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Five Signs You Are Demonized Against Your Child

Emmanuel Nuga is an inspirational writer, who is dedicated to promoting children values


Can a parent be demonised against a child? The answer is simply yes! With experiential backup.

But note; demonization in this context is not a thing of being possessed by demons but instead a negative attitude or disposition that is portrayed irrationally, which can be presumed as an existing personified being. An actively adherent weakness that is void of a loving attitude.

So what are the signs that indicate a parent is demonised against a Child?

Unexplainable Hatred

This is a situation where a child that used to be loved before, suddenly turns out to be disliked for a mere reason if not explanatory really. The presence of the child doesn't seem pleasing or welcomed; this feeling of hatred towards the child is like a sudden change of mindset. When all you do as a parent, don't seem to favour the upbringing of the child. Worst of all, is when a parent seems unaware of this ill manner.

could it be more or less a psychological turmoil, mind disarray, a spiritual attack, or a child's disabled condition? Who knows? Anything could contribute to this.

Act The Love

Action speaks better than words. The truth is, how much a child is loved doesn't reside in words but in your attitude. Repeat the phrase 'i love you' thousands of time. That still, do not excuse you from being negative. But rather, a selfless attitude portrayed in the discharge of your responsibilities towards that child; when you feel this is my child, he or she deserves the best.

So in a nutshell, the cause of hatred or psychological disarray towards a child is a thing of "feeling" or "perception" which balls down to your inability to create a positive feeling geared towards caring and loving the child you once loved irrespective of how offensive or unattractive the child could be.

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Uttering Negative Words

It is a terrible thing when parents utter vague language on their children, not just ordinary words but words that are like curses. Ironically, these are words parents of this calibre would hardly tolerate, when outsiders insult or curse their children.

Like the story of a lady whose mother was expecting her to come a male but she came a female. While still on the bed of labour, on seeing this; the woman got provoked and thundered at the nurse; "take this thing out of my sight". Lo and behold, ever since then, that very word "thing" got stuck to her destiny. This negative statement became the root cause of her life. How did she come to know? It was through prayer.

Carefree Attitude

The easiest way to expose a child to danger is by being carefree. The attitude that shows a lack of concern where it ought not to. No safeguarding awareness that is focused on knowing the calibre of friends the child mingles with, inculcating a sense of morals in that child has no relevance to you. Probably, as a parent, you are less concerned about child moral behaviour, which will not tell well in the long run.

But you must remember, the failure to give a child home training; makes that child vulnerable to social vices and corruption in this falling world.

Inhumane Action

I once came across a video clip showing a man whom I think was the father of this poor kid, he lifted the baby and hit the baby hard against the chair. I wondered for what reason could a human being in his normal senses do such a thing. Under no circumstances should that ever be, if not for the fact that he was out of his normal senses, even to put it straight he was demonised. The scene was frustrating. I hope it gets to the Human Rights Organisation.


Avoid Cruel Punishment

When the act of punishing a child for offences is extreme or similar to that of capital punishment, then you have to take caution. Discipline is necessary to be inculcated in a child but merciless or cruel discipline like the use of skin peeling objects does no good to the mental upbringing of the child. So parents must take caution in discipline so as not to regret doing the unthoughtful. Probably, you have heard of a parent who beat a child to death.

Inconsiderate Decisions

It's such a serious situation when parents have prefigured consequences of what their actions or decisions will amount to in a child's life and still go on making the same silly decisions. Should we call it selfishness or greediness? whether or not it is. It is pure wickedness.

They've been cases like parents using children for ritualism all in a bid to acquire wealth or put a child forward as an exchange for a greedy acquisition. By the way, this is not the point I am driving at, as there are other unnoticeable ways parents could act selfishly. Take for instance when a parent is so carefree, portraying a wayward lifestyle or indulging in child abuse etc and it is such an astonishing event when children bear the consequences for the evil committed by their parents.

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