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Four Loko Ingredients

What Ingredients are in Four Loko?

Four Loko is an energy drink with a high alcohol content that boasts of a 'kick' of caffeine. Three alumni from Ohio State University created the power drink in 2006 where it was first introduced in Ohio, then Arizona, California and then Illinois by the middle of that same year. This energy drink contains the usual suspects, caffeine and taurine but also adds the kicker of alcohol that is three times that of a regular beer.

According to Law Enforcement Chaplain Rev. Rocky Brown lll of Delaware County, PA., "the drink has brought with it blackout effect's on young people who consume the drink." He even stated that adults have been buying the alcohol based energy drink for minors who stand out front of stores looking to acquire the malt beverage. He assertively called the beverage "legalized liquid cocaine."

Four Loko alcoholic beverage with caffeine can contain 12% alcohol and is said to cause blackouts.

Four Loko alcoholic beverage with caffeine can contain 12% alcohol and is said to cause blackouts.

Four Loko's Other Ingredients

Prior to launching in the US, the drink line offered a variety of fruity flavors including orange, grape, and watermelon. It usually is packaged in 16 oz. cans compared to the 8.3 oz. bottle in the European Union-Netherlands (the EU version also contains absinthe and is not malt based like the USA beverage, but rather a spirit-based drink). In the USA the alcohol amounts vary from state to state depending on the legal percentage allowed in your state. It can be anywhere from 6% ABV (in Indiana) up to 12% in other states. It is carbonated and contains sugar, natural flavoring and artificial flavoring. The "Four Loko" commercial tag is in reference to the "four " other ingredients; caffeine, taurine, Guarana and wormwood (wormwood is an active ingredient in absinthe).

Recently the 16 oz. can has taken on 7.5 extra ounces (for a total of 23.5 oz.) and is being marketed in the USA as "Four Maxed." This power-house of power-drinks weighs in at approximately 660 scale-tipping calories. Not just a power-house in calories, "Four Loko" ranked fourth in sales growth in 2009, among alcoholic beverages at 7-11 mini-marts located nation wide (Joose ranked #1). The cost of a can of Four is around $3.00.

The federal government has given a short timeline for the manufacturers of these type of energy drinks to provide proof that adding alcohol intentionally does not pose dangerous health concerns. This is due to the hidden intoxicating effect of the high alcohol content. The "King of Beers" had already agreed to reformulate their drinks of this nature back in 2008. Late 2009 the government re-stated their concerns to the smaller companies (like manufacturers of Four products) to, like Budweiser, prove that the addition of caffeine to your alcoholic beverages is recognized as being "generally" safe.

DRUNK DRIVING SAFETY VIDEO! Worth the 4-1/2 minutes

Some remarks from FOUR LOKO Consumers

  • "Legalized cocaine in a can. If you consume Four Loko you can expect to encounter the same results typically associated with snorting a small mound of cocaine. "My dealer isn't picking up? Okay, whatever,.. we'll just get some Four Lokos instead."
  • "Perfect for pre-gaming, but can easily result in blackouts and various kinds of embarrassing behavior. Loko is this crazy like alcoholic energy drink that has over 11% alcohol and taste like Hawaiian Punch, all my boyz are gettin' crazy off Four Loko. What kinda alcohol is in Four Loko anywayz? "


Be prepared for the hangover!

Four Loko Hangover

In conclusion, we find Four Loko to be a welcome friend in the hipster and party communities. It dominated the energy beverage market and quickly gained popularity with young adults. Although the hazards of blackouts, crazy behavior, and I imagine wicked hangovers would seem to outweigh its popularity, we don't see this trend showing within the research. Should you decide to try one of these fruity energy giants, be aware of the potential results in behavioral and physical may want to call ahead for reservations at the local emergency room for oxygen and fluids to help combat the aftermath awaiting you at the end of a Four Loko night on the town.


Phusion, the manufacturer of the very popular Four Loko caffeinated alcohol drinks said they will pull the caffeine from its products, removing the blend off the market before the FDA announces the ban against the beverage. They also said in a post on their website that the company will remove the caffeine and two other ingredients (most likely the Taurine and Guarana energy components) from its Four Loko beverages.

Their website post came as the FDA findings reveal caffeine is an unsafe (food) additive when combined with alcohol. That in all reality will ban Four Loko and alldrinks like it. According to Sen. Chuck Schumer, the ruling "should be the nail in the coffin of these dangerous and toxic drinks." Schumer has been fighting long and hard trying to convince the Obama administration to ban the beverages.

Phusion's website statements make it clear that they feel they have little to no choice but to remove the products, even as federal regulators could not confirm Schumer's comments regarding the ban being inevitable.



