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How Child Support Is Calculated On Your Pay Check


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Child Support Garnishment Through Payroll

Regardless if you have been receiving a child support garnishment on your pay check for some time now, or if it has just been set up, understanding the child support calulator your employer uses can be confusing. Employers are required by state child support enforcement to follow strict rules when it comes to how to calculate child support deduction.

They are given detailed order paperwork from state CS enforcement offices that outlines the child support calculator equation they are required to use to calculate your child support

Your employer can not change the amount nor can they legally help you avoid paying your child support garnishment. Nothing you bring in to your employer can change your child support garnishment amount. They are mandated to follow only the rules and guidelines set by the child support garnishment as set by the state child support enforcement office.


Other Considerations

Short of contacting your Child Support Enforcement Officer requesting a reevaluation of your child support amount, or getting child support lawyers there really isn't much you can do to lower your support amounts.

Your employer must by law follow the order as it is written or they could face stiff fines. They can not skip a child support payment for you just because your having a hard time with cash this week or pay less towards the deduction because a large advance was given to you. The child support will still be taken from disposable earnings, and you may be left with little, nothing, or even left owing your company money.

Your Child Support Payroll Deduction

If your child support order is regulated and distributed by the state child support enforcement office you live in, unless other arrangements such as by getting help child support lawyers, your child support garnishment will come out of your paycheck. If you're wondering if child support comes out before taxes, it doesn't. Child support does come before any other court ordered deduction though.

When your employer receives a child support garnishment in your name this notice is forward to your companies payroll department. The payroll department then sets up the automatic child support garnishment so that with every payroll, the correct amount of child support will come out using automated or manual child support calculators.

The amounts that are to come out of your check for your child support garnishment are not determined by your employer or the payroll company. Strict guidelines are set forth in child support order that details the child support calculator equation your employer should use to calculate how much to withhold from each of your payroll checks.

When there is not enough income earned to satisfy the child support garnishment amount requested by your states child support enforcement agency, a payroll calculation must be done to determine how much to withhold from your paycheck.

The calculation used to calculate your child support garnishment amount takes into account whether you have back taxes owed, or are supporting another family. The percentage to withold in this instance is determined and set by the state and not determined by your employer. Child support can take 50%, 55% 60% or up to 65% of your disposable income. Most often, it is 50%.

Disposable income is not the same as Gross or Net income. Disposable income is income left over after taxes have been taken out and before any voluntary deductions

THE FORMULA Your payroll department will take into consideration first whether your disposable income already exceeds the percentage allowable for withholding. If it does not, the following formula will be used.

Gross - taxes = disposable income

disposable income ÷ set percentage (50% -65%) =

deduction amount.

For instance.

If child support amount is $550 a month your gross is $1200 and your taxes are $200 it would look like this.

$1200 - $200 =$1000 disposable income

$1000 ÷ 50% = $500

$500 will go towards your towards your child support because anything more would exceed the amount allowable.

The other $500 goes to you.


Lady56 on June 07, 2019:

I been married for 20 years. I used to do the finances I work from home and my husband works at the school district now that he has a secure job he started working since 2016 and decided to do the finances but not pay my bills. I don’t get paid weekly or monthly I get paid when I Negotiate. I always have done this it was woofor us. Until he decided to control the money he doesn’t give me any money knowing that I have bills because I’m supporting our son. So when he decided to do that I had to reach out to our savings he wanted to leave me with no money. I need to know my legal rights my money is running out.

nichole on December 01, 2014:

My bf pays 680 a week no matter what. He brings home $150 a week now. We have a child together now and barely get by. We also have his three kids from the marriage every single weekend. I have to pic up all the financial slack we have and the ex wife works ten hours a week at ten dollars an hour. It is nit fair at all.

Dub on November 09, 2014:

Ec I've seen this believe it or not a lot of bumbs you see work everyday can't afford a meal for paying childsupport payments nor will they give them any assistance such as stamps cross income is always to high fellas remember the fruit when dilling with females don't trust them the book said it first

EC on September 18, 2013:

I just wanted to say that common sense would tell you that no one has desposible income. It is to go somewhere. I know a man that is not educated and works hard for the little he gets. He is homeless, and sometimes goes hungry due to paying child support. He has never complained about supporting his child; however, the mother could work too. He has no where to stay, is living out of his car, and he everytime he gets summoned to the HS he is made to go give extra or all of the money he has, for gas, and food to pay extra. He is not behind and they take it out of his check. So you tell me. If the calculation is correct and he is not behind; then why do they take all of his tax check, and every few months they charge him extra that has to paid immediately. What would you do? He would love to see his child but she is living in another state. With her getting every dime extra that he can find. He cann0t even afford the gas or bus ticket or time off to go see him.

Sound fair to you?

C2 on August 27, 2013:

Since before I was ordered to pay any child support I started paying. I was active military then and would drive back and forth 5 hours one way on weekends (not all) to see my daughter. Here in NC Streeks your disposible formula is incorrect. With DSS they took my Gross income plus BAH allowance and BAS allowance and calculated my CS amount 40% of GROSS. Again I was Active military and not able to see my daughter as much as I wanted but still the mother and I agreed to a slightly less amount than was asked. Today some 5 years later all I want to do is spend time with my daughter. Hoping I can get back some of the time I lost. So I have proposed to move back to the county where my daughter is try and get a decent job there so I can spend 1/2 the time with her. But of course this would mean no child support because she would be with me half the time. And so far DSS will not agree. All I want to do is stop missing out on my babygirls life. A personal rant.. KID SHOULDNT be a tax deduction ever. Not sharp shooting anyone but I think the CS amounts are a little step considering there are no realy ways to show that it is being spent on the child or their well being.

Working mom on February 26, 2013:

I am a single mother with two children, the father has my two kids plus two younger kids. What i find to be so frustrating is that i get less than the other two mothers. I received 59 a month, his third child gets 89 and his 4th child gets 77 a month. Please explain to me how this happens? I also feel bad for the father, he is laid off during the winter months and he is just now starting to get unemployment. He was told that he would get 125 a week after his child support was taken out. Now they are saying that they are taking all of his unemployment and has nothing to live on. I don't feel that this is right. He does need money to feed himself, to have a roof over his head and a place where he can take his kids. Child support will not give him the answers he deserves. How much can they take so that he does still have some money to support himself also?

Scrooooood on February 22, 2013:

It's been almost three months taking care of my wife and kids on 1400 a month. Phone is shut off, cable gone, internet next. A month behind on car and utilities, just got shut off notice. The food banks are the only way we eat. Talk to my kids via work phone once every two to three weeks, briefly. No hope of ever raising enough to see them this summer or likely ever. Virginia is a long way from Washington State. Passport suspended, and they have reported me to credit bureaus for arrears being 15000 plus. IRS is intercepting returns and sending them to her.

They are treating me like a criminal, and I have done nothing wrong. If this keeps up, I'm going to lose my car. Once I lose the car, job goes next.

Anyone know what happens after I lose my job? Is it jail? That would be great, because I'd get food, cable TV, and internet again.

Scrooooood on November 28, 2012:

Well, I had my day in court. 14K in back support for day care, and they are going to start taking 1400 out of my check every month. I gross too much for any sort of public assistance. They are hijacking my tax returns from here on out. I will never see my kids again at this rate. I am applying for a modification but who knows how long that will take, probably never happen. A bullet sandwich is looking really good right now, but I'm trying not to think like that.

luckyducky1805 on October 18, 2012:

wow if a non custodial parent brings home under 100 a week why do you think he shouldn't have to pay? this is in regards to some of the insane comments on here. Both parents need to be held responsible and unfortunately the custodial parent usually gets screwed. I know so many women whos children s dead beat dads get away with never paying and get to keep almost all of their money while the other parent struggles. If your new husband is only making 86 a week then he needs to get a new job. My ex only has to pay 175 a month and owes almost 3000 is bad payments. I just received a payment of 40... You think thats right? i can buy a tank of gas and guess what he got a buy? A brand new 3DS... Yeah that seems fair

Brian on August 30, 2012:

Women use Men and then they dump them. They say they don't need you anymore but thats crap because now you are their personal ATM until the Kids reach 21. Women always were and always will be whores.

Stephanie on June 05, 2012:

Way to many dead beats out there point blank .

BS on May 26, 2012:

Child support laws are crazy....i have to pay $170 a week for kids I am not allowed to see or talk to because my ex is an #$@. I also have 2 kids with my current husband...my take home after taxes and child support is $155 a week..so luckily because I need to bring in more money I work a second job...so for all who are boo hooing that you dont have money to live on get a 2nd job cause the courts dont give a damn about us that have to pay

Wow on May 06, 2012:

Put a rubber on or don't have sex and all of this mess could be avoided. Keep your paycheck.

J on April 25, 2012:

Sorry I miss spelled some things but, I was angry and typing a mile a minute.

J on April 25, 2012:

I hate to say it but I refuse to pay my cs, because I have my daughter more than her mother does. I provide more meals weekly than the mother does and the rest are provided at school, It is totally wrong how much they can make you pay and then expect you to live a normal life. I understand some of you women that think men complain probably hate you ex. In my situation, the only reason my ex and I are not together is because she discovered she was gay. Did not bother me at all, more power to her and know reason to keep her from that. Like I said I will not pay my cs and if the state wants me, come get me.

I have a friend who is female and had her kids taken by her ex to another state without telling her and because they were still tech. married at the time it was not kidnapping. They went to court and he ended up with the kids because he had a lawyer and she could not afford one. Anyways she has to pay 40% of her pay every check to cs. That is bull crap! She now has to live with friends and can barely afford to surrvive on her own. So now what? So to all you women that complain about how men complain, the shoe could be on the other foot! Oh and to all you men, work under the table. That is what I do.

the good guy always gets screwed on April 21, 2012:

Dear Scroooood,

Our prayers go out to you, hang in there! the system is corrupt and inhumane.

