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Have You Ever Heard of a Conception Ring? Well, I Just Got One!

So, What's a Conception Ring?

Have You Ever Heard of a Conception Ring? If you have, I’d be shocked, because I made it up as something to empower me during my journey to becoming pregnant.

And if you want to steal this idea or share it with someone else, feel free. The great news is since there’s no rule on what the Conception Ring should look like, you have total freedom to buy whatever the heck you feel like. It's a reward to yourself for going through this (memorable?) time in your life!

The beautiful heart ring I've been waiting for since New Years just arrived—and it means A LOT!

What this Conception Ring represents to me is two-fold:

  1. A Shout-Out
  2. My WHY

My Conception Ring = A Shout Out!!

Every time I wear this ring, I am wearing a shout out (and lots of LOVE) to all the women who are committed to bringing new life into this world—whether you're pregnant, in progress, been there/done that, or even have no intention to be a mom (which makes total sense) yet still want to be there for the woman who need your support as they're going through the process, which is a huge deal too!

My Conception Ring = My WHY

It's no secret that Scott and I have been aspiring to get pregnant for the past 5 years. I'm very public about my journey and being on the IVF path, since I'm doing everything in my power to make the days of shame/guilt/embarrassment about trying to conceive something of the past ... for all women, everywhere.

If we want to help each other, we need to talk about what we're doing—with power and freedom— and share both the losses and the best practices. And above all else, we should never give up hope!

And I'll tell you this much; not losing hope is much easier said than done!!

Sometimes when you're going through the IVF (in vitro fertilization) process, it's easy to get caught up in the injections, meds, blood drawings, hormones and medical procedures, and start to forget the big picture about why you're doing it in the first place!

It seems like it's taking too long. It's more and more unexpected bills. "Everyone's" getting pregnant before you are. And physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually it can drain you and take you off your A-game (which feels like something you can't afford as CEO of your business!)

And that's why I really appreciated Elizabeth Miner's (Founder of Thrive This Day, and author of The Flipside of Failure) goal training for our Promote Her Business community. It was not only a fresh, innovative approach to goal setting, but a real Blessing in my life!

Elizabeth reminded me that it's not just about setting goals (like getting pregnant) and then taking action (until you want to scream from a combo of hormones and just everyday Jos drama -- wink), but it's also about keeping your WHY alive as you're taking the actions -- especially the actions you don't want to take (like putting needles in your abdomen on a nightly basis), but are still CHOOSING to courageously take anyway.

Will Jos Ever Get to the Point?!!

Which brings us to the point (yes, hurrah, I do have one, I swear) that this HEART ring, my Conception Ring, is becoming what Elizabeth has taught me to think of as ‘trigger habit.” It's something that triggers me to think about the big picture—My WHY—as I’m doing the daily habits that are needed to keep moving forward on my treatment schedule.

It’s my reminder to not wait until I’m pregnant to start feeling peace, joy, relief, and love, but having the feeling present for me NOW and always.

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Plus, buying a conception ring is just FUN, and you can never have enough FUN in your life either(grin).

Let Us See the "Conception Ring" Already!

My conception ring = a shout out and my why. What would your conception ring mean to you?

My conception ring = a shout out and my why. What would your conception ring mean to you?

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