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How to Get Your Kids to Read More - and Like It!

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Nancy is a mom trying her best to live an amazing life—while helping her family and friends to live their best lives too.

We All Know It's Important For Kids To Read

If you have school-aged kids, I'm sure you've heard the research; kids that read outside of school not only do better in school, they are more likely to graduate from high school. Kids that read outside of school develop better concentration skills and can develop better imaginations and a greater capacity for empathy.

Clearly, reading outside of school is good for our kids.

But, like getting kids to eat their vegetables, or clean their rooms, getting kids to read can be a challenge!

So how can we encourage our kids to read more, and to like it? Here are a few of my time-tested tips and tricks that have worked to get my kids reading more!

1. Take Your Kids To the Library or a Local Book Store

While I have prided myself on always having books in the house for my kids to read, it turns out, they don't always love the books I choose for them.

Instead, I have started to take them to our local library, or to our local book store when we are out and about. When they are able to browse the shelves themselves, and pick the books that speak to them, they are far more likely to read them - and far more likely to read them faster - than the books I choose!

2. Read the Books With / To / Alongside Your Kids

For the past year, I have promised my kids that I would read any book that they read. It means I've read far more young adult literature than I otherwise would have! However, when the kids see that I've read further than they have, and know what's going to happen in the book, they are far more likely to speed up their reading!

An added bonus of this little initiative has been that the kids and I have loved talking about the books together. This has made for some wonderful conversations and chances to interact with my kids that I otherwise wouldn't have had.

3. Have your Kids Rate and Review their Books

My kids love nothing more than to offer a good review of anything! And it turns out that books are no different. Each of my kids has a little notebook from the dollar store in which they can list and rate each of the books they have read. This not only allows them to keep a record of all the books they have read, but allows them to always have book ideas to share with friends and family!

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There are lots of ways you can encourage your kids to rate and review the books they read too - you can have them rate and review the books they read on Amazon, or Goodreads. They could have their own blog with book reviews too! There are so many ways to get creative with this!

4. Create a Family Reading Challenge

When we have stretches of time when there isn't too much going on, like during summer holidays or spring break, we love to have family reading challenges where we see who can read more books!

Prizes can be anything from a trip to the bookstore to pick out a new book, or the chance to choose dinner one night!

This is my favourite of all my strategies to get the kids to read more, because it means the whole family ends up reading more! And there is nothing more encouraging to kids than to see their parents reading lots too!

5. Try to Find a Series Of Books or an Author Your Kids Really Like

When kids have a series that they can really get into, it's amazing to see how fast they will read to find out what happens to the characters. However, even finding an author that your kids love can have the same effect.

I found that some of the most successful books in our house were the Lemony Snicket A Series of Unfortunate Events, Babysitters Club, and anything written by David Williams.

If you can, take your kids to the library and try out the first in several different series of books to see what they like best! Or have them share the first book of a series with their friends!

Reading is the Best Gift You Can Give Your Kids

A love of reading is truly the best gift you can give your kids. And a family love of reading is an even better gift you can give your kids!

I hope that these five simple ideas will help you to get your kids reading, and loving the reading they do! And I hope that you read along with them and love it too!

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