You sound like a dad who is doing everything he can for his children and since you are "manning up" the system/court wants to suck you dry while deadbeats get away with lavish lifestyles and no consequences for their actions,

The "father" of my 5 year old autistic son does not pay his pathetic 200. a month he was court ordered to pay, he is old enough to be my dad at 56 years! he will never "man up" to supporting his son and is coddled by the new mexico court system, yet the am certain the courts will find me in

contempt when i refuse to let my non-verbal child spend the summer with good ol' "dad" it is not out of spite or that he hasn't paid child support it's because he is a sexual predator who lost his teaching license yet never spent time in prison for molesting his students, New Mexico courts let him off the hook with that also yet am certain i will be jailed for contempt when refuse to let my child be subjected to abuse.

Stand tall when you go to court, your statement reminds me of what my dad went through, don't give up, all your children need you in their lives!

Scrooooood on April 20, 2012:

I'm getting close to agreement with hopeless. I am paying 800 a month plus healthcare for my two children in Viriginia. I use the other 1800 I get to support my new wife and two children, one of whom is Autistic. This arrangement means things are tight, but survivable, except that I live in Washington and rarely get to see my children. Well, the Ex just demanded 6000 in back support and an additional 659 per month for child care. If they do that, we will not be able to survive. PERIOD.

The situation is hopeless. I am contesting it and hope to have a date in court, but if they impose this on me, I don't know what I'll do. I am a good dad. I want to be in their lives and be a good provider, but if I cannot find relief, I will figure out another way out once I exhaust all hope and come to the end of my endurance. It is all too much. I miss my kids, and I'm ashamed that my ability to take all of this is diminishing to the point I contemplate such dark thoughts. There is just nothing left after three years. I have no retirement, no valuables, no savings, having sold everything to travel and see my little ones, and to cover things here with the two that live with me. I don't know how or when I will see them again based on the situation now. If they impose this additional duty upon my income, I will lose my car and the place I live now. There are no programs for the family that loses everything due these situations.

hopeless on April 16, 2012:

After my own experiences and reading how shitty it all is I have concluded the only option is a few few bullets in some heads and then one in my own.

Response to Missy on April 15, 2012:

In response to "missy" who stated:

"So cheers to the whiney first wives then, that use there children as a paycheck, child support is barely EVER used as just that. they spread there legs for pleasure that produces the children that they use as income, why not make them spread there legs to get a job and get off of wellfare, the entity offers edjucation but you just want to make the man who was once good enough to HAVE children with, keep company with your misery. get a life lump!!!"

Dear "missy" you sound like an uneducated "lump" of white trailer trash!

Why are there so many spelling errors in your posting?

Clearly not typos, they are a clue to what and who you truly are, probably a large couch anchored beast that is obsessive and jealous, you need to get over your hatred of the children in need of support of both parents!

Though some of the court ordered child support mentioned on this thread sounds excessive usually the custodial mom holds down two jobs, FULL TIME MOM and the other to pay the bills while non-custodial "dad" pays so little if any it is a joke, yes it does seem like the "good guys" who want to do right as dads get abused and jerked around by the court system while the scum gets away with not paying a dime.

"missy" you truly sound like one of the scumbags who refuses to support his child, YES we think you are a deadbeat dad more interested in the "spreading of legs" of your ex than your own child's quality of life, you belong on "Jerry Springer" which am sure you watch while "spreading" out on your couch in your trailer park. Cheers!

Response to Missy on April 15, 2012:

In response to "missy" who stated:

"So cheers to the whiney first wives then, that use there children as a paycheck, child support is barely EVER used as just that. they spread there legs for pleasure that produces the children that they use as income, why not make them spread there legs to get a job and get off of wellfare, the entity offers edjucation but you just want to make the man who was once good enough to HAVE children with, keep company with your misery. get a life lump!!!"

Dear "missy" you sound like an uneducated "lump" of white trailer trash!

Why are there so many spelling errors in your posting?

Clearly not typos, they are a clue to what and who you truly are, probably a large couch anchored beast that is obsessive and jealous, you need to get over your hatred of the children in need of support of both parents!

Though some of the court ordered child support mentioned on this thread sounds excessive usually the custodial mom holds down two jobs, FULL TIME MOM and the other to pay the bills while non-custodial "dad" pays so little if any it is a joke, yes it does seem like the "good guys" who want to do right as dads get abused and jerked around by the court system while the scum gets away with not paying a dime.

"missy" you truly sound like one of the scumbags who refuses to support his child, YES we think you are a deadbeat dad more interested in the "spreading of legs" of your ex than your own child's quality of life, you belong on "Jerry Springer" which am sure you watch while "spreading" out on your couch in your trailer park. Cheers!

whether you are really a jealous second wife or perhaps a "dad" bitter because he needed to man up and actually support the children that are his well based on your

missy on April 14, 2012:

So cheers to the whiney first wives then, that use there children as a paycheck, child support is barely EVER used as just that. they spread there legs for pleasure that produces the children that they use as income, why not make them spread there legs to get a job and get off of wellfare, the entity offers edjucation but you just want to make the man who was once good enough to HAVE children with, keep company with your misery. get a life lump!!!

Amy on April 13, 2012:

Right now, I only receive $4 (4 dollars) a month for my 14 year old daughter from her so-called father. What kind of a job does he have that only deducts that small amount? The original order was for $350/mo but about 5 years ago, that was reduced to $190/mo plus $50/mo toward the arrears. The reduction was due to him having more kids to pay support for & a lower paying job. The last time he saw my daughter was when she was 5 years old. I assume he is either incarcerated or being paid under the table. We have no clue where he is. He has made no effort to try to contact her. The arrears he owes is now at a grand total of $38,000 plus $13,000 in interest! I doubt my daughter will ever see any of it. He is the ultimate dead-beat dad & gives all the good fathers a bad name.

1515 on April 03, 2012:

i have three kids with my ex ages our 10 18 19 he pass child support for my 10 70 dollars a week but he makes about 1700 everytwo week he never take that 10son to his house i paid for his food clothes cell phone and paid 1300 rent i lost my job about 1 ago he took my car away from me and sold the car and the house we bought together. but he took custody of two old kids since 5 years ago can he sue me for child support for two the older kids even thought 18 19 and they own jobs and everything the need food clothes i buy them for them

sickof whiney secondwives on March 29, 2012:

to "Missy"

somehow think it is not the full story, you married a man who had a child and the responsibility to take care of that child before you met him, let this be a lesson to all the "ladies" who hook up w/ men who have prior commitments to pay support to their own flesh and blood children, BIG mistake to whine about it not being fair to the children you have w/ a man who's first responsibility is HIS FIRST CHILD

don't have more children with a man who has a hard time paying child support. you and your offspring will never be first priority as far as the courts go.

Missy on March 28, 2012:

My husband has to pay 780.00 a motnh for one child who is not in daycare and his ex lives with her mother. Now I agree my husband should support his child and so does my husband however, the calculator is insane and unfair. She goes on vaca, gets her hair and nails done, they go on trips, and my daughter has not been able to go anywhere that is not free bc we have two cars, insurance, daycare cost, and bills. WE tried to negotiate it down 300.00 a motnh and she said NO...she just took a job for less pay and now my husands share while it decreases 100.00 does not decrease at what it would be if she was held at her earning potential which is 27000.00 a year????? How is this fair to my children its not.. There is no way oen child cost 780.00 a month 400.00 to 500.00 for a child in public school is even pushing it but, is more reasonable than someone making 35,000 and being told well with her income we find you can pay 1000 and ur share is 62% that is utter bullcrap. We also learned that for the last 4 years she has lied and didnt inform the court or my husband that her daycare cost which we were aware of no longer existed but, became an aftercare cost that was only 185.00 a month as oppose to 720.00 as she claimed....Where are the women held accountable she wants my kids to suffer bc she is not married and the courts back her up. IT IS NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!

Pam on March 18, 2012:

These people should not be allowed to reproduce.

Preciouslovergirl on March 14, 2012:

Please advise, men sometimes do take advantage of a woman's kindness. I am married with him and he has to kids outside of our marriage (before we met). Now we have our own child, he supports the other 2 kids(i don't even want to mention the maintaince bcoz its a jackpot). He keeps on supporitng them but gives none to our child, i do everything for our child from paying the nanny, clothes, food etc. Isn't this unfair. He pays rent for our flat, but the child of God has got nothing to do with that. When i talk to him to divid the jackpot he's giving to other to all three of them, it seems he listened, but when the month-end comes, he gives none to our child. Now i am thinking of going to court because it is os very unfair.

unlucky but lucky on March 13, 2012:

man, this is a full on topic. i am a new father. i didnt have a say in becoming a parent. i missed out on the borth of my son due to the crazy moods of my ex. that aside, i WILL make sure i pay child support, even though she thinks it will screw up her benifits. i told her its calculated from my earnings, and how often i see the child, but she thinks other wise. she just wants to have as much money from the government as possible, and collect from me off the books. OFF THE BOOKS! that happened to a guy i know, and when his daughter was 18 the mother took him to court claiming he had given nothing in way of child support, though he had been for years. there was no proof.

to the guys reading this. do not take any chances. i believed this girl when she said she couldnt have a baby. im not going to believe her when she says, just pay me 50 bux a week and she will be fine. live and learn i say. ps. he is the best mistake i have made. good luck all.

Mr_n_H on March 06, 2012:

I have a two year old son from my previous marriage. I have been with my girlfriend for 2 years now and we are 5 months pregnant. My ex wife makes $3,200 a month, drives a 2011 Mercedes C300, and got breast enlargements. We have 50% custody but I have visitation the 1st 3rd and 5th weekend from friday night to sunday night of each month. She lives at home with her parents for free and works as a social worker. She makes $19/hour and I make $9.25/hour. Im being garnished $550 a month for health care for my son and only $160 a month for child support. That is a total of $710 a month. I bring home about $1,100 after taxes. They expect me to live off of $390 a month. Im being garnished more then 50% of my disposable income, I thought this was illegal in the state of california?! For all those women who complain that the father does not provide for their children well let them have more damn visitation so they can provide! My girlfriend and I purchased a home about a year ago; my son has his own room to himself. My son has his own bed, lots of toys and lots of clothes that I have purchased over the last two years. Im a good father who provides for his child and wants more time with his child. But yet im not being granted more time and yet I am garnished about 80% of my income. What is wrong with this world? Oh and for those of you who might think im a loser, well you are wrong. I have a Bachelors Degree and just a month ago completed the police academy and im in the hiring process for different agencies. Why do child support laws literally rape men?