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Comments for "Four Loko Ingredients"

ryan on November 14, 2014:

Im really trying to figure what kind of alcohol is in them I drink them myself and I like them

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Momof3-n-Nurse on December 14, 2013:

Most not all of the people making negative comments on here Either used to be heavy drinkers or still are.. Some it sounds are very young.. So they brag I had this many. SO WHAT.. 12% used to mean per volume. (Per batch that was made up) the way you are talking I guess things have changed in the last 29/30 yrs. Wine coolers used to be % per volume. U had to drink quite a bit to get drunk... I never seen anyone get drunk on one. I never got a buzz off of any. A migraine because of the sulfates. But that's about it. The wine coolers today they are different. Some are made with vodka yes u can get drunk off of them.

I had a Loko last evening. I did not know that it was one. A friend poured me it into a sm glass. 6 oz glass. I had a buzz. He filled it again. I was ? Not the normal feeling drunk, I haven't been drunk in a long time. 2001/2002. Was the last time I was wasted. Threw up & started smoking cigg again. I only drink maybe 4x a yr. So for that Fellow to say if you can't handle it stay away.. I bet you were 17-20 yrs old when u said that. Now why don't you tell a 46 yr old. Who is a. Nurse has gone has many years of life experience without alcohol.. That I should not drink something I can not handle. I AM ALLOT OLDER THEN YOU.. If I choose 2 drink something who are you to tell me not 2?? This is a DANGEROUS DRINK. If I had known it was Four Loko I would not have drank it. The only thing it says on the can "Contains Alcohol .. 12% alc/vol. on the side it printed PREMIUM MALT BEVERAGE ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS AND CERTIFIED COLOR 23.5 FL OZ.

(1 PT 7.5 FL OZ.) I was getting my dog ready to take her outside her leash & coat was on I had my coat & boots on I woke up @ 5am BECAUSE HER LEASH HIT MY FACE WHEN SHE JUMP UP ON THE TOP OF THE COUCH, I thought someone was trying to strangle me. So I woke up. My house was a mess my coat boots my dog was still dressed my food was in the microwave (I don't remember doing that one) I happen to press clear today to see the time I noticed the box.. I can have a shot of Tequila it hits me in 5 mins last 45 mins. If I do 2 I'm past out for 2 hrs. I won't do that again.. I don't know what's in that drink I will not buy one again. I had watermelon flavor. I woke up with a headache that turned into a migraine .. How do we know if they took out the caffeine ? Just because it's not on the can don't mean it's not in there? I do take adderall. I can sleep on them.. Add & narcolepsy . But last night was not narcolepsy .. It was that drink. I could not walk straight I was bumping into walls. My friend thought it was funny. I was going to get pizza but I knew I could not drive. I never drive when I drink not even 1 sip.

chris on August 31, 2013:

you have NO RIGHT to endanger the lives of should be banned

Cynthia Calhoun from Western NC on July 02, 2012:

Whoa. I've never heard of this stuff. It sounds like a bad family telenovela or something. In any case, thanks for the head's up on this. I think in malted drinks like this, it's way too easy to gulp down without tasting the alcohol. I can imagine why people would blackout from it. This is great information and I learned something new.

ms.neva69 on May 26, 2012:

No can put they action on a drink if you can handle something leave it a long so people don't have to drink something to act like a ass

girly 54 on April 20, 2012:

I had to of these 2 days ago u blacked out i ended up in jail ran over. A pedestrian. And have lots of legal issues right now all i can say is DONT DRINK FOUR LOKOS ITS DANGEROUS. This drink right now happens to be my worst nightmare

ruben on October 25, 2011:

I drink lokos n blast everyday

Dr Rockpile from USA on October 12, 2011:

I've never had the desire to give Four Loko a try. I do like Guarana soft drinks though. Interesting hub.

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on January 30, 2011:

bahramyou~Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I can see you have strong feelings about my post not being appropriate due to the fact that I have not tried four loko. I really believe that my tasting four loko has little to do with the safety issues presenting within the post. It is not my intention to tell people if I like or dislike the flavor of four loko, but rather to give fair warning to parents and young/new drinkers as to what the authorities are describing. Seeing the results and condition of drinkers of four is proof enough for me that it CAN be a dangerous combination of ingredients when caffeine, taurine and alcohol are combine in a beverage that wraps itself in brightly colored youthful hip packaging. Marketing company's spend billions of dollars to research their market. You can not tell me that this drink is Not directly marketed toward young drinkers. I think it is a trap but, a brilliant marketing strategy for louring young/new drinkers; but four loko and drinks like it can still be dangerous. I think the safety of unknowing young drinkers is more important than me slamming a loko to prove a point. But thanks again for playing along, I am always happy to hear another take on a subject!

~Always Choose Love~


bahramyou on January 30, 2011:

K9keystrokes 5 months ago

peacefulchaos~Thanks for commenting. It is always good to have another perspective on a topic. I have heard that the taste of loko is pretty insense, and does take some getting used to. Regarding the reference to cocaine, I'm pretty sure that if I were to 'lick' an electrical outlet I would get shocked-It would not be necessary to try it- it's a stretch comparison but one I felt compelled to make. I appreciate you stoping by and reading!

