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"From Your Secret Pal" - An Anonymous Card Leading to Mysterious Love, Even More Secrets and New Familial Exaltation

Christofer has been a counselor, contract administrator and has studied astrology with his mother since the 70s. He has eight grandchildren.

Charlie Dreamed of an Enchantress Like a Vital Aries He Knew in College


"From Your Secret Pal"

Charlie flew into Boston from Indianapolis 3 times a year. These trips were of a business nature because Corporate HQ was there. But he got a particular joy out of the journeys because his twin sister opened up her home to him every time. Her husband and 3 kids lived near the Cape, and they were a gregarious breed who threw parties full of friends whenever he showed up.

Just A "Friendship Card" - Supposedly

They were always fun, but this time it was much more mysterious. Anastasia, his sister, had sent a card to him which came in her mail to him at her house. He chose to open it on this trip. It was a "Friendship Card", pink with a playful kitten on the front. It said simply: "From Your Secret Pal". Being a secret it was of course not signed. "You Run Into A Doorknob?" There was however a note written in purple ink in a small block style.

"You are a wonderful guy. Yes, I am always at Anastasia's parties for Charlie. Everybody loves you, Charlie; but a certain 9 year old boy is taken with you. On this visit, we hope to meet you together. To let a bit of the secret out -- he was the boy with a faded black eye. To take away the tension, you asked, "Hey guy! You run into a door knob?" He smiled. I was 3 feet away, turned in an opposite direction."

He returned the note to his suit pocket, smiled, wiped a tiny tear from his right eye as he napped the rest of the way to Boston. Feeling the jet engines decelerating, now in wakeful reverie, he prepared to learn of this "secret pal" with a total excitement.

"I Know Who It Is!"

Upon landing, he contacted his twin sister Anastasia and sought a lunch on the shore at their favorite restaurant. He read the note to her over the phone. "I know who it is!" She immediately agreed to the lunch.

"Oh my Gawd! Yup. This is her." She had to read the note for herself. "I know I'm right! I'll tell you all about her.

"I've done some things I can't tell you right now".

The Flourishing of Love, Sex and Romance is How Earth's Population Flourishes


Anastasia Was Helpful And Protective of Her Twin Brother.

"She will be here in 15 minutes. We have to go fast. OK. She doesn't know I know about her "Secret Pal" card." Her Beauty Is arresting, But She Is quiet and regal.

"First of all, she was a guest on your last 2 visits. We always have about 30 people, but so many kids, because of our 3. I'm sure you've talked to her, though you may not know her name. Her name is Abigael. She seems to always be "holding back".

Anastasia continued. "I myself remember the faded black eye, but that's because he's a "towhead" --- bright blonde hair with angelic blue eyes. The black eye wasn't that large, but it stood out amongst all of the yellow of his mop."

The "Door Knob" Comment

But your obvious comment about the "door knob" was memorable to say the least! Your voice carries, as you might attest. When you spoke, he smiled. Faces turned toward you two, but I remembered her turning away, as if she might be embarrassed. But for everybody else, it was a laugh."

"Now, don't get irritated, Charlie! This is actually all more important than you might imagine! First of all, her last name is "Van Sloten", but it's her Maiden Name.

"You're about to say that we have Irish Cop relatives and so what kind of phone calls did you make?"

"Facial Injuries"

Anastasia looked up and saw Abigael coming into the restaurant. "Shut up and swallow this one. A year ago she was in the hospital with "facial injuries". They accepted her story that she stumbled and fell face down down some stairs. But my phone call revealed "heavy suspicion" that it was "domestic". Charlie was stunned. "He's a batterer."

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"By the way, Shut up and smile. Here she comes." She suddenly was there standing and beaming at him. He stood suddenly as if he were coming to attention. She brought ease immediately with her warm voice and light emitting eyes.

And then she said it. "Hello. I am the one who wrote in that girlish way, that I was your "Secret Pal."

Charlie spoke up. "Don't say it that way. I am truly honored that you chose such a unique approach to gather our attention -- my sister, myself and your wonderful son to this moment."

Their eyes held each other like laser beams. Anastasia leaned over and pulled Daniel, the star of the anonymous card, over to her, hugging him with a resolve. "Daniel and I are going to walk on the beach while you two get to know each other better."

They sat down and sipped tall glasses of tea with peppermint. They still held each others' gaze. You know when I think about your card and how it has seemed to stir so much over time and distance and personalities, I think of an old saying. "Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!".

"I am the one with the Secret."

Charlie looked down to gather up honest resolve. I am sure Anastasia has not disclosed anything about me to you."

"Just that you're a great twin brother, a hard-working guy, a gentleman."

"Well, get ready. My wife of 8 years left me for the love of a rich guy who is involved in the running of NASCAR. The first thing he said was "I am not taking care of some other guy's daughter."

"You have a daughter!". She stays with...when you come to Boston?" Charlie said - "She stays with an uncle when I come to Boston.. She is in my custody. She is a great kid, good student. But I know she wishes she had a Mom on a daily basis."

Just then Anastasia walked Daniel up from their walk on the Beach. Charlie you and Daniel go and chat. He doesn't have a black eye today. Talk about the Indianapolis 500."

Crime Lurks

As the two jaunted onto the sand, Anastasia and Abigael sat down close to each other and delighted in pecan pie. "So, Charlie probably told you about his "secret". But Clara, his daughter is not really a secret. Of course, she was to you. But I'm the one with the real secret."

Now Daniel's Mom was almost frozen. The famous reference to your son's black eye started me, on that very day. I made sure of your names and address. Being what I am --- naturally suspicious, I hired a Private Investigator and made some inquiries of a few constable relatives. The SECRET however is what I found out about your battering husband, Gerard Packinelle."

"Oh my God!" Yes. Her jaw was dropping.

"We have a file on you as a Victim, but along the way we found an existing investigation that he s implicated in. Anyway fraud is a group exercise in a company like Mr. Packinelle is employed at. No arrests yet, but it's ongoing."

"What, what do I do?" She was aghast.

"I say, you take a Vacation." Anastasia reached into her purse and pulled out a Folder. "Suggesting Indianapolis."

© 2021 Christofer French

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