Rosa on March 02, 2012:

My boyfriend and I are from Ontario Canada, and well child support is 50% of wages. I am on both sides here, while I dont see it fair for fathers to have to pay so much, I also think mothers need help. My boyfriend has 2 kids from his first marriage half of his pay is given to his ex. He and I have a beand new baby girl, and well I am supporting the 3 of us plus his 2 kids everyother weekend ( Its court ordered). I love the 2 kids with all my heart, but how fair is it that we cant afford to do anything fun with them while they are here? Their mother takes them everywhere and makes us look cheap!!!!!! We can barely afford to live while she makes more money than the 2 of us combined plus she is living with someone else. Also when the man files for income tax he still has to pay because you cant claim child support, so to the government you are making your regular wages, and well the mother who gets the child support doesnt claim the support as a second income so she is a single parent claiming only one income gets money back.... Honestly I think the parents that have to give 50% + are getting screwed over!!!! My boyfriend wants to be more involed in his childrens lives but we cant afford it!!!! I am not sticking up for the dead beat dads/ moms!!! I just think the courts need to have a better way at helping the families out.

Nate on February 26, 2012:

I am forced to live on the street because of my child support I don't make enough money to have a place because they take half of my check is there anything I can do, the reason they take half my check is cus I feel behind on my payments can I ever have my own place

me on February 25, 2012:

I agree with the statement above. My brother pays child support and can't even barely take care of himself or his other 2 children that live with him. Each week more than 1/2 of his paycheck is taken. Neither mother works, they think the child support money is their paycheck. The child support is so against men, I think it needs a whole new make over. Make the women work!!!

mike on February 25, 2012:

if your paying the support you should be able to claim your kids and the earned income credit concidering your paying way more now for your kids then when they lived with you! but courts are set up to victimize dads when more often then not it was a slutty mother who phooked up the relationship and now the gold digging wench gets to take all your money as well....i say when a women is like this ...wipe em out and raise your kids!

Taxed out of his mind on February 23, 2012:

I make $48,000 yr and pay $1350 a month... For the person paying child support, why doesn't the IRS take into consideration that the person paying should have some sort of tax break! I have no issues paying support, it's the person getting it. Why can't they pay some sort of tax? We pay taxes for every other form of financial aid or help.. Why can't I just be taxed on what I actually gross minus child support? Hope this makes sense

mariemarie33 on February 20, 2012:

it's always the deadbeat father or current wife/girlfriend of the bum who calls the woman who is custodial mother to his child "greedy' and "lazy".

wow, BEING A MOM IS A JOB UNTO ITSELF, most of us work 2 jobs while good ol' "dad" only works MAYBE 1 job!

the so called "father' of my small child was court ordered to only pay 200.00 a month,he is self employed and lied to the courts, he was supposed to pay directly to us, he STILL rarely pays that pathetic amount

whines about times being hard for everyone then goes and buys himself anything he wants, including european vacation, new horse, marijuana.... finally going after him legally after putting up w/ years of his bs because i did not want to anger him, and when i politely asked when he might be able to pay anything to help with his son since he is 6+ months late in support he yelled and ranted, called me a greedy b%tch, yep, a real winner.

Kaykay on February 16, 2012:

I am amazed at the lack of responsibility in what should be men, YOU LAY, YOU PAY PERIOD!!! Children do not ask to come here and with all that birth control methods available I do not want to hear men complain about a thing. I am one of those ex-wives who worked her behind off while the ex did everything to hide money and try to get around the system. The is for the lawless not the lawful; if you are lawful you have nothing to complain about! And, let me break it down for you: Time is given, water, food, shelter, clothes,shoes, hospital, school, field-trips, Do fathers pay for this so your 50% out of your non-net income isn't JACK!!! STOP Playing.

Just Kevin on February 16, 2012:

Oh one more thing while I am on a role LOL

The women that gripe about how much they get in support (Not all women) just the ones who are sitting on their butts and raking in Government income AND child support.

I have three words for you; GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!

Just Kevin on February 16, 2012:

@Another Josh Although I see these posts are like 3 years old..I went through almost the exact same thing you did. It almost sounded just like my story except I had full custody of my daughter and got it when she was 6 she is now 22 but lets back up just a little bit...I took my X wife to court and got custody because she was abusing my daughter and yes I had proof. Before I was paying child support and I was NEVER late and I NEVER minded paying it but I DID have a problem with her mother spending it on "other" things besides my youngin. Ok When I got custody I waited two years and never got a penny. I took her to court and the judge laughed at me "Literally" and said "I think you will be just fine" So I took her back in another year. The state wouldnt go after her or even lift a damn finger to make her pay. The second time I took her the judge said it wasnt up to him it was up to the state...and I explained the situation and I kid you not the judge said these words.."Yeah son I know I know; Its a womans world" So when people get on here and critize "MEN" I take that to heart. By the way she never paid a dime and the state never did anything but my buddy that was going through the same thing at that point in time got put in jail for missing 4 payments because he was working odd jobs and not paying the state.

Now I pay support on a kid I havent seen in 8 years because I have no idea where his mother moved him too but guess what? I pay it anyway.. So the next time someone on here wants to sterotype "Men" they need to rethink their statements and maybe word it as "In my situation"

michigan55 on February 12, 2012:

Its not about a non-custodial parent begruding support to their children. It's about leaving the non-custodial parent with no way to survive. The custodial parent usually has a home, food, and other essentials in place for the children. If the children did not exist, that person would still have a roof over their head and buy food.. the non-custodial parent is being denied the right to pay for shelter and food for him/herself when they have low wages. I am all about both parents taking care of their children, but the way it is done is ridiculous. Non-custodial parents need basics to survive, just as everyone else does.

Pissed in Newport Vermont on February 04, 2012:

Well I know this goes both ways but seriously...she pays no rent, they have his support order on 43 hours a week and his lawyer got him to agree to 50 more a month to make things easier.....wow really now he lives on 200. or less a week and can barely pay the bills yet we provide the jackets and boots and all the nice clothes they wear!!! When does it stop???? She claims she works on 16 hours a week when it is more like 26...and gets all the state assistance she wants....IT IS BULLSHIT.... my ex and I always worked together so he could survive....such CRAP!!!

Pit on January 25, 2012:

This reminds me at the Willy Lynch Syndrome. Here is an excerpt about the topic and tell me if I am wrong:

"I have outlined a number of differences among the slaves, and I take these differences and make them bigger. I use fear, distrust, and envy for control purposes. These methods have worked on my modest plantation in the West Indies, and it will work throughout the South. Take this simple little test of differences and think about them. On the top of my list is "Age", but it is there because it only starts with an "A"; the second is "Color" or shade; there is intelligence, size, sex, size of plantations, attitude of owners, whether the slaves live in the valley, on a hill, East, West, North, South, have fine or coarse hair, or is tall or short. Now that you have a list of differences, I shall give you an outline of action--but before that, I shall assure you that distrust is stronger than trust, and envy is stronger than adulation, respect, or admiration. The Slave, after receiving this indoctrination, shall carry on and will become self refueling and self generating for hundreds of years, maybe thousands.

First of all, we need a man, a pregnant woman and her baby boy. Second, we will use the same basic principle that we use in breaking a horse, combined with some more sustaining factors. What we do with horses is that we break them from one form of life to another; that is, we reduce them from their natural state in nature. Whereas nature provides them with the natural capacity to take care of their offspring, we break that natural string of independence from them and thereby create a dependency status, so that we may be able to get from them useful production for our business and pleasure.”


For fear that our future generations may not understand the principles of breaking both of the beast together, the man and the horse. We understand that short range planning economics results in periodic economic chaos; so that to avoid turmoil in the economy, it requires us to have breadth and depth in long range comprehensive planning, articulating both skill sharp perceptions. We lay down the following principles for long range comprehensive economic planning. Both horse and man [are] no good to the economy in the wild or natural state. Both must be BROKEN and TIED together for orderly production. For orderly future, special and particular attention must be paid to the FEMALE and the YOUNGEST offspring. Both must be CROSSBRED to produce a variety and division of labor. Both must be taught to respond to a peculiar new LANGUAGE. Psychological and physical instruction of CONTAINMENT must be created for both. We hold the six cardinal principles as truth to be self-evident, based upon following the discourse concerning the economics of breaking and tying the horse and the man together, all inclusive of the six principles laid down above. NOTE: Neither principle alone will suffice for good economics. All principles must be employed for orderly good of the nation.

Accordingly, both a wild horse and a wild or natur[al] man is dangerous even if captured, for they will have the tendency to seek their customary freedom and, in doing so, might kill you in your sleep. You cannot rest. They sleep while you are awake, and are awake while you are asleep. They are DANGEROUS near the family house and it requires too much labor to watch them away from the house. Above all, you cannot get them to work in this natural state. Hence, both the horse and the man must be broken; that is breaking them from one form of mental life to another. KEEP THE BODY, TAKE THE MIND! In other words, break the will to resist. Now the breaking process is the same for both the horse and the man, only slightly varying in degrees. But, as we said before, there is an art in long range economic planning. YOU MUST KEEP YOUR EYE AND THOUGHTS ON THE FEMALE and the OFFSPRING of the horse and the man. A brief discourse in offspring development will shed light on the key to sound economic principles. Pay little attention to the generation of original breaking, but CONCENTRATE ON FUTURE GENERATION. Therefore, if you break the FEMALE mother, she will BREAK the offspring in its early years of development; and when the offspring is old enough to work, she will deliver it up to you, for her normal female protective tendencies will have been lost in the original breaking process. For example, take the case of the wild stud horse, a female horse and an already infant horse and compare the breaking process with two captured males in their natural state, a pregnant woman with her infant offspring. Take the stud horse, break him for limited containment. Completely break the female horse until she becomes very gentle, whereas you or anybody can ride her in her comfort. Breed the mare and the stud until you have the desired offspring. Then, you can turn the stud to freedom until you need him again. Train the female horse whereby she will eat out of your hand, and she will in turn train the infant horse to eat out of your hand, also. When it comes to breaking the uncivilized man, use the same process, but vary the degree and step up the pressure, so as to do a complete reversal of the mind.