~Always choose love~


I think it is funny that you take the time to write this entire post and have never tried one. Does not make much sense to condemn or review a product that you have no personal experience with. I have had these many times. Every story in the media describes underage individuals consuming several cans or mixing several drinks. I honestly can not see anyone "blacking out" from these unless they consumed more then one can. If they do, they more than likely have no drinking experience since the alcohol content is posted in huge letter on the outside. People who mistake this as an energy drink must have some sort of mental anguish because the cans are covered with alcohol references, one being "We ID."

Kwass on January 19, 2011:

You guys are idiots. Obviously the guys who wrote this never had a four loko before. Yeah, they're 12% alc. vol. with caffine. It tells you that on the can in big bold letters. You should at least just put a warning on the can instead of ruining the ingredients. Take it from a drinker, no caffine, no sell. There are so many alternatives. And another thing. You're comparing of a flavored malt liquer with caffine to cocaine is rediculouse. You're using mind tricks to scare people into agreeing with you and it's stupid. Tell people to drink 2 of them instead of 10 at a time. Put a consumtion limit like on energy drinks. If worse comes to worse, move them to the liquer stores. Just please don't screw up the best drink on earth.

Etoryn on January 08, 2011:

This article has many incorrect flaws. Lets start,

1. "that is three times that of a regular beer". Do you mean ABV%? or just amounts consumed? If you drink any imperial IPA or Belgian Triple, Quad; or even Strong Ales like Stones Double bastard they're all comparable to four loko in ABV. Good craft beer taste a hell of a lot better thank four loko.

Two, "legalized cocaine". I can't believe that was used as reference. Getting drunk and blacking out on shitty malt liquor is nothing in comparison cocaine.

Young teens know what 12oz beer cans and 12oz sodas can look like.

cutiekatie5000 on December 14, 2010:

Ugh this is so stupid. Four lokos are awesome and to take out the caffeine and make them not as powerful is dumb, if your dying because of drinking too many then your ignorant like its obvious that they are very strong and its not a secret...i have had plentyyyy and they arent like cocaine that's so stupid lol they just make you have a good time and you wake up perfectly fine. So convenient just 3 bux and a can and im good to go...sucha shamee...thanks to all the people who ruined it

ThomasHT on December 03, 2010:

The simple fact of the matter is that all individuals are born with a set of inherent rights that should never, under any circumstance, be taken away. One of these specific rights is that we control our bodies, and we alone can control our bodies. What we put into our mouths and our bodies is our choice and our choice alone.

So to somehow ban a product for not being recognized as "generally safe" is outrageous. Couple this with the fact that FDA still allows trans-fatty acids to be introduced into food, the continued use of corn-derived fructose (which has been shown to encourage metabolic syndrome and diabetes more so than just simple sucrose), as well as the legal use of artificial sweeteners, and we have incredibly hypocritical circumstance. If we let people engage in only some activities and only consume some substances which is detrimental to their health, while we ban the others that we find "objectionable", then what does that say about our society?

Banning a product that's selling well and that people can't consume responsibly isn't fair to the manufacturer and it certainly isn't fair to the consumer. I don't live in a nanny-state, so let me make my own decisions. It's not your life.

BExumSr on November 28, 2010:

I dnt knw wut all the fuss is about, four loko is a great beer. I had 2 tall cans lastnite, not only tht, but i went too the bar afterwards and had a pitcher, thn went to my cousin's crib and had some vodka & kool-aid. The main problem is the kids who drink it like its kool-aid and want too have drinking contest or show off. I'm 28 years old & i've been doing this 4 along time, not only that but I know how too drink and I also know my limit. If these parents where parents at all then they would have raised a responsible teenager, & if these young adults in college had any common since they would know that malt beer that is 12% is not the same as Bud Light or Coors Light and it cant be drank the same way as you would those kinds of beers. Come on people lets not be ignorant all our lives, if you dnt knw how too drink or handle your drinks the least you can do is learn your limits. I live in Co. and we still sale Four Loko, if they stop saling it because of some kids playing games who obviously shouldn't be drinking in the first place i'll be a lil upset. I'm not saying that the drink is more important then someones life, I'm just saying that there is alot of things out here in this world that kill young people but they continue to sale them so what makes a drink so different? If you're gonna stop selling a beer because young kids have died then stop selling guns or better yet, tell the Government too stop bringing drugs into the country & selling that shit.

shaniti22 on November 21, 2010:

I like four loko this has been my drink since it has come out it is better than a SPARKS. They tried to ban SPARKS and they are still on the market. As far as teens drinking this drink "WHY" and what are the partents doing about it. It seems like the parents are trying to blame someone for what their kids are doing instead of blaming themselves for it. I love four loko and i hope it stays on the market. What next they are going to ban all alcoholic drinks. I WOULD VOTE YES TO KEEP FOUR LOKO ON THE MARKET.

bull853fl on November 20, 2010:

I am amazed reading some of the crap that some of you turds are typing. Here we go- PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY, if you don't scale on the meter- SHUT UP! Go to a cristian website and wine. Second- I keep reading teenagers? I really think the word parent comes up again!! Why are your teens drinking, and why are you not busting their butts and taking the Droid phones away? Put your irresponsible life styles on pause and pay attention to what your (young adult children are doing?), never heard that before. You need to hang out with real grown ups! I would suggest contacting local authorities and request sting ops to find out who is buying and selling to your kids. Bet its local drunks or other mom and dads! The company is not the blame here! YOU ARE! Start MAKING your teens obey your rules. Remember- they are the kids, you are the adult. PERIOD!! Everytime a company come out with a product that causes little Susie and Johnny to crash the family car, it is the companies fault! SHAME ON YOU!! If you spend the time helping and teaching your kids the best you can, you wouldn't have time posting your crap on the sites, local news and newspapers. And last- not getting my blood pressure up after I sit down and enjoy a LOCO and smoke a joint! URGGGHGHHHGH. Some of you are Jerry Springer candidates! To the future college grads- PARTY HARDY but be careful with these drinks. THEY CAN AND WILL CAUSE BODILY HARM!! PEACE TO YOU ALL!!

17hellokitty20 on November 19, 2010:

Four lokos is a great drink... I personally love it. In my opinion, the bahavior of a person depends on how there bodies can handlle it... I'm not just giving my opinion because I love to drink four lokos but because I know a lot of people that I hang out with that drink as much of it as I do and as of now we're perfectly fine.

a2da3rd on November 17, 2010:


India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on November 14, 2010:

AllShook~ Wow. I am so sorry that your child was in such a horrific state. I simply can not imagine the fear you had to endure. If you were to tell me that 3 beers put him in this state I would be shocked, but 3 four loko's, seems to be a trend for our young people. My heart reaches out to you and your family at this time of uncertainty. Thank you for sharing your story, I hope it will reach someone who has yet to feel your anguish. A difficult lesson for your son, possibly never again will this four loko beverage pass his lips! Blessings.


Allshook^ on November 14, 2010:

My teenage son just was in the ER last night passed out from 4loco. He said he drank 3 large cans in 3 hours, blood alcohol level 3x the legal limit. He had fallen and hit his head, he was unconscious, finally started vomiting, then when he came around he was pulling off the equipment, swinging at the staff, biting and cursing. I'm a nurse...I've seen people drunk and on drugs...this did not look like a typical alcohol intoxication.

calibabe3000 on November 12, 2010:

We need to ban Four Loko now! Join the campaign at:

gaonurmind on November 03, 2010:

i have never tried 4 loko but i tried a step down which is called Joose. it's pretty much the same thing but i think 4 loko has more alcohol. Every time I would drink the Joose, Id end up blacking out every single time. i finally decided to stop drinking it and thats when 4 loko got popular. Everyone would TRY to get me to try to drink it, but I avoided it at all costs. Also, on facebook they made a page for 4 loko, calling it "black out in a can." Most of the college kids i hang out with think its "fun" to black out and like its cheap price. Also, my friend who is 6'4 and about average weight says he gets pretty drunk off these cans. So I do see a lot of concerns with this drink. My biggest concern is I have a heart problem, so i was warned not to drink anything with alcohol and caffeine because I could end of in the hospital, too. I doubt 4 loko will get banned but I honestly want this drink to go away. I couldnt imagine if one of my friends ended up the hospital because of this. Just wanted to share!

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on October 29, 2010:

loveisaplague~I respect your opinion and your right to share it. Thank you for your comment and view of the four loko energy drink. You make some very good points and some points I do not agree with, but am glad you have the right to make them. Knowing all sides of any story is a very important thing. I appreciate your concern regarding the fair treatment of this very popular and high alcohol energy drink. Keep making a difference!

~Always choose love~


loveisaplague on October 28, 2010:

This is ridiculous.

Just cuz some college kids couldnt handle their shit (and were most likely on somethin other than 4 loko cuz i mean seriously thats too extreme of an outcome w too many members at the party and just a ton of things that r not adding up but ill come back to this later in my essay of a comment lol)--not only individually but in a big group enough to spawn a media frenzy over doesnt mean that u should believe everything the media chooses to cover and scare u about. Its called fear mongering...its what american media is known for...and america itself lol but thats a diff story.

4 loko just happened to b the unlucky company to blame this time.

there r plenty of other REAL dangerous things out there that r not focused on simply because the media doesnt get a hold of it on an extreme enough level to make it sound way worse than it is so it can be exploited.

4 loko is not the only energy/alcoholic beverage. There r hundreds of alcoholic drinks as well as hundreds of energy drinks that contain a hell of a lot more than the 3 of the 4 ingredients in 4 loko. I mean this article mentioned (nonchalantly i mite add)that the 4 loco in europe has the key hallucinogenic ingredient to absinthe in it! lucky bastards! r there n e reports like this out there? doubtful.

