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Female Foeticide - Let an Innocent Child Live

Let Her See The World

I’m a seed sown with eternal love,

Sometimes sown with filthy hands

Sometimes sown with dreadful minds

Sometimes sown with heedless hearts

Many a times I’ve been pulled out

Saying I’m just a weed in the garden,

Sometimes I’ve been drag out brutally

If I don’t fit in their plans,

& they say

I’m a seed god topples from the sky

But many a times I’ve been planted with so much care

Until I sprout

& grow up tall

Deep inside I barely see anything

I sit in darkness for long time

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Silent & alone

Although there’s a voice I hear everyday

Her low murmurs

Sounded like a birdsong

Which Brings joy to my hushed life

I can feel the warmth of her touch

She nurtured me

& gave me my first home

Still you fell in such stupid & selfish plans

A tiny seed, do not get to choose the life

Just hold me in your hands

Because I wanted to be loved

Beyond the stars

Can you please love gender less

But nature more ..??

Let me see the world


Female Foeticide in India

Female foeticide is the selective abortion of female foetus. It is a curse in today’s India, especially in rural areas. In India, the females are facing major inequality, the substantial deficit of daughters has caused deep imbalances in the sex ratio. The male to female ratio in India is about 8000:1000. While the national child sex ratio in 1991 was 945 girls for every 1,000 boys and by 2019 it had fallen to 918 girls.

It is thought that the sons offer security to their families, provides greater income and look after parents in old age while the daughters are considered as a social and economic burden.

Why do so many families want to kill their own daughters? Why people hate girl child?

One of the most shocking news I came across while studying the data provided by The Ministry of Finance which estimates that, in 2014, about 63 million women in India have gone missing due to both differential female survival and sex selection. In some families, women’s are tortured and even killed for not giving birth to a boy child.

In Haryana, the men are facing difficulties in finding wives. And this leads to the birth of another big issue and that is Women Trafficking. Such men approaches human smugglers, who then supplies them women trafficked from poor families from countries like Bangladesh. In one way or the other, it is the female who suffers. Other Asian countries such as China, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are facing the same problems where the women are more likely to been raped or have experienced violence from their partner.

Although abortion is legal in India but to abort solely because it is girl child is a crime and there’s a strict law and penalties for it. Several states in India have developed girl child protection schemes to promote the birth and well-being of daughters.

Cause Of Female Foeticide

  1. Gender discrimination
  2. Lack of education
  3. Patriarchy
  4. The desire of boy
  5. Cultural preferences and Religious superstitions
  6. Dowry system or Marraige Expenses
  7. Poverty
  8. Misuse of modern technology (Ultrasound Technology)
  9. Weak social security system : Rape, Harrasment or Eve Teasing
  10. Old myths : Only boys can continue the family lineage and having a son is considered as a prestige symbol of manhood for the father.
  11. Girls are considered as financial obligation by many parents

Effective Measures to Control Female Foeticide

  1. Women empowerment
  2. Dowry prohibition Act should be implemented effectively
  3. Strict application of legal provisions
  4. Social awareness for changing public mind-set
  5. Proper Education about equal rights and respect for girl child and women
  6. Misusing of Prenatal sex detection technologies should be banned
  7. Reaching the masses through religious/spiritual leaders
  8. Protect unborn girl child
  9. Encouraging the media to cover such sensitive issues


According to me the main cause of Female Foeticide and violence against women is Gender discrimination and lack of education. It is necessary to remove the myths that girl child is a burden. People have to understand that there is no difference between a girl child and a boy child, they are both equally capable of doing things. There is a need of a strong law to prohibit sex-selective abortion, but also strengthens other laws which targets issues that leads to Female Foeticide such as the Dowry prohibition act and protection of children from sexual offences act.

”Children are a gift from the lord, they are a reward from him.” Psalm 127:3

Whether it is a girl child or boy child, Accept what he gives and what he blesses with.

Adults should actively participate in campaigns and mass awareness programs which targets such social issues. It is important to show that even women too can achieve in various fields. Medical professionals can also actively participate by counselling patients regarding the gender equality and the impact that a skewed sex ratio has on the society. Medical experts can also give informations to women regarding harmful effects of abortion.

Every women has the fundamental rights to education, health and empowerment. Save the girl child for a better tomorrow and for prosper nation.


Srushti Gamit (author) on May 04, 2021:

Thank you Abhishek!!

Abhishek Ojha from India on May 04, 2021:

Your writing skill is superb.

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