In the words of Willie Lynch in 1712, there are many ways in which you can keep control of your "slaves".


Just a thought! :)

eric1983 on January 25, 2012:

i read most of these and all guys aint bad just most of them..... i have two kids a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy by two different women.... i pay my child suppost with no problem.. i did make good money at one time before i had kids... lol i love my kids... i pay 916 a mouth thats 83% of my income for the mouth... i make bout 500 a week and i bring home bout 102 a week.. people cant live off that. i have tryed and tryed to find people to talk to fix it... but the state just puts it off... my 2 year old dont even know his dad, my ex telled him its some one else, she dont let me see him at all... the last time i saw him was on mothers day of 2010.. it hurts to not be in able to see your kids... my 5 year old lives 142 miles away from me, and i go out of my way to see her. thats the only way i can see her. cause the mom wont work with me... as of right now, the child suppost she gets from me. supports her, her boyfriend, her boyfriends brother and my babygirl... they all live together in a little apartment... i need help with my problem, but the start dont care bout the man at all... i dont care bout paying child suppost, i love my kids.... i just want it to be fair... if some one knows how to help... i will try everything... thanks

Yours truly on January 11, 2012:

Most of you guy are lucky enough to get 50% of a mans paycheck. I get 88.80 out of a 500 dollar paycheck. I have to raise my child. Not to mention the 100 mile trips that I had to make to a specialics about my childs feet. I didn't see him there pay for the gas and everything else. Guys if you are thinking 50% is too much, try being in our shose. 100+ is not nearly enough a week to by the things that that child(ren) need. But your men and don't look at it that way.

FKH on October 21, 2011:

DO U ALL FEEL BETTER NOW? NO!?!?! thats because ur complaining on a forum that does nothing, NOTHING. i am too plagued by csea and i get 600 to pay monthly bills, rent alone takes 5/6th of that and then the rest has to go to gas, food, car repairs, electric, telephone,and those are the basics to living so does $100 pay all that... lmfao, first of all i pay 190x2 plus and extra 40x2 for there services and did i have a choice to use there service no, period. i have fallen behind over almost 10 yrs to a lot so i have no license and have to risk being pulled over and paying extra to the city for tickets, again more that is unreasonable. AND, And, and both the children i pay support for are withheld from me by the recipient of the support, so y am i even paying? both recipients of the support are married so they live off 2 incomes plus a childs income.... since when should a income be earned by a child? isnt that illegal, its just a system crafted by manipulators for manipulating finances from one person to another and yes is sometimes plausable but for the most part is about control over the gullable, kind hearted people who chose to avoid puting there child in a court room and split between 2 people, stearn people who leave someone because we live in a world where divorce/separations happen because they are wronged by there spouse. but still the most rediculous is the double jeopardy on ur expendable income. supporters pay to support the system that takes it in the first place charging those who are being deducted? y not take from the one whose wanting there service? if i could sent them a green dot card and save that 80 bucks a week i would gladly but they say "gofly a kite" just to manipulate, control, hurt, and deny US OF OUR CHILDREN MONEY AND DIGNITY OF INDEPENDENCE.... IS THIS AMERICA? THE CITIZENS WHO LOOK FORWARD TO THE 4TH OF JULY? IF UR BRAVE ENOUGH, QUIT SUPPORTING THE SYSTEM, IF UR EVEN ON UR SUPPORT GET A GREEN DOT AND PAY THE $3 A MONTH FEE AND LET THE CSEA SUFFER AND US PARENTS WHO CANT AFFORD WHAT THEY WANT CAN START A SUFFICATION ON CSEA BUDGET, UN NECESSARY CSEA USE ENABLES THEM TO TAKE FROM THOSE WHO HAVE NOT

koral on September 26, 2011:

Same women not like work..only make child for take many of father..why not put on the law every single women over 18 work not tink only aplay fin council house sorry but i so piss off fot that

Angel on September 18, 2011:

im 18 years old and i have 2 kids. 2 beautiful boys. my ex cheated on me and we haven't been right ever since i finally moved on and i have been having jobs ever since i was 16 under the table i now work at a job that is weekly pay and she found out i had a girlfriend and knew i had a job and said since she cant have me she is going to have my money. She believes that now that i have a good job i should take her out since i never really had the money to do so before. she doesn't seem to care what i want i want my kids. She is all trying to make a sob story saying she doesnt have time to go out and have fun this n that. I said you can't say that because i have said countless times that i'll take them if she wants to do that. So i am stuck in this position i dont want to talk to her unless its about my kids and all she wants to talk about is my new girlfriend and if i dont tell her what she wants to hear she threatens me about child support.

Trudi on September 15, 2011:

Child support should be paid. It takes two to tango. If the woman is looking after the kids she can't work. It's a fulltime job until they reach school age. Women who take on men that already have children should realise that they are taking on an already made family and if they want more children his previous partners children shouldn't suffer. You must know all children cost money to raise stop complaining that he has to pay for the other ones he has already fathered. Who do you think should pay for them their his children.

LutherEvans022571 on September 14, 2011:

Women, it is called child support, not ex wife or ex girlfriend support, but child support. if the money is going towards rent or house payments, electricity, water, food gas, ect. things that the child needs i'm cool with that. But women it pisses me off when you all take that money and get you hair and nails done, buying new outfits and shoes, gucci bags and the whole nine. Thats why a lot of men are offended, not paying the child support, but how some women abuse it. one coment made by amber talking about men complaining about paying child support and taking care of the kids. i have a child 4 years old that i take very good care of. But thats the thing, my job is to take care of him, not her. thats why men complain. you all get off government assistance, and get a job and be a cotributing member of society. Show your kids you are more than just a baby making machine just to get a check, if i have to work everyday, then you should too, quit living off of me. pay for what the child needs and whatever is left put it in a savings for them like my mother and brother did his kids he had custody of, and his ex wife had to pay child support. they put it in the bank for when they got older they will have money for college or something like that. the money is not for you, its for the child, so quit getting your hair and nails done, and buying new outfits and shoes and partying, its not your money but the childs money to support them.

d on August 11, 2011:

Families are meant to be together for better or worse. If you decide to leave without making every means possible to work out your problems, then any financial burden should be placed on you. So many women play the system and screw over the father. Nothing worse than a bitter womans scorn. If you keep your child from the father just because you want more money, may god have mercy on your soul, all youre doing is hurting your child. Something called co parenting and getting a job!

k on August 08, 2011:

If you are a father who has their child more than 50% of the time you do not need to be paying child support. Or if you share custody then you shouldn't be paying. But, if you are an absentee father and ditches your family so you could move on you better be paying to help your child get the best. And if you pay support and don't get to see your child, stop whining on here and file a motion in probate court. Be active and do something about it. Complaining isn't gonna get you anywhere. Yes some baby Momma'a abuse their support and use it for themselves. Then there are some of us who rely on that help to pay rent, feed and clothe the child. Every situation is different. If support didn't exist more women would be forced to live off the system. If you created a child with someone step up and assume responsiblity. Be a man.

kris on August 06, 2011:

Maybe because I was raised in a different situation, I have a very different view point when it comes to child support. I was raised by a single mother, who NEVER put out her hand to request money from my father. This woman worked hard to feed me, clothe me, take care of my every need, was able to buy a house and put me through college so that I would not have any loans to pay after school etc. I look up to my mother for that. The one thing that she drilled into my head from a young age was this, although it takes two to make a baby, we as women have the ultimate decision to make as to whether or not to have this baby. If you know from jump street that this may put a financial strain on you, then it is to your best interest for you to really consider if having a child is the right thing to do. No child should have to suffer just because of a parent's ill decisions. In either case, I think as a mother you should not EXPECT for a man to take care of his child. You carried this child for 9 months, gave birth, fed this baby and took care of him/her. This is YOUR responsibility. Now if a man wants to step up to the plate and take care of his responsibility I applaud that. I really do. But in no means should I, as the mother, have to rely heavily on this man to take care of my seed. God forbid if the father were to pass away or something were to happen to him, then what? where will you get the means to provide for your child? Women, we need to do better when we make that choice to have a baby! The state should not ever have to enter into the affairs of a family. And what some do not realize is that for the men who are being an all-around good guy, when you put him through the ringer with the child support, you can change the very nature of this person. You risk the chance of him almost wishing that he never had a child to begin with. That he has mixed emotions whenever he is around his child. On the one hand, love his child with all his heart, and on the other, is suffering on the inside, knowing how much he must sacrifice just for this child. So because of my own situation, I cant always look favorably on the struggling mother's plight because this was the choice that you, yourself and you decided to take. And if you did decide to take on that task, then bear the responsibilities fully as well.

get over ittttttt on August 04, 2011:

different scenarios and noone has the right to judge and to those new g/f and wives...stop being upset with the fact that all that cs money isn't being spent on you....i'm a single mother working my ass off for my child's sake along with being a great mother alone...the father and i split do to him being abusive,manipulative,possesive...along with the fact that i just couldn't deal with his nonsense anymore....so i left pregnant and all.....when i gave birth months later..i tempted to be reasonable and allow him to be apart of our daughter's life and he begged pleaded to be with me again and it all seemed as our daughter was irrelavant..he wasn't concerned about her..it was more about us being together...i wasn't with all the stress or drama and i told him...i can't spend anymore of my time or surround our child around any of that....either u chose to be apart of her life and help me take care of her or we can go through the courts...he says i could kill myself and our child.....that was very heartless and evil....so to be real it pushed me closer to the cs...i tried to be the adult and handle things in a mature nature and he allowed his ruthless words and bitch ass emotions to get in the way......i sincerely RESPECT those Men who are doing they're best to be in the child's life...we all got to make it work!God is watching and listening to everything...until then...gotta make ends meet...i've been surviving without his help...yet rent continues to increase and i have too much pride to ask anyone for assistance...so he can play his role and help a woman out...considering the fact that he was the one who wanted a child and i'm against abortion......she's my heart and soul and that's the greatest gift ever!!GOD IS GOOD!

