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How to Get Pregnant Faster: 8 Tips to Get Pregnant Faster

8 Tips to Get Pregnant Fast

8 Tips to Get Pregnant Fast

How to Get Pregnant Faster: 8 Tips to Get Pregnant Fast

Getting pregnant is not just an event which happens automatically, as it requires a few things which you must consider doing to increase your likelihood of conception. There are some things which accelerates your chances as well as some things which decelerates your chances. This article, will uncover 8 things, which you should consider doing to increase your chances of getting conceived.

8 Tips to Get Pregnant Fast

The following are considered useful ways which you must consider doing for you to have an increased chance of getting pregnant.

1. Physical health

Firstly, make sure you are health and fit, when deciding to get pregnant. Physical health interferes with ovulation, which may either increase your chances of getting pregnant or decrease it, so you have to make sure that you do not get involved in any activities which will most likely endanger your physical health.

You could also be doing some physical exercises to improve your physical health as well as controlling and monitoring your daily diet.

If you are a woman who smokes, make sure you stop smoking as this will lower your chances of getting pregnant and will also put your personal health at risk. Similarly, make sure you do not take any alcoholic drink or anything which will most likely decrease your chances of conception.

2. Monitor your menstrual cycle closely

Understanding your cycle helps you a lot as you know probable days when ovulation is most likely occurring. The days which you may know based on past experience that ovulation is most likely occur, are the days which you should have sex frequently. Kits which predict, when most likely ovulation will take place are also available and you can use them to know most probable days and you could focus on having frequent sex during such period.

3.Stop family planning

The third way which you must put into consideration to have an increased chance of getting pregnant is for you to put aside your family planning method, which you have been using. There is no way you can get pregnant while you are taking ovulation restricting hormone. So to have an increased chance make sure you put aside any family planning method you have been using.

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4. Relaxation

Make sure after the intercourse is done, you stay in bed for a few minutes and this will increase your chances of conception in that, the sperms could easily travel to the cervix for fertilization. You do not have to lie in bed while your feet are up to increase your chances, as this is just a myth, which is not true.

5. Avoid overdoing it

Having sex a multiple of time within a day, everyday will not increase the chances for you to get pregnant, as the man's sperm count becomes low. One night sex in most likely ovulation period is enough, not seven to ten rounds, just to increase the likelihood.

Make sure your man does not wear tight clothes as this reduces sperm count too, and will decrease chances for you to get pregnant, even if you do it frequently in most likely days.

6. Maintain your happy mood

Partly having higher chances of getting pregnant relates to your physical health and mood. Being in a stressful mood while you are having an intercourse will more likely decrease chances of you getting pregnant. Make sure you are stress free during ovulation days. Stress can emanate from anything, even fear of starting a family and having children, could eat you up.

You might be wondering as how could the stress, decrease your chances of getting pregnant? Simply, let's put it that, it most likely interferes with your ovulation and this may decrease your likelihood of getting pregnant.

7. Preconception checkup

The seventh thing which you should do as a person who needs to get conceive is to meet a doctor for medical checkup. The doctor, will offer you parental advises and will give you parental acids that contains folic acid, which helps to protect you against some birth defects, which could include spina bafida. It is advised to take folic acid during early days most likely before you get in touch with a man to conceive as folic acid works during the early days of your pregnancy.

8. Positions play no role

Lastly, there are a lot of myths that for you to get pregnant fast, you need to do different sex positions which will increase your likelihood of getting pregnant and all these are just myths, as the chances are the same, all what you have to do is to make sure you are doing it when the ovulation is most likely to take place while at the same time you are sticking to the advises the doctor has told you.

In conclusion, this article has uncovered 8 ways, which you must consider doing for you to have an increased chance of getting pregnant. Among others, the article has uncovered that, monitoring your cycle closely to understand most likely ovulation day, physical health and consulting a doctor, are some of the ways which will help you to have an increased chance of conception.

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