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Fun Ways to Increase Your Childs Vocabulary

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Did You Know?

Statistics say that at age 2, most toddlers know anywhere from 20-200 words. By the age of 3, that number increases to around 1,000. -

Is Your Toddler Talking Yet?

Mine is.........all day, non-stop, and even in her sleep. She gets that from me according to her Daddy! I like to think it's because she also gets her HUGE brain from me too :). She is 20 months old and so she's been talking for a while now. It seems like the last month or so especially, she's learning very quickly and several new words a day. Luckily none of them have been wirty dords yet. Her favorite word, of course, is "Mommy". Who cares if "No" or "Uh uh" or "Go Away" or "Leave me alone" go with it. All that counts to me, is "Mommy". She also likes to say "Poo poo" "Pee Pee" and even "Pee Poo" while we are in public. Mind you, she isn't potty trained yet, but she has been talking about it. That's a good thing, right?

My Biggest Trick

My biggest trick to making sure she has a good vocabulary, really isn't much of a trick. One thing I refuse to do with her is talk in baby talk. On most days, it's just Kynlea and myself here at home, and I do my best to ALWAYS call everything by name. Naturally curious at this age about everything, I have lots of opportunities to do just that. Anything she points at or looks at or brings to me, I tell her what it is. Sometimes I catch my oldest trying to talk baby talk to her and I always remind him not to. I feel like at this age they are soaking everything up so it's the best time to teach them.


READ to your child!

I'm sure you have heard it over and over again, but it's true. I am ashamed to admit that I didn't read as much to my older kids when they were little. Now that I stay at home, I can do that more with my daughter. She has always loved looking at books, and loves being read to. It can be as much as a simple picture book which is actually better because you can point to the pictures and say what they are.

More Tips and Tricks

  • Talk to the Mirror - You may notice sometimes that your child watches your mouth while you speak to them. That's part of how they learn to speak as well. Try placing your child in front of a mirror and let them see themselves talking. She may be able to better formulate her words by seeing herself speak them. - Megan Campbell, Speech Path.
  • Repeat Yourself - When using a word, try to repeat that word several times, in more than one way. This gives your child a chance to learn the word, as wellas have a better understanding of what the word means.
  • Be Discriptive - Don't just say the name of an object. Describe it by it's shape, color, size, etc. This is an excellent way to increase the vocabulary.
  • Give Them Instructions - Give your child instructions like, "Put this ball in your toy box" or "Let's get your shoes so we can go outside" <--- Kynlea loves those words!
  • Sing - Don't worry, you don't have to be able to carry a tune to do this. Most kids love to sing. There are so many neat CDs for children to listen to and it really improves their listening skills as well as their vocabulary.

Every Child is Different....

One thing about having 4 very different kids, is that I've learned that each child is very different in every aspect. As I mentioned before my daughter in all seriousness has a pretty large vocabulary including not just single words, but 3-4 word phrases. However, my 2nd son was much more delayed with his speech. I remember when he was 2 years old, he didn't really have any words other than pointing and grunting when he wanted something. I was very concerned and asked the doctor about it. He told me not to worry at that point that each child is different. Ethan is 11 now and is so smart. He loves to read, and he loves to talk and once he started talking, he didn't stop. So if you're child takes a little longer, don't worry immediately. Sometimes it's the late bloomers that come out the shiniest :).

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