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Girl Names Inspired By The Ocean (With Matching Middle Names)

Karla Taylor is a writer who has a lot of fun with baby names.


Inspired By The Ocean?

With the ocean covering 70% of our planet, it's understandable that we'd find a deep connection with the waters of the ocean. Some more so than with the land beneath our feet. There are many reasons you might consider choosing an ocean inspired name for your baby, your own personal connection to the ocean being one example.

Perhaps your baby will be a water sign, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. If the ocean is a heavy presence in your lifestyle or if you'd really like it to be then that would be reason enough to consider an ocean inspired name but do you know what else is reason enough? Simply liking the name is reason enough.

People get wrapped up in name meanings, letters, syllables, all sorts of things. Myself being one of those people.

If you're just starting the journey of finding the perfect baby name then, firstly, I'd like to start by saying I feel your excitement. Isn't it great? I suggest getting a pen and a piece of paper, better yet - a little notebook and writing down every name you like and keep adding to the same list throughout the journey.


Write a copy of the list of baby names that you're considering so you can eliminate on the copy. Keep your original, big collection of names for when your children are expecting their own children.

Let's Dive In

If you are not new to the journey, as exciting as it still may be, I imagine you'd like to dive right in so let's have a look at some ocean inspired names. Get a pen handy.


Girl Names Inspired By The Ocean


I thought we'd start off with the most obvious name, growing in popularity. Pairs nice with Blue ex: Ocean Blue [Surname]


Pairs well with May/Mae ex: Marina May

• Siren

Siren as in Mermaid, pairs well with Scarlett and Lyra ex: Scarlett Siren [Surname] or Lyra Siren [Surname]

• Coral

Pairs well with Rae ex: Coral Rae [Surname]

• Coraline

Pairs well with Fern, Grace and Renee.

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• Pearl

Pairs well with Esmeralda ex: Esmeralda Pearl [Surname]


More Girl Names Inspired By The Ocean (With Middle Names Too)

• Aqua

Pairs well with Bella ex: Aquabella


Pairs well with Rose ex: Misty Rose


Pairs well with Lou or Thea ex: Thea Laguna [Surname] or Laguna Lou

Lana "calm as still waters" in Hawaiian

Pairs well with Faye

Atlanta - from the word "Atlantic"

Pairs nice with Rain ex: Atlanta Rain

• Nerida "Mermaid" in Greek

Pairs well with Bay, a water inspired name


Coral Reef and Ocean Bibs

More Girl Names Inspired By The Ocean

• Marcelline - "defender of the sea"

Pairs well with Tiana or Brianna ex: Tiana Marcelline

• Moanna

Pairs well with Roanne ex: Moanna Roanne


Pairs well with Alexis ex: Ariel Alexis

• Venus - She rose from the sea

Pairs well with Trixie ex: Trixie Venus

• Remora

It was once believed that Remoras could stop ships by speaking their name. Pairs well with Lily ex: Lily Remora

Coventina - "goddess of water"

Pairs well with Tallulah ex: Tallulah Coventina


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Karla Taylor (author) from Blackpool on August 08, 2020:

Thank you for your feedback!

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on August 07, 2020:

Nice compilation. Full of imagination. Thanks.

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