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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Around the Garage Door


Your garage door is a tremendous convenience to your home. Because you have it, you can park your car indoors when you come home and not have to go outside to get in and out of your vehicle. That helps you avoid uncomfortable temperatures, wet weather, and chatty neighbors you don't have time for. It boosts your safety, but it might not be the safest thing for your kids to be around. Let us talk about why it can be dangerous, and what you can do to make your garage safer for your kids.

Meet Modern Safety Standards

Any garage installed or built after 1993 has to meet certain federal standards regarding safety features. So check when your home was made and when the last time the garage was serviced was. If it has been a long time you should consider having it serviced soon.

A large part of the new regulations was entrapment-protection technology. This technology is a light paired with a sensor to detect if there is something in the way of the door. These kinds of features are known to prevent people, including children, from being trapped under a garage door coming down.

Get Routine Maintenance

Making sure your garage is in good working condition goes a long way towards keeping your kids safe. Have a professional technician inspect your garage at least once a year. Twice might be even better. If you need replacement parts or upgrades, then a local company like Raynor Door Company would have new openers and other services that might be of assistance to you.

Like many things, regular maintenance is crucial to the safety of your garage. Wear and tear can happen to any mechanical device, and garage doors are no exception. Wear and tear can lead to malfunctions and even breakage. If your garage door fails, it could cause a lot of damage.

Hide the Remote

You might feel like your kids are constantly pressing your buttons to try and get reactions and attention from you. Indeed, the truth of the matter is that kids love pressing buttons both mentally and physically. If they ever get their hands on the garage remote, they're going to probably trigger it. When they realize they have the power to make that giant door go up and down, they're going to view it as a huge toy, and that's dangerous.

Teach Them Boundaries

Your child has to learn and be reminded about boundaries all the time. Those boundaries will inevitably change over time as they grow up, but they should always know the danger zone inside the garage. They need to know whether they play outside or help inside the garage that they should never stand, sit, or stay underneath the door. That includes not leaving bikes or toys in that space.

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Another point to mention is that the garage door is also dangerous in other ways. Tell them to use caution around it when it’s operating, but also to keep their fingers out of the way of the rest of the garage door. Pinching can also happen between the segments of the door. Not only that but if they pull the emergency release, there will be nothing to stop the door from falling on someone or something. So educate your kids how to be safe around the garage door, after all, you can’t always be watching.

Not Just Kids

As long as you're taking steps to keep your kids safe around your garage door, you should do the same for any pets your home has. Don't let them treat garage door cables, parts, or remote openers as chew toys. Also, try to avoid using a partially opened garage door as a way of letting them in and out. If the emergency release fails, it could drop the garage door on your pet. Plus, it's just extra wear and tear on your garage door when a pet door might be better.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you keep your kids and family safe around the garage door. Just remember to routinely maintain your garage door. Garages are a very convenient thing but should be treated with care. Doing so will prevent danger, damage, and disaster.

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