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An Illustrated Guide of How to Have a GREAT Airsoft (Birthday) Party


A Special Birthday Request

For his 14th birthday, our son requested an Airsoft party. For those of you who don't know this sport, Airsoft equipment includes guns similar to BB guns. Airsoft guns are mostly plastic guns that shoot very lightweight plastic pellets about twice the size of BBs. They are less painful and less messy than paintball. We had hosted other Airsoft parties and found them to enjoyed by all who came. We set out to make this one extra special. Here's what we did!

Set up the Playing Field

A great Airsoft party needs a great playing field with lots of obstacles and hiding areas. This party was held in late January. We had gathered extra Christmas trees after the Christmas holiday and my son had distributed them around our back yard. These, in addition to a creek, a couple of ditches, several trees and assorted sheds, made for lots of hiding places.

Add about 16 Teenage Boys

Assemble the teenagers of assorted sizes and ages along with their various weapons and ammo.  Plan on extras.  We find that airsoft parties are like magnets; they attract older brothers, younger brothers and friends.

Mix in a Cool, Crisp Day

A cool day that requires jackets and long pants is the best day for an Airsoft party. That way everyone is protected. Regardless of the weather, we require either a face mask or some sort of goggles to protect the eyes.

Choose Teams and Appoint Team Captains

At our parties, we set up teams beforehand.  Lists of team members are compiled carefully and then examined and rearranged to be made as even as possible with regard to players and weapons.  Our guys have learned that even teams make for better parties.  Team captains need to know the lay-of-the-land and be able to encourage their comrades to give their best. Team captains also need to be aware of--and willing to enforce--house rules of conduct. This means that everyone needs to know exactly what constitutes a hit and what the consequences of being hit are. Everyone also needs to be aware of boundaries as well as what the penalty is if someone goes beyond them. Team captains set the pace with regard to everyone playing by the rules. We find that having a parent present when the rules are explained reduces squabbles later.

Designate a Photographer

Find someone not involved in the battle, but keenly interested in what's going on to take action shots. The fellow taking these shots climbed up on a shed roof in order to see better. This gave him a great vantage point for pictures. He took action shots of each of the boys who came and loaded them all onto CDs.  We were then able to email some pictures to each of the attendees.

Evacuate the Playing Field if You're Not Part of the Battle Group

This is critical, especially for moms and others who are concerned about the happenings,but don't have protective gear. When things get ready to start, I make a beeline for the house. If I have to enter the playing field while the action is still hot, I wave my hands and holler "Hold your fire!" as I go. It may not be particularly brave, but it's effective; I've hosted several airsoft parties and escaped without a scratch.

Keeping a Watchful Eye


Have Plenty of Softdrinks and Snacks Available Afterward

The airsoft action itself is huge, but no party is complete without goodies and soft drinks. Serving luscious brownies, cake or another treat will earn you lots of brownie points!

Any Suggestions??

What do you think?  Do you have suggestions for next time?

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Carlos87 on August 14, 2019:

This party seems awesome. I'm sure the neighborhood was talking about it for a while. Airsoft parties are a terrific idea for a party, and having a party at to house is a great way to keep an eye on young ones and save lots of money instead of having it at a facility. We buy our bbs at https://killerbeeairsoft.com because they are biodegradable. Those airsoft bbs can leave a mess. :)

swtwin2 (author) from South Carolina on October 10, 2012:

Dear Anna,

Your son's party sounds like GREAT fun. M.R.E. s (and the great shot they made on their best buddy) will be what the gang talks about for weeks. Dippin Dots is also a wonderful idea. I'd appreciate hearing how the party turns out. Thanks for the comment.

Anna on October 09, 2012:

Thanks for the post. I found it while researching for my son's 13th. I plan on ordering the kids M.R.E.s, lol. Meals ready to eat might not be the best party food, but I think they'll get a kick out of eating them in the field. I was also thinking dippin dots might look like airsoft pellets.

swtwin2 (author) from South Carolina on October 02, 2012:


Thanks for the comment. Most teenagers brought their own equipment. We had a spare rifle or two, so we could provide for a couple of extra folks.

MLB on October 02, 2012:

Did all teenagers come with their own air soft guns or how did u supply that?

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