ohboy on July 29, 2011:

i was stay at home dad 14 years. ex cheated on me for 5 years. I moved out and divorced she got the kids.. I have no job she didn't have to pay me a dime in spouse support.

i lived with a freind finally got a job 8 per hr. cant afford to rent because i pay $350 for kids

she always made 65g a year. still dose and is never home

life sucks! kill me !

courtney on July 17, 2011:

SO ridiculous how unfair men are treated when it comes to their children. I always see women complaining how they have to do it all the men don't help blah blah. Most of these woman having children they can't support go on welfare and wic anyway- and then EXPECT the man to pay them child support. My brother just had a baby with a girl who he didn't even know was pregnant she put the baby in someone else's name with the other guy on the BC then she decided to take my brother to court for child support. He was fine with paying the money they ordered him to pay and was taking the baby every week from friday til monday, while she was living in the projects on welfare with her two other kids NEVER having a job- he was buying the baby everything she needed, even formula cause she would never give it to him even though it was free for her. My brother then got laid off and had to go on unemployment and now they want him to pay half of his check to a welfare scumbag who spends it all on herself and the baby will go without because not only will my brother not be able to buy anything for her he wont even be able to buy food or pay his rent. This systems sucks my birth father had a good paying job yet got off paying 40/wk for two kids because he decided to go off and have 7 more kids- the ones who really want to pay it and take care of their kids are the ones that suffer, the lazy mothers and deadbeat fathers are the ones who make out fine

Luis on July 08, 2011:

I find it crazy how in the state of Texas I asked for a divorce and went away for the weekend with family to ease my mind, well when I came back she called the police and stated I beat her. The case was dropped but when when we went before the judge he wanted to have me go threw the kid exchange program( have to pay and be recorded to see my kids) I told the judge I am divorcing my wife not my kids. Well he has me go to the kids ex. but I will not have my kids and I be the high light of the day to a 19 yr old kid. So my ex wife has moved on turned gay and wont let me see my kids.... UGh!!!

Amber on July 08, 2011:

It's amazing how selfish and ignorant women (yes, men too but there are way more women) are. Nobody deserves not to be able to live off of their income while the other parent lives happily off of the others income...and of course the the women chooses not to work so they can get more child support from the father. those women should be a shamed of themselves and yes I did see a few on this page. its time to grow up and be a responsible adult if you expect the father to be. the states need to get away from favoring the child to be with the women! let the women see how it feels to pay child support. I would give my life time wages to them being the ones to start bitching about it too!!! The way child support is figured is unfair, faulty, and unreasonable. some men make better parents then a lot of women especially the one's that use the support for their own selfish wants. looks like its time for those who do pay it to stand up and do something about though. just complaining about it doesnt do any good. one voice is hard to hear whereas many voices are unable to be ignored.

Anna Macel on July 05, 2011:

Scott why don't you get custody of you son get a job and put you son in day care and you would have to pay your ex and she would have to get a job and pay you somethng. When I was young with my two kid he had my son and I had my daughter and did have to pay cs we bother were elgible for services and did have to payback Look at it this way as long as you put a roof over you child head and come home to him you'll be ok budget is what I learn as long as my rent was pay 500.00 50.00 was my electric bill and food stamps cover which I had to budget lot noodles my son grandma bought clothes for my kids when she want to I never ask any one for anything it was a struggle never bought my self any thing all my money went to my kids I was always budgeting months a head so my kids could have school clothes and supply and christmas one toy each and I couldn't afford to get a job cause babysitter was to expensive what was my purpose to work not in till they where old enough.I had two other kids and the're dad help with they're support all my kids grow up ok and my son ,self suppport him self throw school graduate and when put him self throw college and has a great job and two kid and his wife left him cause she said he work to much and went and got pregnant from a puri guy with no paper and want my son to pay her more money which he did have no problem paying her child support he give her enough money to have her own place and food and he buy the kids what they need, and she recently had her baby with some other guy and want my son to pay her another 700.00 more on top of what he pays. My son is try to start a buisness and she thinks that he is making more money. the married with her is over and it what you bring to the table my son need to go to court and fight for his right cause his a good father he makes sure his kids have ever thing she just want more monry to support her other child thats not my son responsiblilty and my son put her thru school while he worked and went to school to get a head and gave her everthing he want the married to work but she want to go back to her old ways a party girl and don't take cae of the kids the grandparent have then after school and my son pick them up on his days and on other ocasions last week he went to pick the kids up they were going to a birthday party it was set, when she start asking for 700.00 more of child support my son said no. she said since its my week the kid are not going. What does that tell you about this no good for nothing.Sorry grandkids that I had to say that about your mom But when some uses there kids like that, check you self cause even if your hurting they Dad think again you hurting your own KIDS!!! and when they grow up they will always remember and you could never take it back

Rob on June 10, 2011:

I believe that is not fair that the women gets everything when it comes to child support. My ex doesn't work she just sits around eating Bon bons and watchs tv she won't get a job cause if she does she won't be able to collect

Money from me and the judge let's her get away with it. She's been going to college for 13 years and she is able to get a job but she's probably going to wait till my son is 18

Jessica on June 08, 2011:

I am a single mother who has struggled to take care of my one year old daughter. What a lot of people on here don't realize is that there are mothers out there who need a child support check just to get by. I just now started getting a check from her father, who has never bothered to even met her. Needless to say it'll only be enough to fill the gas tank when I have bills and daycare costs. The reason why child support is set up is because it is supposed to help the custodial parent help take care of the child THEY conceived TOGETHER. If her father and I was together the money would still be spent on his daughter. Whats even more maddening is that he is a great father to his son, he makes sure all his son's needs and wants are met while he has nothing to do with his daughter. Their are fathers out there who do everything to make sure their child has everything they need, if her father lived by this example I wouldn't need the courts to step in to garnish his wages.

Katie on June 05, 2011:

Everyone's situation is different. But I can say this ... woman who aren't married and have a child should not automatically get full custodial rights. This is unfair. It should be 50/50 shared immediately if the man or woman wants to go for full custody or wants to be considered the custodial parent .... that parent should have to pay the lawyer with their funds! The court system expects a man to pay for child support while they have zero rights until they spend 1500 to 5000 on a lawyer. Money doesn't grow on trees. Some women are not working saying that they are going back to school and just raking in free money for their children while the father never gets to see his child and can't afford to live let alone get a lawyer you tell the guys to get a second job .... well get a job yourself! The government is wrong when it comes to parental rights. Think for a second ladies if you were to have your newborn child taken from you and the only way you could see him/her is if you asked the father nicely ... then you had to pay him while you weren't allowed to see your child. It's called look at it in another perspective. Selfish!

Terry on June 01, 2011:

You know what, I am a woman who thinks some of this is complete nonsense. I am with a man who used a condom with a another woman before we met, needless to say, the condom broke and low and behold prego. Now he expressed that he did not want the baby and could not afford it and of course she had it anyway, because its a woman right to choose...then choose to pay for it alone, why should he have to pay, he didnt want the baby and because he left her and ended the relationship, not she is sour grapes. If you could not afford to take care of it on your own , u probably should have thought twice...stupid bitch

Alvin on May 30, 2011:

Ok listen this to all you bitter waomen I want you to try to look at it from this prospective if a man and woman have a child and they break up more than likely the mother will keep custody of the child wheter the man likes it or not he is then made to pay at least half of all expenses for the child even if the child stays with the father for the summer he still hasd to pay that money its not 50-50 when deciding the custiody of the child is it. ok next a man makes $2000 a month before taxes after taxes its about $1600 child support is about $800 which makes his take home about $800 a month now that is so far below the poverty level it is ridiculous now because we are men we cant go get welfare and its damn near impossible to get any government assistance if you dont have custody of the child so please tell me what is a man to do

mom to be on May 29, 2011:

I'm really scared after reading all of these comments wanting child support from my son's father. I'm due in a month and I worked up until now at a minimum wage job not getting many hours. My son's father works at a high end hotel and makes more than minimum wage plus tips. He just has money laying around and instead of helping me buy anything for our son, he's spent it on expensive clothes, gadgets, weed, and anything else he wants. I keep all of my money saved so I can finally afford a car and don't have to use my parents'. My family so far has paid for all of the furniture, doctor's appointments, and well anything else. He did buy me a stroller and it was so sweet of him. I give him all the chances in the world to be here but he's always telling em he doesn't see the point until our son is older. In which he then wants to smoke with him and take him to strip clubs. I said that was a funny joke and he said he wasn't kidding. He just thought it'd be so cool. We're both young and have a beautiful little miracle on the way that I'm staying home to take care of. Not because I'm lazy. In fact once our son gets old enough to eat solids and not need to breastfeed I plan on going back to work. Hopefully something over night so he doesn't have to go to daycare since his father won't watch him. He has something set up with my parents so he can give me money monthly and I can pay for health insurance for our son and whatever other expenses arise. I'm always welcoming him to come help and stay, but he always says that there's no point and he goes out late with his friends doing things a father shouldn't and saying he needs to be stress free. Yet he sleeps 16 hours a day and has no pressure on him. He's finishing up school and I had to stop in the middle so I could work more and take care of our soon to arrive son. I'll be able to go back around the same time I work, but my parents can't pay for everything. They have two other children. So i feel like my son's father should have to pay at least some money. I don't want to make him broke, but i know how much he makes and how much he's giving me. I don't want to complain because something is better than nothing, but I guess reading all of these things, I feel guilty asking for money. Even though he chooses not to be here and from previous statements that I was told were not jokes, I don't think I really even want him here. It just seems like there's an ongoing debate and I wish I had kids with some of the dads on here instead. They actually want to be here and I'm sure they'd willingly help with expenses without my parents having to get involved. He just doesn't help in any way possible and I still feel bad reading this. If for some reason I decided to go through the government because he wasn't holding up to what he had said, I don't want to make him broke and cause problems, but he doesn't do anything else and I've had to spend alot of money for our son and I no longer have an income. I just want to know if I should feel bad or not... I really so try to get him involved and make him look to be a good guy... but it's really hard when he acts and says the things he does. I don't want to be vindictive, I just want my son to have everything his little heart desires and not have to know the bad things that happen between his mommy and daddy...