Caffeine and other stimulating ingredients that r in the hundreds maybe even thousands of diff energy drinks--not to mention even in some other food products--even in a type of snickers for god sakes--r awful yet those arent banned, and are available to ppl of all ages and there has been more than enough evidence of how bad they are--hospitalizations, deaths and a bunch of other bad effects in between. And alcohol in itself is so bad that i dont even need to bring up the evidence to support that. Combining the 2 is bad as well but not sooo much more so than how awful either of 2 r by themselves it just does the job in a diff way. Both alcohol by itself and those mixed w caffeine have sent ppl to the hospital, givin ppl alcohol poisoning, etc.

and the cocaine comment--r u kidding me? that would basically mean according reasoning that every energy drink at least w those 3 ingredients--are liquid cocaine as well...another name for liquid cocaine could b hmm idk...maybe CAFFEINE?!?! lol--ESP to someone who obviously has never done cocaine or else they wouldnt say that cuz...its nothing like. Anyone who would say or believe this is seriously...dense as all hell.







how is it any worse than drinking large amounts of hard alc. strait or mixed, esp doing so to the point of hospitalization as well...? y doesnt the media then focus on every college student admitted to the hospital for alc poisoning then? oh wait yea they dont cuz it would be ridiculous. 12% is higher than beer yes, but pales in comparisson to even just a shot let alone many or a bottle of something 35% and up, or wine that has about 14%

It comes down to self control ppl. When it comes to anything. You can still have fun get wasted as hell and still not end up in the hospital (hospital=NO SELF CONTROL=STUPID) Its you stupid ppl that give ppl and products a bad name as if u represent a general sample of everyone who uses this product.

sometimes (younger?) ppl black out. Sometimes they get alcohol poisoning...its pretty damn common and when it happens it doesnt make CNN headlines...but it usually teaches those ppl a good lesson in SELF CONTROL.

but the CNN headlines r ofcourse from the amount of ppl at this ONE party who happened to be drinking 4 loko and ended up in the hospital as a result as if this is a common occurance given the statistics of those facts...does ne one else find this weird? like just coincidentally 9 out of 50 ppl ended up blacked out or whatever in the hospital all for alcohol poisoning?? ummm...its pretty obvious that those 9 were doin a hell of a lot more than drinkin 4 loko of all things i mean seriously.

No reports of this situation even states the amount that these kids drank--which is pretty important information to even begin to conclude y for some reason all of them had reactions to it in the same exact way no matter their sex, size, tolerance etc, things that play a major part in how alcohol or n e thing u consume effects speculate they all took something that does NOT interact well w 4 loko and the ingredients in the point where it would cause such an extreme similar result in so many ppl.

Use ur heads ppl. Think for urself. have self control and if ur gonna blame ne thing blame the person who knowingly, willingly and happily DRANK the damn thing. getting caught up in stories like this and media spins on them is distracting u away from the main issue--which in this case i believe would be underage drinking though its not specified...or at least binge drinking, or college binge drinking and the list goes on so focus on those issues if n e thing...

sf on September 12, 2010:

i drink this because i black out

REIKO on September 08, 2010:

I drink 4 Loko all the time sometimes 3 cans maybe 4 and i never blackout or do anything out of the ordinary. I rather drink these then taking back shots of tequila or vodka at the club. I really think the government and many adults are making too big of a deal of this drink I mean damn u guys grew up drinking worst shit than this LET US HAVE A LIL FUN!!

CHRISTIAN on September 02, 2010:

if your afraid to talk to girls drink a four

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on August 30, 2010:

Rebecca E~Thanks for the comment. I am glad you had an chance to read the hub. This drink is quite popular and is just made for a quick buzz and more. I bid you safe travel.


Rebecca E. from Canada on August 30, 2010:

this is a drink that i should avoid, I've heard of it, but not of the content in teh drink itself. Thanks for this valuable info. "energy drink" it is not!"

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on August 30, 2010:

Artoflegendindia~Thank you for your comment. I was told this was part of the problem, that people were unaware of the alcohol content being so darn high. I am glad you found this information here.


Artoflegendindia on August 30, 2010:

Nice and informative hub.I didn't hear about this has 12% alcohol.i think it is famous cold drink for enerngy drinks.

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on August 26, 2010:

Neil~Thank you for noting the original comparison to cocaine. Always glad to get to the heart of matters. You are correct with regard to the Urban dictionary definitions, and this is indeed where the remark is derived, note the "quoted" appearance of the sentence. I can appreciate that the absurd comparisons made between four loko and cocaine my be extreme;but possibly that in itself is the point. I respect your input.


Neil on August 26, 2010:

The first comparison of Four Loko to liquid cocaine in your article is mistakenly attributed to Chaplain Rev. Rocky Brown III; it was actually made by Nafis Nichols, who works for the Chester Youth Collaborative. I suspect this hyperbolic language was used to grab the attention of local parents (not a bad goal).

The second comparison, it's only fair to note, is straight from Urban Dictionary. "Definitions" there are often meant to be more humorous and inappropriate than informative.

I'm not saying minors should be drinking Four Loko, but any serious comparison to cocaine is somewhat absurd.

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on August 20, 2010:

Drew~You have quite a way with words, in good conscience, I couldn't allow the second comment you made to be published,...not censoring just not fond of all the really bad words. I hope you remain safe and use good sense to get you through your night of 'blacking out.'


