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How do unfortunate people continue to live an entire life?

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Some people are unfortunate, and how do they cope with it?

I always believed I was unlucky, but now I realize I am better than others I have encountered. They work, if possible, which is a way of coping with a tragic life. Some older women work at least three or four days a week at a business far from their homes. I know a woman who lost her husband when she was thirty-five years old, leaving three very young kids behind for her to look after.

Managing life with what you have.

She got a small job at one of the big enterprises close to her home and looked after the kids. I cannot understand how she managed her life financially, physically, and emotionally. All her kids are grown up, but she still goes to the same place she worked in during her young days. Now she works far away from her residence as she moved house because she wanted to live near her daughter.

Some struggles to live but do not give up.

I have seen some people suffer most of their lives and will not give up. They make money, help children, love themselves, and maintain emotional happiness. Why do some become dependent and lose everything emotionally? Even though they have ways to improve their lives, they do not do anything to achieve anything in their life.

If I say about me, I had the same type of problems all my life, but my husband had a long life but was ill for 25 years. I looked after him for a long time but with the help of carers. He passed away now I am on my own again, facing many problems. So, life can be full of problems, but we must bring our courage to help us become happy and prosperous.

Remember, success does not come to you; you need to do hard work consistently to get the win. You can lose your mind quickly; that is not why we live our lives; we must fight hard to overcome challenges.

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Love yourself to enhance confidence.

I think those people belong to the lazy category and expect other people to look after them. When the parents have that attitude, kids also grow up similarly. Therefore, we must live without losing confidence and love ourselves for what we are. Then there is no reason to become uninterested or lazy in life when we love ourselves. The people who think low of them lose interest in investing in themselves. So, how can they change their attitude? I do not believe that laziness goes along, and they lack self-respect. Some people do not like to live with the government help because they feel it gives them a low life.

Some believe they know everything.

People do not worry about low life; all they want is money, and they do not fear where they get the money. People want to have money in their hands to have a happy life. They never worry about acquiring knowledge about anything and think they know everything. They ensure they keep away from higher society because they do not want to feel low in that society. Some will join the great community if they get an opportunity, as they do not feel inferior in their feelings. I would say, in a way, it is good, but that type of person will never look for progression because they are overconfident.

Why makes you feel overconfident?

I would say a person ignorant about progression feels overconfident and an extrovert. Extroverts, whether educated or not prepared to raise their voice in front of anyone because their nature is that. Extroverts want to get attention wherever they go because they always want to participate in conversations. I think some have low esteem and look for opportunities to have fun to forget their issue of low esteem. You never worry about your weakness but continue to live a whole life. Neglecting your life and thinking of the past does not help you anyway.


If you are unfortunate in life, find ways to cope with it without landing your problems on others expecting free help. Keep yourself occupied so you will not find any time to worry about issues that are beyond your control. Try to control your daily life to make you happy and feel contented. Also, do not take your failures seriously and be determined to fight the obstacles to success.

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