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How to Babyproof Bi-Fold Closet Doors

Keep your closet organized and babyproofed with a simple solution.

Keep your closet organized and babyproofed with a simple solution.

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Keeping Kids Out of Closets is a Cinch

Bi-fold doors, commonly used in closets and pantries, allow you to access both sides of the closet space at the same time, unlike traditional sliding closet doors. Unfortunately, children find the doors easy to open too, and can get their fingers squished, leading to messes to clean up and boo-boos to mend.

Instead of replacing your bi-fold doors altogether, install a simple childproof device — a bi-fold door lock kit — that locks children out of the closet and prevents the door from folding open. Such childproofing locks are not only fairly inexpensive, but they are simple to install too. Baby proofing your home can be as simple as installing a simple to use closet gadget, available at home centers or inexpensively online.


Open your bi-fold doors completely.

Slip the plastic bi-fold door lock piece over the top of the door like a sleeve. Ensure that the wand is facing outward, not inside the closet. If the plastic piece is too wide for your bi-fold door, use the accompanying adjuster, or turn the adjuster around for thinner doors. Bi-fold door locks work with most bi-fold door widths.

Close the bi-fold doors as normal.

Grasp the wand of the door lock, and slide the plastic piece so that it centered between the seams of the two inward folding parts of the door. Even though you have two doors, you’ll only need one door lock piece for each closet.

Let go of the wand, and try to open up the bi-fold door as normal. If positioned correctly, the door should not fold open.

Grasp the want to the door lock, and slide it to the side, so that it is no longer between the two door panels.

Open the doors as normal.


Some bi-fold door lock kits come with an optional wand. Although the kit will work the same way, sliding the protective piece over the door seams, wands help people slide the piece easier.

Granted, all the babyproofing in your home may not be complete, however you'll have one less problem to worry about (your baby's fingers being squished) and all the contents of your closet will remain firmly in place.

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Before beginning any closet organizing project, you need to set aside a block of time, probably no more than a couple hours, where you can work without interruption.

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