J410~Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your concerns and welcome your opinion. Under age people should not be drinking loko and that is the point of the hub. I bid you safe travel.


J410 on August 20, 2010:

These drinks are great. Perfect way to start a long night of drinking. Obviously these are not for moderate 1 beer, wine drinkers etc.... Anyways these are completely safe. what If I drank a large coffee and then took some shots, I'd be in the same boat as haveing a few of these. In addition under age kids should not be drinking "At All." Its a parents responsibility to control and inform their kids, atleat until they are 18.

Drew on August 20, 2010:

I am getting absolutely shit faced off this stuff tonight! Cant wait! I wont be driving, I wont be fighting, but I will be hitting on chicks, and blacking the eff out at the bar! Cheers!

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on August 17, 2010:

Dominic~Thank you for your comments. I am glad that you know your limits, that is a very wise thing. Being the one in the crowd with your head about you, will serve you well throughout life.

I agree that they are easy for underage drinkers to obtain, maybe that is why they have received so much attention? Staying safe and not driving while drinking is always the right thing to do!

~Always choose love~


Dominic on August 16, 2010:

I love 4lokos. They are easy to get when you're underage because you don't have to go to a liqur store. Just drink one and I get a perfect buzz. People who black out from drink more than one are just stupid.

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on August 16, 2010:

peacefulchaos~Thanks for commenting. It is always good to have another perspective on a topic. I have heard that the taste of loko is pretty insense, and does take some getting used to. Regarding the reference to cocaine, I'm pretty sure that if I were to 'lick' an electrical outlet I would get shocked-It would not be necessary to try it- it's a stretch comparison but one I felt compelled to make. I appreciate you stoping by and reading!

~Always choose love~


PeacefulChaos on August 16, 2010:


I absolutely adore Four Loko. I used to consider my drinking habits excessive but now when I feel like drinking I down a loko and I'm good to go. Before this hit the market I was a fan of redbull and vodka so the the flavor of loko was atrocious at first but it has grown on me. Anyways, this is a VERY powerful drink and I can see how the inexperienced should proceed with caution but this does not warrant banning the beverage. If you are a parent, store owner or enforcement officer and can't read the numerous warnings a labels on the can you are either unobservant or lazy. Please don't blame this beverage for what is probably the result of bad parenting. Will redbull and vodka get banned. No. One last thing, whoever refers to this as "legalized liquid cocaine" is either too high on or never tried cocaine. With that said, I wish you well. Take care!

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on August 08, 2010:

Dj~Glad you made it home safe, but the choice to drink and drive may be one you want to rethink. This drink is a tough cookie and should be approached with caution or at least restraint. I hope you are using better caution while drinking anything with alcohol in it, you could get hurt very badly, or even more frightening, possibly kill someone's child or other loved one. Thank you for sharing your story, I will keep you in my prayers.

Dj Jon Majestic on August 02, 2010:

I'm 17 had three and a half four lokos last night. On the road killing those lokos. All I remember was arriving to my destination. The rest my older sister explained what happened; Yes I blacked out.

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on July 26, 2010:

Paul~ Thanks for comment. By the way, very smooth link built into your name!

Paul Alexander on July 26, 2010:

Very Interesting, I liked it a lot!

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on July 24, 2010:

kiwi~I have heard of Sparkz and yes it is similar to four loko, but the alcohol level is far less. I bet the hangover was really bad tho, all that sugar and alcohol is a bad idea! I hope you are feeling better and drink responsibly! Drinking lots of water while partying can help reduce the resulting hangover.

Thank you for the comments, I really appreciate it!


kiwi91 from USA on July 24, 2010:

Wow, that is a high alcohol content for any drink. I'm sure it's deceptively sweet, too. There was (and still might be) a drink called Sparkz that was an energy drink with alcohol that was similar, but I don't think the alcohol content was quite as high. The end result from when I drank it was about the same as some have described here - one of the worst hangovers ever, but no blackouts.

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on July 22, 2010:

Sara~ Thank you for such an honest recap of your experience with four loko. I really appreciate your comments as they may well warn some unsuspecting person of the harsh reality of drinking the beverage.

~Always choose love~


Sara on July 22, 2010:

I have just recently tried Four Loko. The first time I have almost a full 24 oz of the Watermelon with 12% alcohol. I could definitely feel the affects of it. Then on another night I had a full can and I will tell you first hand that it hit me hard....I would most definitely vouch for the blackouts, although I didn't blackout, but I did find myself not remembering things like I normally would. Also, I was so sick, it was almost like I had drank a fifth of vodka or some other hard liquor. I didn't realize until I searched it online, that it was considered an energy drink. I knew it had caffeine and taurine in it, but I still didn't know it was labeled as an energy drink.....I had mentioned to my husband that I didn't like drinking them because of the caffeine. I think if I stick to less than a full can, then I'll be alright. Just go easy on it. Seriously.

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on July 11, 2010:

C. Ramsdell~ Thank you for the update. I am pleased and impressed with the manner in which you approached this beverage. You are a wonderful example for anyone, new to drinking or who has much drinking experience on how to approach a new product, Glad the BBQ went well and that you were savvy enough to have some orange soda on hand just in case!

