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Grandmas Do More Than Bake Cookies in Delightful Family Story and Picture Book

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Does Your Grandma Go to Zumba Class?

Delightful picture book and story with today's version of Grandma

Delightful picture book and story with today's version of Grandma

Adventures with Grandma Are Awesome

P.K. Wayne's delightful picture book and story, Granny's Sweet Surprise, is a fun read for families to share in how grandmas add to their life. This grandma goes to zumba class! Mom must go to work and she asks Grandma if she can keep Roger while she is working. This will be a familiar scenario for a lot of families. Grandparents take on the responsibility of serving as childcare helpers in many families in today's society. Roger is excited to go to his grandma's house because she bakes the best cookies. But there is a not-so-great thing about going to Grandma's house-she does not have cable tv and it can be boring. Grandma has a surprise for Roger. She is ready to show him that Grandmas can do more than bake cookies. How about stopping off at Zumba class? Roger also discovers that Grandma can play video games when they make a stop at the recreation center. Grandma even ran all of the bases at a kickballl game at the park. Roger had no idea that Grandma could do all of these things, and learning this is a wonderful surprise. They end the day by baking cookies together. Roger looks forward to his next visit at Grandma's house.

Corey Davis contributed charming and colorful illustrations to tell the story of Granny's Sweet Surprise. Families will find this fun read to be one that they will want to add to their children's library to be read with grandmas as the years go by. Granny's Sweet Surprise was published by The Write Aide and is recommended for ages 3-6. It has an ISBN of 978-0-9991307-6-6.

Cartoon-Like Delightful Illustrations Tell Grandma's Adventures

Baking cookies is just one thing that this Grandma does

Baking cookies is just one thing that this Grandma does


Bring Granny's Sweet Surprise to Your Classroom for Fun Reading and Activities

Picture books were always my go-to-tool for teaching a variety of lessons in my early childhood curriculum. P.K. Wayne's Granny's Sweet Surprise is a charming story to include in your classroom library. Grandparents have a special role in families today and many children will relate to Roger's visit to his grandma's house as she cares for him while Mom is at work. Reading this story in a story time session opens the door to classroom discussions about the value of grandparents to our families in today's society.

*Read Granny's Sweet Surprise in your story time session. Call attention to the reason that Roger must spend the day with Grandma. Take a class poll of the number of children who stay with their grandparents while their parents work.

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*Engage students in a discussion of the kinds of activities that they do with their grandmas. Create a chart of favorite activities that students do with their grandparents.

*What are the surprising activities that Roger does with his grandma?

*Engage students in a discussion of an activity that they have been surprised that their grandma does.

*Invite some grandmas to come to the classroom to share with students. You might include them in a reading story time to read Granny's Sweet Surprise.

*Invite students to bring in favorite pictures of their grandmas and grandpas. Display the photos in an Appreciation Of Grandmas and Grandpas poster for the classroom.

*Assign a creative writing experience for students to write their own story about their visit to their grandparents' house.

*Roger's grandma does make the best cookies. Engage students in a discussion of a favorite food that their grandma makes. Have food pictures from magazines for students to create a poster of some favorite foods that they might have at their grandma's house.

*Invite a grandma to bring in cookies to share with the students after reading Granny's Sweet Surprise.

*Organize a Grandparents Day at your school for grandmas and grandpas to participate in classroom activties.

Favorite Family Activities with Grandparents

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