Scott on May 23, 2011:

Everyone's got a story... pointing the finger, guys get mad at the mothers, mothers get mad at the fathers when in all reality it's the system, it's broken and will never get fixed. Fathers will get weekend visitation while the mothers have to raise the child. It's just another part of our society that's completely fubar. I actually think it's worse then the correctional system where they deal with the problem by locking people up. Look at modern day society compared to when the divorce rate was reasonable. Crime, Sexually transmitted diseases, Teen suicide, are all up, and the list goes on! Deadbeat dads... I hear it all the time but think about this for a second, lets say you take 50% of a persons wages for CS, taxes take another 25%, that's a total of 75% right, so if I make a average wage where I live of $10hr, then my actual take home is $2.50hr. If I work a 40hr week then that's $100 per week take home. Who can live on that? Who could actually be a father, a real father, one that's there fighting for his kids with everything he has and trying to be there for them on $400 a month? He can't even take care of himself. CS takes everything from one parent and gives it to the other. This is why fathers run and don't take care of their kids. It's because you strip a man of all his pride and all you have left is a soulless creature that doesn't care about anything, not even himself. They become like a beat dog that just walks out into the road to die. I knew a guy that did it for years and finally just gave up, got his grandfathers gun, put it into his mouth and blasted the back side of his skull onto his parents wall. It's real hard trying to make it in this world living on these wages. Just so the mother doesn't have to struggle... but it's never enough. never. Give a person a Million dollars and they'll need 2 million just to make ends meet, then it's 3 million. I'm sorry but I don't think it's right to force one parent to live in poverty so the other parent can drive a new car, the new iPhone and not have to worry about paying the bills cause he owes me child support. I feel that if a man wants to be a father, then god damn it let him. don't force the issue of every other weekend and take his money and eventually his lively hood. How does this help the kids? The system doesn't care, they never do. If you kill someone in our country, we will kill you. problem solved right? Is this what good decent people do? It makes me ashamed to be an American when you wake up everyday missing your child and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. CS gives you the run around all the time. They're people, they don't care, they just want their paycheck so they can live their version of the American dream. If it means taking a guy that get's 2 months behind on his child support and throwing him in jail then that's fine because it's their job. Just like the guy that throws the switch on another execution. "I'm not the bad guy, I'm just doing my job".... It will never change because men can't afford to take care of themselves or hire a decent lawyer to make things right and the devastating effects that this structure has on our youth is devastating. You never know what it's like until your forced to live like this. waking up everyday just to go work and not have a single dime to show for it, and then being told when you can see your kid and when you can't. My son screams bloody murder when I take him home and it's heartbreaking. He's 3 years old now and already is asking if he can stay with me. When our economy crashed I lost my job and got behind. 2 months behind they took my license and will not give it back until I'm caught up. I have a Class A CDL and used to drive a truck. CS currently takes 65% of my wages on $8 p/hr and will not re-evaluate, I need a lawyer for that. I can't even afford the gas to get my son. I have sold all my personal belonging to pay my child support. I have a bag of clothes and that's it. I rely on other people to support me while I try my damnedest to support my son. There are no assistance programs for men. Only women. My roughly .80 cent's an hours just doesn't cut it. It doesn't even pay for my transportation to work. The past lives of other people dictate the lives of my child and I. I am a proud father, but feel beyond worthless and a person. All I want is to take care of my child, not pay for him. I feel that should be my god given right. This country should be ashamed of itself.

steve on May 11, 2011:

Put it this way the ladies on here is always saying that the it had the baby and that it is our fault. well, think about it this way, both the female and male is at fault. you both had a part in it. the female spread her legs and let the guy go in that place. now ladies ladies, if you think that this is the guy only having the baby by hisself... think again. you are also at fault. now, I know that I will have a lot of hate back on my small content here, but this will only be because it is true. god bless and take care. love all you my children's.

Aries on May 10, 2011:

I am way too upset to not post... You people dont understand that every non-custodial parents living and expense situation is different, not to mention if new kids are involved or if a job is lost etc. So if everyone is unique with their own unique situations then why would it EVER make sense to put "disposable pay - 50%" into a court child support calculator and then assign payment amounts accordingly?!?! I have an 11 year old daughter whos father only paid 32-48 dollars per month for the past 4 years now and I neither expect it nor count on it and I don't complain. And my fiancée of 9 years now had 2 children from a previous marriage and he has 50% of his wages garnished and ALL of his tax returns are garnished! We can't marry without an attorney who can write up protection for my assets and income, and we have an 8 year old son together and even the 3000 dollar per year earned income credit for MY son goes to his ex wife who makes 4 times as much as us combined! Again, I receive 30-48 bucks per Month and my fiancée pays one half his income and all tax refunds and still owes arrears! We are drowning while the other family is cruising in the Titanic so to speak...... SAD;(

Aries on May 09, 2011:

I am way too upset to not post... You people dont understand that every non-custodial parents living and expense situation is different, not to mention if new kids are involved or if a job is lost etc. So if everyone is unique with their own unique situations then why would it EVER make sense to put "disposable pay - 50%" into a court child support calculator and then assign payment amounts accordingly?!?! I have an 11 year old daughter whos father only paid 32-48 dollars per month for the past 4 years now and I neither expect it nor count on it and I don't complain. And my fiancée of 9 years now had 2 children from a previous marriage and he has 50% of his wages garnished and ALL of his tax returns are garnished! We can't marry without an attorney who can write up protection for my assets and income, and we have an 8 year old son together and even the 3000 dollar per year earned income credit for MY son goes to his ex wife who makes 4 times as much as us combined! Again, I receive 30-48 bucks per Month and my fiancée pays one half his income and all tax refunds and still owes arrears! We are drowning while the other family is cruising in the Titanic so to speak...... SAD;(

Lily on May 06, 2011:

Are you kidding me people? You men are complainig acting like women pocket this money and live the life. Child support is not enough to live on, which means that the woman or man has to work just like you only they have to pay someone an astronomical fee to watch the child while they go to work. Price child care and add that to rent, food, insurance, gas, household goods, clothes, phone and all other bills then subtract what she or he can earn at a full time job. then add you support. it usually barely adds up, if it even does. I work full time as a health care providor, I took a pay cut due to crappy legislation. I bring home 1200.00. I have 3 kids. Rent is 700.00, 200.00 electric. 150.00 insurance. 90.00 gas 400.00 food 45.00 phone and 500.00 a month in child care expenses. that is 2085.00 without soap or clothes, etc when they grow. I get 500.00 a month in child support that is 1700.00 a month total, do the math. When the noncustodial parent goes to work they get up and go, custodial parents cant. I know some people take advantge but seriously, it is expensive raising kids.

chris on April 12, 2011:

the state of Michigan garnishes my husband's paycheck 50% for past due child support from 30 years ago. His net pay is $72.00...how can this be allowed to happen?and they all themselves, Friends of the Court....what a joke??

matt on March 31, 2011:

child support is horrid I never get see my daughter but I have help out so much send money open her saving account with £2000 in it ma...I have bought her new school uniform like I send I would and done load more cos i d love to be there for I all so like take to Ireland to meet my dad her granddad but I am not load her mum is take the piss out of me ...now I was 18 when I me mum made the mistake like many young teens do but her mum has kept it a secret moved miles away I done ever thing to to find her cos all I want to do is be there for my daughter and be her father I have never run away from it once I knew the truth I have done ever thing I can to be there....say there never been anything between me and her mum expect one drunk night that I cant remember nothing about but I don,t care at all my daughter is no.1 in my life I am there is the her mum is just been selfish bitch why can that stupid women just sit down be reasonable with me let me see my daughter I seen my daughter only once in 13 years and hurt me bad

Rose on March 31, 2011:

I am currently separated. My husband cheated on me with a woman that has 4 kids. We have 2 kids together. He makes 5x more money on his income alone without the girlfriends income. I left my kids with him because I didn't make enough to live on my own and thought that the kids needed to stay in a stable household(he kept the house). I finally have place to live, even though I'm living paycheck to paycheck. Now I want to get my kids and now their father is going after me for child support. And get this.........he told me it's not for the money, it's the principal. He somehow thinks that I need to pay him for making him waste the last 13 years being married to me.

Jollie on March 26, 2011:

i also think, if people are stupid enough to have unprotected sex and get pregnant then they SHOULD pay it!!! whether they say they want the kid or not.. the matter is.. they still did the deed.. use ur brain and think first.. u did the deed, u pay for it! if u dont want kids keep ur legs closed! Take responsibility for your actions!!! dont just blame the other person! u both did it!

Jollie on March 26, 2011:

In my honest opinion i really dont think anyone has a right to complain about child support.. it goes both ways!! they chose to have the child.. they expect only one person to pay for everything to look after them constantly? even if the other person whether it be mum or dad has half custody.. either way they SHOULD pay child support!!! im a single mum and the guy left me when i was 14 weeks pregnant n hadnt heard from him since! he doesnt pay any child support nor has anything to do with his son!!! i think both parties should pay for things!!! as it was their decision to have kids in the first place!!! stop complaining ohh i have to pay this much child support blah blah blah when that kid is still ur flesh and blood and u have the responsibility of paying child support!!!!!!

Dame on March 11, 2011:

What’s funny is most women know beforehand that the guy they're sleeping with doesn't want a child with them and when they get pregnant still keep the child anyway. Then they go so far as to take a man to court that made it quite clear beforehand that he didn't want children. Why should he have to pay for a child he told you he never wanted? You wanted the child. You take care of it. I think if a lot of mothers were in the male's shoes they wouldn't have the same views. You had just as much choice over opening your legs as he did. But naturally the male gets the short end of the stick. Those type of women are worse than parasites.

Lauren on February 28, 2011:

Also, I agree with the fact that parents should really be trying to make it work.

Like I said in my last comment, I would rather him step up. I want my child to have his/her real father around and I want them to know him. A child without a parent always has an emptiness.

Do they live and grow and become successful and happy? Sure.

But do they grieve over something lost? Absolutely.

