction to the world of entrepreneurship.

6. Encourage your child to ask questions.

Encouraging your child to ask questions, and then finding answers, is a great way for your child to learn about entrepreneurship. Questions about the world are some of the most important tools in an entrepreneur's toolbox! Asking questions will help children identify problems they want to solve or causes they want to support—the entrepreneurial skills that will put them ahead of the pack.

7. Provide opportunities for them to make their own money.

You can do this by having your children sell items, like lemonade or cookies, for example, or you could involve them in more creative projects that require payment up front and then give them a percentage of the profits afterward.


8. Encourage and inspire them to have hobbies.

Hobbies are a great way for kids to learn about entrepreneurship—whether they're running a small business on the side or just trying new things and learning through trial-and-error. Encourage your child to take on a new hobby, and then help them manage it, by asking lots of questions or providing guidance.

9. Encourage your child to be a part of the solution (rather than complaining about problems).

Being a part of the solution is a highly important skill. Finding solutions, rather than complaining, will help them identify with more entrepreneurial qualities such as leadership skills or developing creative solutions for common issues in their lives.

For example, if your child complains about not having money to buy a toy, rather than telling them to stop complaining and be thankful for what they have, encourage them to look up ways that kids can make money.


The Entrepreneurship Mindset Starts With Parents

It is a parent's responsibility to teach their children about the importance of entrepreneurship. It is never too early to start teaching them how they can be successful in this field and with these tips, your child will have an excellent head start!

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