Great comment and always glad when you stop by!

C. Ramsdell on July 10, 2010:

Thought I'd update you on the taste test! We planned ahead and grabbed some cheap orange soda (we had the orange-y flavored one), just in case it was too strong, and it in fact turned out to be so for us. After a few sips we had to mix it, but that worked out well because we had four people total and this way it was a fun little addition to a BBQ.

Also, it tasted like one of those SweeTart candies. That was a little strange.

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on July 08, 2010:

Cwilson~ Very glad to hear it! Thanks for setting my mind at ease. Have a great weekend.

Cwilson63 on July 08, 2010:

@K9keystrokes thank you and great point being alert it not all the away alert and i know never to never even attempt picking up a set of keys after these

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on July 07, 2010:

PSP~Thank you for the comment. Hope you enjoy your four loko in a safe fun place! Drink lots of water.

psp screen protector on July 07, 2010:

sounds like a good drink [2]

thats awesome i gonna tumble up for this =)

psp screen protector on July 07, 2010:

sounds like a good drink [2]

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on July 06, 2010:

cwilson63~ You have a strong point here. One I have supported in the past. I am glad that you are able to drink that many of anything and feel as if you remain alert and free of a slow start the following day. Knowing ones limit is the absolute key to taking any substance. And it sounds as if you know yours. Thank you for your comments and for stopping by.

One thing I hope most of all is that, if after drinking those three Four Loko you remain alert enough to never get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. As feeling alert does not make you truly alert following the consumption of 3 of ANY type of alcoholic beverage!

cwilson63 on July 05, 2010:

i dont understand why other ppl need to be punished because some ppl dont know when to stop i have had 3 before and have never blacked out been totally fine i have been aware of my surroundings at all times and been the first one to wake up the next day totally fine so ppl just need to learn there limit this is not four lokos problem

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on July 01, 2010:

TH~ You have a really good point and one I would think had meat. But, I think the 12% alcohol content may outweigh the caffeine. The combination for new drinkers is going to be quite intense! The kick and buzz provided by this drink appear to have extream results for even the most experienced alcohol consumer.

Thank you for the comments and great points!

Jorge Vamos on July 01, 2010:

Doesn't the alcohol in it kind of cancel out the effects of the stimulants, though? I would think it would. Or maybe the stimulants mask the effects of the alcohol? But, then, what's the point of the alcohol in it?

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on July 01, 2010:

jk;fdsa~ that is a very good question. Some strain does occur on the heart as caffeine is a stymulant and in large quantities can cause palpitations of the heart, but no more than any beverage with a high caffeine content. As for the alcohol portion (12% alcohol if you recall), you are going to need a healthy liver if you're going drink this on any kind of a regular basis.

Great comment, thanks for the read!

jkl;fdsa on July 01, 2010:

how is this on the heart and the body

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on July 01, 2010:

Thank you Joy56~ I must admitt I was shocked about many of the drinks atributes and bewildered as to why someone would put their body through the experience. But, if you are a responsible person who realizes your limitations, then why not take a drink. The best idea has come from CRamsdell, which is to try it first by sharing one can with a friend! Thank you for your comments!

Joy56 on July 01, 2010:

great hub, nice that someone has the courage to bring these things out in the open.

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on June 28, 2010:

NotPC~ Your poor girlfriend! I can't even imagine what it would be like to drink a couple of these at one sitting? I am sure I would end up as your gal did,...praying to the porceline God!I am really glad you have explored and realize your limits with this drink. Thank you for the comments!

C.Ramsdell~ Your approach may well be the smartest of all! It is smart because you determine first if you like the taste of the product. Second, if you don't care for it you're not stuck with a nasty drink to finish. Third, should you really dilike it you haven't wasted much money if you toss out the unconsumed portion. The calories are around 660 per can. Ouch! This is almost as high as drinking an entire 6 pack of lite beer (with some of the newer ultra-low calorie beers it's more!) Thank you for the comments and good luck with your taste test!

C. Ramsdell on June 28, 2010:

I've never tried it, but now I might divy (SP?) up a can with the husband to see what it tastes like. We have pretty differing tastes when it comes to alcohol though; should be interesting. P.S.: Just how high ARE the calories?

NotPC on June 28, 2010:

Ha ha... Tried these a couple months ago... If you are a guy and drink regularly, you can probably handle a 4Loko or two... My girlfriend drank 2 of these and was in bed with the worst hangover ever for like two days

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on June 28, 2010:

Dawgirl4ever~ A very good choice to avoid the debated taste qualities of four loko. I hope sales go well for you. Watch carefully for underage drinkers who ask adults to purchase the beverage for them while they wait outside your store. This can be dangerous on so many levels! Thank you for the comments!

dawgirl4ever from North Carolina on June 28, 2010:

Well we just got this in our store last week. It will be funny to see the results. I was going to try one but, for a non drinker to a taster I think not!!

