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Heavenly Clothes for My Children

There is hardly a place in the countryside that remains unexplored by Hanna and her two children. She thinks the feel of nature is essential

Heavenly Clothes for My Children

The most beautiful and the most innocent creature on the surface of the earth is certainly a human child. However, the tragedy is that nature allows this phase of life to stay with us only for a little while. The Science boom and blatant use of technology have snatched most of them in valuable rewards from the parents that were linked with the children in good old times. The burden of an abundance of non-stop treats, mobile phones, TV, computers, and ready-made diversions have almost resulted in infanticide. In the present times, a child is mostly deprived of wonder. There is hardly any space for silence and dreams.

Value of Surprise and Waiting

So, in the first instance, I wish to wrap my children in the chances of surprise, periods of waiting to sharpen their longings, then some treat or reward that is worth looking forward to, and an interval to enjoy and remember it.

Countryside Rewards

There were times when the countryside offered ample rewards for the young ones when electric power and lithium batteries had not lit the corners and top-ten songs did not change every week. I know that time cannot come again, but I'd like my children to know what is left of it. There are still certain people who can narrate folk tales, who know darkness and movement of stars, who can talk about superstition and the mysteries that modern man has forgotten, and whose relationship with the soil has not been cut off by cement and concrete. I wish to give my children a coating of old ways, thoughts, and traditions. I dream to take my children to the countryside, not as a visitor, but to be native to it so that they may accept it simply as a part of creation and take its light into their eyes and bones.

Close to the Nature

I would like them to know the natural intimacy of living close to the seasons, to inhale the smokeless air, and feel the dry leaves crunch when they tread upon them. The sights of green leaves turning brown, dropping and staggering white lambs in green meadows, hatching birds and green grass, and the sight of mountains, woods, and banks of the river would certainly bring a refreshing change in their early life. I wish they leisurely walk on the paths by the colored fields, see the splashing white swans in the pools, hear the chirping sounds of birds, and listen to the queer sounds of cattle.

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Nature's Scary Side

In addition to the charms of country life, I would also like my child to acknowledge the occasional brutality as well. The cities are secretive whereas the country is naked, and displays most of the truths about us; unexploited truths. So, it is against this backdrop, that neither conceals nor excuses, my children will be able to balance their life. They will be able to look at birth and death from their proper perspective.

Freedom with Responsibility

Lastly, I would like them to be under the comfort of some authority, of not too inflexible routines, within whose restraint they will take occasional refuge. Except for this authority, I wish them to be free; I want them to be free from fear, free to enquire and insist on answers. Free to imagine and free to tell tall tales, free to be curious and show enthusiasm, and free at times to invade my silence and comfort zone. How I wish my children's hearts and souls were wrapped up in such heavenly clothes!

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