Regardless of my problems with him, I would be willing to put it aside because a child changes everything and takes precedence over that.

If he would just do what he needs to do and be a father and be willing to figure this out just like I am, child support wouldn't even be on my mind.

But for some reason he doesn't care.

The fact that this is HIS child as well doesn't seem to affect him. Which breaks my heart.

Lauren on February 28, 2011:

I think that men who are trying to legitimately do the RIGHT thing and take care of their child appropriately should not be forced to pay so much that they can't even live. However, for every good guy out there it seems like there are 3 bad ones.

In my situation, I haven't even had my baby yet and practically the day the father found out I was pregnant he changed his number so he wouldn't have to talk to me and he never answers the door when I stop by his house. He begged me to have an abortion and I refused. I never cheated on him. Never did anything wrong. He was the one who screwed me over multiple times and broke trust continuously. The relationship just didn't work out and we were broken up by the time I found out I was pregnant. And now he thinks he won't be held accountable because he's ignoring the situation, but that is not AT ALL the case. He will have to pay child support and he doesn't want the child and he isn't in ANY way trying to do the right thing like some of the stories I've read.

I will be a good mother and I won't spend money on myself rather than the baby. If I had it my way, I would rather him take responsibility and be involved like he should than me have to get a court order to get any form of recognition for his actions.

It's in cases like mine, with jerks like my ex, where I feel child support is very reasonable and fair.

He may think he's winning now but this is his baby just as much as it is mine. I will be the parent and love my child but aside from missing out financially, he will also miss out on all the joys I will receive from my child. And one day, my child will understand and hold him accountable for what he's done as well.

It's not a form of revenge for me. I'm not trying to screw him over.

But he can't just walk out on his child with no repercussions.

To all the men out there who really are trying to do the right thing, I wish you the best of luck. You don't deserve that treatment. I'd be lucky to have someone step up like that.

blaque200 on February 26, 2011:


Pippie on February 09, 2011:

it's funny how some women say Men had that child, well I can say I know of a few men who were trapped into having their kids, the WOMEN were supposed to be on birth control , so now they are stuck having to pay for a child that the Woman never lets him see. So now they are taking 50 percent of his paycheck and how are they supposed to live off of that ? Some of it is stupid, If the woman decided to have that child, then she should support it. I agree with some of the men on this subject.

wickedwanda on February 09, 2011:

For many years I played it nice, took the little hand outs given by the father of my girls. I worked a job and a half, rented houses in places I could afford, feed my kids and ate the left overs. I did what I could to make it for years. In 2008, I was hurt in a motercycle accident. Did not work for 9 1/2 months, things were bad, I asked him for help, he gave me $25.00 a week for the girls and he works for the state of Maryland in the Correctional System, making good money. I was blessed to meet a man who I have moved in with after a long dating period of 10 years my girls love him dearly. Now there father stopped paying told me to take him to court and to get out of his life not to call him for support and that he was no longer paying for insurance. I have gone to the court system and things are being put in place to collect support from him through his pay check. Men if you don't want the woman, takes care of yourr kids. If you don't want the woman don't put things in her way to keep her from being happy. If you don't want the mother still love the product that you made your child enough to wan to see the mother happy and feel secure in the fact the she works, and has provided a safe and loving home for your children. Feel, happy that another man is taking care of your children, taking care of them an providing for them the things that children need. Be a man and provide help for your children they just may have to take care of your sorry ass before you leave this world.

Bree on February 08, 2011:

Hi everyone. I am a mother that pays child support for my daughter, she lives with her dad, this was part of our divorce. Now my husband also pays child support, while my husband was overseas with the coast guard, his ex decieded to pack her things and just leave. She has keep his daughter from seeing him for almost 3 yrs. My husband never once has been late with his child support.My husbands ex has him in court almost every year to raise his support. She actually look at him one day in front of the judge and said to him she will not stop until my husband is living in a box. My husband was divorced from his ex 5 yrs ago, and I can honestly say she has almost accomplished it. I have to say my ex has been great we agreed on a price and that is what I pay. I pay it on time and I am never late. I am not a dead beat mom and my husband is not a dead beat dad. But when is enough, enough. There should be limits, but there is not. My husband just lost his job about 2 weeks ago, and the contempt paper are already at the door. I'm sorry but the ex is the dead beat. If she would spend more time with the daughter instead of trying to get back at my husband for her leaving him, this little girl would be better off. All she does is bad mouth my husband, so his daughter thinks bad of him and has no respect for him. My husband spends as much time as he can with her, but because of him being in the service it makes it even harder. Well like the ex said she will not stop until he is in a cardboard box. Any one got a box for sale cause that is where we are going to be. Well sorry my husband is going to be in jail and I will be in the box. It takes two to make a baby and two to raise it. But both parents have to be able to live too.

Sean on February 08, 2011:

I didn't have time to read all the comments made here, but I feel it is time to put in my two cents. I am 21 and I have a daughter from my first marriage. Child support is a b**** but it is not the end of the world.

First off, yes, the CS system is some bull, if youre a man anyway. You walk into the court with a penis between your legs and the odds are already against you. But I will share my story, and how you can play smart and not come out the loser-- and I word it this way because when it comes to CS there IS NO WINNER.

First of all-- I strongly recommend keeping a relationship with the child(ren). If you are on child support, guess what, you are paying for em, so might as well love em! Lol. But really, it can end up two ways.

1) You are not involved in their life and nothing but a check in the mail to them. They grow up having a negative opinion of you. They may even resent you. You get old. You look back at your life and wish you tried to be there for your kids. You miss out on grandkids and great memories.

2) You pay CS, but you are also a father. Even if that means you hang out with your kid for one day a month, and I mean one full day not just a damn hour. Your child actually starts to LOOK FORWARD TO YOU. "When is daddy comin" my daughter always asks. I think there is a term for that-- Disney Dad-- but whatever. Call and ask about life and school. Be there for big things like graduation. You kid grows up having nothing but good memories about you. When you kid is having a baby/getting married/gets a promotion, you are one of the first people to hear the news.

See in both options, you are still paying child support. But on one hand you come across as a deadbeat, the other, you're Disney Dad. And let's face it, the child(ren) will get tired of mom once in a while! Then it's dad to the rescue, even if it's only for one weekend. The fact that you are NOT there all the time BUT a good person makes you more special than the mom lol-- no offense to the moms, I love you ladies.

But anyway that's just my two cents. CS is seen as such a negative thing-- when it's the system that's bad, not the concept of paying for your kids. Look. If you are on child support, make the best of it. You are making an investment in your kids. You can either waste it by not being there for them, or you can come through, love your own blood, and be a proud grandpa one day.

And yes, this is all coming from a 21 year old. Grow up fellas!

MINX on February 04, 2011:

I have never read so many complaints about having to take care of your child. Children are more than a "responsibility" they are little people and they are your little people. Quit whining about having to help with the finances of having a child. I hear some support payers complaining about "50%" taken from their check and my first question is how far behind are you? Second would you rather have your child full time paying childcare, which ranges from $400 to sometimes $1000 a month. Plus pay for their food, extra activities like sports or dance? Plus figure out health insurance and how to pay for the doc visits and medications, or the clothes they seem to grow out of every other week. How many of your support payers only have your children everyother weekend? Bet you like your "me time". How many of you supports have switched jobs to not pay as much support for your children or gotten paid under the table so there is more $ for you?

Think about the parents who have the children and are recieving or supposed to be recieving support. Supports dont always asume they have it better. Its rough. No breaks when things get crazy in the house. No coming home after a hard day at your lousy job to quiet, and a couch and some down time with your tv. There goes dating too. Who wants to say "sorry I have to wait till next weekend to go out because my kids are home this weekend." It doesn't sound hard but it is. What about the parents who want to better their lives but can't because they are constantly filling in for the other. Or the ones who want more for their children but cant because the stupid child support didn't come.

I give props to the parents who have their children, recieving child support, and making a good living. You decerve it and most importantly your children do.

Those of you who are whith someone paying child support and don't like it, get over it or leave. That child deserves it more than you.

And to the supports, give more than you have to. It doesn't always mean the money. Buy you child a new outfit for school just because. Surprise them on a nonscheduled visitation day (with permission from the custodial as respect) for lunch or dinner. Call your child and tell them you love them or that you thought about them today.

To the children, I hope you have two parents who love you and that you know they do. Things get hard and sometimes they are good but the hard comes first so learn from it. Remember to always speak up and tell how you fell. Be honest with your parents, stepparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles who ever takes care of you.

You are who is important make sure you know it even if you think noone else does.

criegi on February 03, 2011:

i have a son with my live-in girlfriend for 13yrs now. she's asking for me to support her after separating aside from the child support for my son. am i suppose to support her as well just because she doesn't work? my son is 13yrs old now. just need some help please..ty

Janeah on February 02, 2011:

I think it's so unfair for the fathers to have to pay so much child support. Yeah that's their child, but the mother should have kept her legs closed. No offense to those mothers who really try and are fair. But everyday I see moms who use that money for their own convinience, getting tattoos, buying expensive stuff like a Channel Bag, going out drinking all the time. Who raised those kids? A lot of the time it's the family. How do they expect the father to live paying child support up the ass? Most of those women don't care, all they think about it is "I'm going to go after him and screw him over." Many of the times these mothers don't even let the fathers see their kids so they use the kids against the fathers all because the woman hates the man. I hate that the government takes the women's side so much. No fairness. Most of these mothers are unfit mothers, having a bunch a kids with different men and asking for child support. It's pathetic. The laws really need to change and the government should really look at the type of woman and mother that's raising that child. Plus these women are on Medicaid, WIC, food Stamps and all kinds of government programs, Plus they have family that helps them, and they're still begging for money. These women claim that their so damn independent but yet depend on every single program, family, and child support, yet still manage to be broke.

Some of these women really need the help and are happy with what they have and always strive to change and improve their lives and their child's life and they don't beg like dogs, because all of these other females that do are BITCHES!

PHK Corporation on January 31, 2011:

I overheadr a CS worker explaining to a parent that CS will ask more than legally allowable and because of intimidation factors, they receive it. There are child support guidelines that even CS cannot deviate. There are additional guidelines when you are in arrears.

