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How To Care For A Cat and What To Expect

I have experience with the obligations and expectations of having a cat.

Food And Water


How To Feed The Cat

Food is important. Getting the correct ingredients in the food for the proper diet is essential for healthy growth. Cat food can be bought in pet shops, groceries store, and online. There is food for young and adults cats. Water must be fresh on their feeders. Wet food to eat every day will make their digestion easier. It is a plus.

Friendly Cat


Cats Behavior


1 cat loves to sleep in many areas. They sleep on the bed, sofas, chairs, inside the closet, and on the floor. They find their favorite spot. It is better to respect their spot.

Play Time

2. The cats like to scratch wood to make their pawns smooth. It is better to leave them natural with the pawns that will help them go around outdoors. Toys to scratch are at the pet shop.

3. Cleaning

The litter box is clean daily to prevent bad odor. There are products to refresh the litter that remain on the box after scooping the waste to keep the box clean.

4. Training a cat is fun. Cats are obedient. The routing can not be changed until they learn. They are flexible later. There are books and articles to read about cats to get knowledgeable on their behavior.

Toy To Scratch And Play

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Bathing And Brushing

When cats are small in age. It is a perfect time to show them things that the caregiver expects from them.


1 You will need a big thick towel to dry the cat after is showered.

2. Cat shampoo or any soft shampoo

3 a bathtub to regulate the water temperature that it is not too cold or too hot.

4 a brush to comb the hair in between showers.

Cats love a special noise

It is up to you and your cat what the cat likes. It can be the sound of the frying pan or a piano sound. Any instrument that will bring the cat back home when it sounds. That he will hear from any place the cat is walking around. The cat knew it is time to come home.

If You Want A Cat

You can adopt a cat by searching the web on the internet or ask a friend for information about adopting a cat.



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