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How We Were Different


Our parents had awesome kids

Yes, I believe so. You must be thinking that I am admiring myself, but it’s true in many ways. There is a way difference between kids born in the 80s and 90s and this new generation. I can’t get the idea anyway that it’s “Us” who are spoiling our kids or it’s media affecting badly on their nerves.
I can tell you so many good things related to us. When we were young (just talking about the teenage period) kids and even teens used to be very obedient and polite to their parents and elders, but the new generation is way too blunt and careless, while we as kids used to talk in a mannered way to our parents and never said “No” to them.

The new generation doesn’t acknowledge these things. Even my mom admitted that we used to be different:).

In my opinion, not only the media, but parents somehow too are responsible for raising kids like this. We give them a margin in too many things as we never get from our parents.


Mom was the head of kitchen

For example, we did not interfere with meals.
Our mother used to have a cooking department, and seriously, we were not given an option if didn’t like the food sometimes. But now, moms are not allowed to cook anything their kids don’t eat. There were no meals between breakfast to lunch, and even till dinner.
We never demanded such things. And now kids need something to eat (snacks) the whole day.


We were obedient

There were rules, and nobody was allowed to violate those rules. I don’t remember our parents had to tell us to brush our teeth or to take a bath.
The children were not as demanding as they are today. We never bothered about our dressing. Our mother shopped for us, and she was the one who chose dresses and other things. But now, even little ones choose dresses themselves.

Not just the new generation, but parents today are not as worried about the training of their children as our parents were. They don’t spend quality time with children, and this develops a communication gap.

No doubt, a new generation is way more intelligent and enthusiastic, and I am not talking about all kids, but the majority is like this.

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Have quality time with children

Here are a few suggestions for the parents on my end (of course for me too).

So the need is to sit and talk to your children often and teach the difference between good and bad.

Keep on telling them their limits and values.
Never let them raise their voices by speaking with seniors. Talk to them politely too.

Talk about your childhood and experiences.

Try to make some rules for them in the home.

Teach them the ways to become good and well-behaved citizens.

Be a role model for your children, never practice these things on your own, which you do not allow them.

So, there are many things, we can do to make them better people. The need is just to provide quality time for our kids.

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