?? on January 27, 2011:

Oh how do i love this conversation...I have a boyfriend of 3yrs. He has two little girls who love us. A stupid greedy selfish. No i don't say it to be a ***** about it but because its been hell since the day we'vce gotten together! I must say that she has tried and still continues to screw my boyfriend in any way. Anyhow my boyfriend pays 1,500.00 a month ok? Yet its not enough! She has a full time job..always out in about shopping ...you name it its there. Also, besides the 1,500.00 he pays for there clothing that are in our home, he feeds them, he takes them out for entertainment , buys them toys, they have great christmas's, birthdays and etc!!! How does that work? I mean does she really spean that much on a child a month? I mean not only did he make the child but so did she so why is this? I mean is she also putting her part or is MY BOYFRIEND soon to be FIANCÉ supporting their whole family? and what i mean by that is she has her own little boyfriend of 1 1/2 yr that also works 40 hrs and not too long ago she took my boyfriend to court becuz of the fact that she said she needed more money! she doesn't like me she hates him...i mean what's the problem? I just don't get how this court stuff works. Its real stupid espeacilly because of the fact that they hold it against all men. its bs! I mean where do we go to vote for a change in laws? so if my boyfriend pays $18,000 a yr! and for what? cuz these girls are not about it lol! Omg!!!

Ray on January 25, 2011:

I'm not bitter....just 30k in the hole because I couldn't afford support while paying our mortgage when she moved out. So then the court found me guilty of arrears for that time period, so in the process of losing my home I had a 60% wage garnishment attached to my income. I touched 345 dollars last month. And the B!TCH of it is....1. You won't qualify for social services because they go off gross income and 2. I have a 40k student loan that won't take into consideration my garnishment and reduce the payment so i won't go in default. Now...the job I have requires I keep my student loan in good standing...it's currently in deferrment...so tell me how exactly i keep that loan in good standing and keep my job so I don't go further in arrears with my child support and end up in jail? Besides that...how do i find an apartment to live in...or eat? I lost EVERYTHING due to my divorce and ended up owing for what i haven't made yet too. I understand the guys who post on here about jail or death being an easier option. I'm college educated and I can't fathom anyone having kids nowadays. And all this because....she wasn't happy.

ashby930 on January 24, 2011:

LIAR! We pay more than 30% and that is the most of any state I know (South Carolina). For all you women begging for money and have a sob story, go cry somewhere else. My husband and I pay more than 30% of his take home pay for two children that we NEVER get to see (if we are lucky, twice a year). We have two children together that we sometimes have a hard time supporting since we pay the mother's bills of these children! She lives off food stamps, government housing, is still in school (6+ years, she keep getting loans), and has mommmy and daddy pay her cell and car payment, and she told my in-laws that they also pay for all the kids clothes. Is it fair that we struggle working and can't afford to have more kids as a result? 50% of a paycheck is not only morally corrupt, but it is also illegal. If you have to pay that much, you better get yourself a laywer that is actually on your side. I am also tired of hearing about women that have more than one kid from different dad's.. did you not learn what caused you to get pregnant the first time? My husband and I are the responsible ones, paying child support but we struggle to provide for our two children. Is it fair? No.

Exposed on January 22, 2011:

The system is flawed. I am a police officer and absolutley have no issue paying my fair share. I do however have an issue with how fathers are treated like dirt in the eyes of the court and the ex wives who watch too much Opra on TV. I am a great father who pays and gets his daughters every other weekend. My complaint is the fact that I pay a ridiculous amount of child support based on what I actually have to live on. Meanwhile, my ex-wife and her new boyfriend live in the home with all of the furnishings that I paid for, drive the vehicle that I paid for ect. I should not be teating like a dregg in society because my wife and I could not get along. I realize that there are a ton of dead beat dads out there, but contrary to the drum that many woman like to beat. There are a lot of fathers that do right by there children and make a huge sacrafice to do so. I don't have the option of waking up one morning and deciding that I want to be a career girl and then the next week decide I want to have children and stay at home. I will always be deemed just a working wallet. Fellas, I don't think I have to tell you how much of your hard earned dollars are being spent. It sure ain't on the kids. It's amazing while I eat PB&J's to get bye. My ex-wife has been to Disney twice in the 4 years since we have been divorced. Nails and Hair are always done. Where is the sacrafice on that end. I suppose its all about finding some other sucker to pay the other half of her bills. If ur a half way good looking woman in this word you have it made. You will always be able to find some dude to prop your ass up. Then you can tell anyone who will listen how hard you worked to get there.

Amy on January 20, 2011:

Ok, so my boyfriend has a child with his crazy ex.(they had split up when she was 3 months old, and we got together when she was 6 months old.) Well, when the child was 8 months old, we started keeping her most of the time, because the ex wanted to go party. Well, we needed her to help out, so we went to go file child support against her, and they told us we'd have to have signed papers from the court "proving" that we had custody. We had never been to court with her, and don't have the money to go to court over custody. When the child was 14 months old, she went and filed child support papers against my boyfriend. How she did that with no signed document from the court, i have no idea!!

charles on January 04, 2011:

Laws are still set up as if we are in the 60's. Woman are not stay at home moms anymore, but the CS system still makes it that way. I was working a $20/hr job paying over a $1000 a month for child support for 3 three kids. I had no problem paying it. I lost my job now I am making $12.50 at this other job and I went to court and the CS people left my payments the same. I make a $1000 evey two weeks and I pay $538 for child support every two weeks so who out there think child support cant take more than %50 of ur income. I don't bring enough money home to get a lawyer and to be back and forth in and out of court. One of my baby mommas don't work and the other makes way more than I do. The government gives a woman everything a child needs but leaves the man out in the cold straggling trying to find a way to make ends meet. What is a man to do when his back is against the wall cause CS is taking everything from him. Wonder why so many men give up on working and go and sell drugs.

Lisa on January 04, 2011:

They need to change the child support system for fathers.This is the reason why women do not have to work. The mother should not get 50% fo the father income. The child does not have to pay bills at home and at the end of the day if there was no child the mother would still have pay for rent food and ext.... If the father had to pay 30 % then that would be reasonable. You fathers out there with these crazy women holding this over your heand need to get together and have this law change. I am a women myself and I do not belive in 50% child support. :|

Mg on December 29, 2010:

Well I don't understand why they calculate the amount from your gross pay? I don't get my gross pay! What's the point of that. I have been ordered to pay 35 per net of my salary. Will I feel this is high as my wife is earning the same, why am I not allowed to claim my child as a dependent? Why am I not able to claim back the daycare costs or the child tax credit? This is worth thousands on top!

I always see my son and it is stupid to just look at a persons salary and say this is how much you will pay. How stupid is that. And to say that you want the same lifestyle for the child....give me a break. The money that was in one household is no supporting two. Plus remember that the none custodial has to pay for a roof over the Childs head when they stay!!

I don't mind paying for my child, but when it is more than I used to pay when I had him it makes no sense. The system is flawed and I will be going down as if I get another job to try and pay the 35 percent my ex can take me to court and get more money.

I either will go to jail or flee the country as I simply cannot make the payments as I just cannot afford rent or my car payment which I need to make as I will lose my job.

It's really messed up and I can see no logic in it when I am doing everything right. Even when I lost my job I still paid 400 month because you can only go so low, but I also feel they can go too high for no reason.

If it is based on the child then maybe actually do something incredible and work out the expenses and not base it on the non custodial parent.

hendrik on December 23, 2010:

Hey imon a roll this week got 38 bucks till next week ,Think i need cat food ,lol Merry cristmas nothing left to get the daughter anything.

Hendrik on November 23, 2010:

Well my bitch with the system is ,They don't stop when you get down to bare bones living wage, Ive become quite cofortable living with my situation.Living on ramon noodles treet meat what ever I can scare up , find myself more and more distent from society, health declining cant go to the doctor,high blood pressure, will be better when im dead ,then it will go up with the ssi payment . for me? burlap bag.

Becky on November 23, 2010:

I agree 50% of a mans pay, WAY TO MUCH! That is very not true. We live in Illinois, I was always told it was 20% which is still way to much. Get a job and help provide. I can't wait till my husband's children are 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hendrik on November 22, 2010:

kind fortunate the x don't take me back to court ,good thing just took a 4 dallor an hour pay cut back to the trailor park lol ,only 6 more years to go ,One thing you have to consider They cant take away the fact that that was your taxed income that you paid out so you get the last laugh when its time to draw social security if the x kicks back and collects and don't work they will be standing in your shoes and have to live on nothing.

Chris on November 21, 2010:

Interesting how it's the fathers and/or the new girlfriends & wives of the fathers who have to pay child support that have huge problems with this subject. It's so sad that providing a fraction of stability for your children has to be regulated because if it were up to you.... well, read some of these comments & you'll see how it would be if it were up to the non-custodial parent. And regardless of what non-custodial fathers might think, no one is living high on the hog with your $300-$500 a month.

Carlos Ruiz on November 10, 2010:

I believed in the a father taking responsibility for the life living in this world but I also believe that if life take a turn for the worst then consideration should be taken! I have a son I love with all my heart and I have faithfully paid support for 14 years. But it happen and I am unemployed ! Now everything I receive from unemployment is not what I made while working so they won't reduce the amount and I am about to be homeless! They take all of my unemployment I don't know what to do!

Ron Miller on November 04, 2010:

My ex wife ordered to pay 286.00. She hasn't paid hardly anything. She is more than 5,000.00 behind. I am out of the kindness of my heart transporting kids to and from her house, whereever she decides to live this month, so that they get to see their mother. Court papers say she is to pick up and drop off at my place. I was told she would have a warrant issued for non-payment on Nov. 1st. Now the procecutor says we will wait to see if she makes payment by Nov. 28th because he doesn't want her to lose her job by going to jail. She is taking advantage of me and her own children. I just think had she been a man,They would have not thought twice about arresting her.Before I got custody I was arrsted, licence taken. The procecutor acted as if I was the bad guy,when I called to ask why they weren't doing something? He was very rude to me, and defended her??????

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