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on June 27, 2010:

Rob~ I have heard both sides of four Loko; great taste and taste horrible! I have not given it a try and really have no desire to do so. But, if I was a t a party and I had a chance to take a sip, I probably would try it. However, I will keep in mind your "it taste horrible" should the occasion arise! Thanks for stopping by and for the comment!

Rob Hampton from Port Richey, Florida on June 27, 2010:

I've tried this stuff before, it tastes horrible!!

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on June 26, 2010:

lightningjohn~ I think if I were going to have a drink with this many calories I would have choose a Guiness. Maybe a whiskey back? Boxcar style? Heck, it's Saturday I think I'll simply sip a nice CabSav! Thanks for the read LJ! I hope you enjoy 4L when you give it a try,'designated-driver' is the word my friend!Cheers!

~always choose love~

lightning john from Florida on June 26, 2010:

Wine is fine but whiskeys quicker~ Ozzy.

Dont drink much anymore, but I'm gonna try it.

Just once though, 660 calories? Thats like two Coronas!

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on June 25, 2010:

lxxy~I admire your restraint in regarding the quantity you drink daily. If everyone understood that one of these is enough, then the issue of blackouts and crazy behavior may well be resolved. But, for those who drink these a few at a sitting, the danger increases 10 fold. All things in moderation would be the mantra here I guess. Thank you for sharing your insight on four loko. And for your comments.

lxxy from Beneath, Between, Beyond on June 25, 2010:

I used to work at a liquor store. And yeah, I do, like to drink. When you work at a liquor store, or for that matter, a bar, you tend to drink. So, that said, I tried everything that came through.

I liked Juice, but when it first came out I could barely drink it. It tasted like crap. But when we got in Four, it tasted like grape cough syrup. Still kinda bad, but half good.

Then they introduced these and I had all the twenty year olds, and even some of the older crowd drinking these. They're just plain awesome.

But I don't drink more than one tall can a night. I'm not a big drinker, despite my love of trying all alcohol.

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on June 24, 2010:

mattisyahu~It does seem to be a popular choice. Thank you for your comment.

mattisyahu nussbaum on June 24, 2010:

sounds like a good drink

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on June 23, 2010:

BoG~ No reason to feel that way. With so many abrieviated terms these days, who wouldn't have thought this was just another one to add to the list? I did smile when you asked a very kind manner.

bladesofgrass from The Fields of Iowa on June 22, 2010:

Oh...BoG=me LOL It took awhile but I finally got it! Boy do I feel stupid. hahaha ;D

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on June 21, 2010:

Saron~ So glad you have a tolerance for this kind of beverage. I think with some information parents are better able to keep their children safe. This kind of drink may well be fine for some, but those who are most at risk are the people with little drinking experience. For me, if I desire energy I drink something with caffeine, if I want to relax I drink something with alcohol. For me the two should never cross paths. So, I avoid these types of drinks. I am happy you can manage a drink that offers both ends of the spectrum within the recipe! Thanks for the comments and for the read!

~always choose love~

Saron on June 21, 2010:

This is seriously so stupid. I have never seen four loko give anybody any kind of reactions like the ones stated on these stupid websites. I drink it every once in a while as well, and I am able to handle it just fine without blacking out, and without any crazy behavior. Certain types of alcohol give different people different reactions, it just depends on the person. If four loko is that alcohol for you then don't drink it. Also, it is obvious as soon as you see the can that there is alcohol in it. It says it right on the can! So keep it away from your kids if you don't want them drinking it. They shouldn't be drinking alcohol anyways! People just need to learn how to be more responsible and we wouldn't have these problems. It's not fair to the people who are responsible and do enjoy the drink.

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on June 18, 2010:

Kaie~ I am with you on the coffee! Your friends children will be safer with your having shared the information. Thank you for stopping by as I appreciate that you read my hubs.

~Always choose love~

Kaie Arwen on June 18, 2010:

I believe I will stick with my coffee............. and warn my friends to watch their children. Thank you Kaie

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on June 17, 2010:

Blades Of Grass my dear! BoG! That's you! ;)

~Always choose Love~

bladesofgrass from The Fields of Iowa on June 17, 2010:

Thanks for replying and it's definitely a scary thought when you think of the kids and its "all the rage" right now to be drinking energy drinks. I just have one question...what does BoG mean? I just found out what FTW meant LOL :D

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on June 17, 2010:

BoG~ It is a scary enough thing to have the combination of alcohol and caffeine in a power drink. Then to contemplate the reality of our children drinking it without the benefit of 'drinking experience' can chill you to the bone. My hope is that if they remain on the market, that some awareness of the excess danger will be exposed to the mainstream. Thank you for reading it!

bladesofgrass from The Fields of Iowa on June 17, 2010:

Wow! Thanks for the information! I have never heard of this drink, until now. Better warn some girlfriends about it, to make sure their paying attention to what their young adult children may be drinking. I can see many of them saying its just an energy drink, because there are so many on the market now days...and we wouldn't have a clue that it contained alcohol. Great Hub! :)

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