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Half hearted dreams

A new morning dreams

There is only work in a woman's life from morning till bedtime,there is nothing new in her life,she forgets her life for others.She hides her dreams,her grief and everything,in the catastrophe of life,She does not see any importance of herself,She would become inadequate for herself.She should find her purpose about herself,She will seek her own,Only then she will be called competent.She should become self-reliant.And by developing his skills and creating his own image in this crowd,there is skill in the body,but he ignores every one.For others,he renounces his talent for his art because his nature is sach that he lives his own life,not his own.wherever she sacrifices herself due to others,She adapts to the circumstances and shrinks in to thase circles which are made for her.That is her life,but for how long she will remain dependent on others, She will have to take her own decision and respect herself and consider herself important .You will have to bring out all your talent,recognize your full power and fulfill your dream.You can be complete in your self,even if you are dependent on someone or there is no work done in strength,if you want,feed the flowers in the barren land and turn the ocean.You simply do not recognize siam and it falls apart with a slight noise,You are so weak that you are a store house of power to operate tha Earth bring out your brilliant cover by removing the image of compressed image,new life is waiting for you.The destination is found by those who struggle to complete their quest and find their place with their good aspirations.Dreams are only for those who have the power to fulfill dreams and all these woman can be in you,You are the perfection of patience,but remain silent for yourself.Develop your spiritual practice and make your color of your golden wings on the new light of the morning,a new day for your dreams.New light the lamp of hope and fill the path with light everything is possible from you by yourself and with your strength.

© 2021 Sultanakhan

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