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Hanukkah Celebration in Easy Reader for Beginning Readers

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Traditions of Hanukkah in Easy Reader Is a Perfect Hanukkah Gift


Celebrate Hanukkah With a Family Story Time

Happy Hanukkah to those of you who celebrate this holiday. Nancy Krulik's Is It Hanukkah Yet? is the perfect book for beginning readers in the family to pick up and read all by themselves. This book is part of the Step Into Reading Series and is rated Level 2 for Preschool-Grade 1.

The young girl in the family is very excited about Hanukkah. She is anxiously waiting to this beloved celebration and her grandparents must tell her to be patient and wait for sundown. Grandma takes out the menorah and places two candles in the menorah. Grandpa is preparing the delicious latkes. They cannot eat the latkes until the sun sets. Grandma is also preparing something special to eat for Mom and Dad. Grandpa reads the story of Hanukkah. Mom and Dad finally arrive home and it is finally dark. The celebration can begin. Prayers are said and the dreidel comes out. There is a very special gift for Hanukkah this year. Young readers will want to read to find out what the gift is. There is also the special surprise to eat that is a favorite with Dad.

The text is written in heavy large print for young beginning readers. Krulik also includes a list of special words that are associated with Hanukkah and the correct pronounciations. Monique Dong contributed her talents as an illustrator with charming illustrations to help tell the story. The book is a quick read and beginning readers will enjoy having a book taht they can read by themselves to learn about the tradtions of Hanukkah.

Is It Hanukkah Yet? was published by Random House for the Step Into Reading Series.

Charming Illustrations Help Tell the Story

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Holiday Easy Reader is a Great Choice to Add to Your Classroom Library

Holiday books are always a great idea to add to a classroom library. Books that are purposely written for beginning beginning readers are sometimes hard to find. The Step Into Reading Series is designed for early elementary students. Nancy Krulik's Is It Hanukkah Yet? is a holiday book that is part of this series and is a great choice even if you do not have children from Jewish families who celebrate Hanukkah. I always celebrated Hanukkah in my early childhood and elementary classrooms even if I did not have children from Jewish families. I found this celebration to be a fun way to introduce multicultural ideas to my students during the holidays.

I especially like the included list of vocabulary words and pronounciations that are associated with Hanukkah. The text is large for easy reading.

The family in the story enjoys the tradition of making latkes. They also enjoy the special Hanukkah doughnut. These two foods offer the opportunity to cook with your students. Electric skillets work best in the classroom to prepare these two dishes. Latkes are served with applesauce. The special Hanukkah doughnuts are prepared with jelly inside for a filling. I made latkes every year as a cooking activity with my young students.

Small dreidles can be purchased to teach the dreidel game to your children. You will need pennies and/or small pieces of candy to play the game.

Purchase a menorah for the classroom and candles. Counting the eight days of Hanukkah is a simple counting activity for young children.

Take a class poll of children who may celebrate Hanukkah. What is their favorite gift that they have received for Hanukkah?

A menorah can be made with toilet tissue rolls, a sturdy piece of cardboard for the base, and construction paper flames for the candles.

Engage your students in a discussion about the miracle that occurred at Hanukkah. Bring in a container of oil to for an understanding of why the oil was needed. Why was the oil important?

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