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Family Ties: Family Occasions

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At the end of the day
Family is everything
While there are bonds that are as strong as family
Blood ties aren't something that break
Clear but inpenetrable like graphene
Might rust, might age
But like metal and steel
Standing strong...


Over time family disperses to different places for different reasons.

This isn’t just for the extended but the immediate family; I mean we all have one or more siblings that live quite far from home or rather from us…

Getting back together during the holidays and family occasions are always a highlight in our lives.

As we anticipate seeing our family again (both the ones we miss and the ones we can’t stand) there are always plans in place to make sure the whole family feels at home not as visitors even if they don’t live there anymore as it will always be home

As a child, I remember travelling back home to see my grandparents (God rest their souls) and cousins in the village most especially during the holidays and one distinctive activity almost like a family tradition that always got me intrigued was that the day everyone had arrived in the village, the grownups went to bed in the early hours of the morning.

They spent that day telling stories about the places they stayed and how they had been faring including stories from their work place as well as with the children at home, their recent achievements and even struggles

I can remember how their laughter always kept me and my cousins awake and we would spend the time also telling our own stories and wondering why they would send us to bed and not go their selves

This all goes to say we all have family traditions we hold dear and the thought of them brings us warmth no matter how far we go and this also reaffirms the fact that family is everything

Family when studying sociology is often referred to as the first point of socialization for a child.

And we have come to the realization that where a child comes up in, influences their thought processes

Research also shows that families that spend time communicating have strong emotional bonds and it is a little wonder why when the holidays are coming to a close everyone gets a little moody at the realization that they all have to part again.

Family gatherings like weddings or child naming parties brings two sides of a family together.

While we get to meet new people it also gives them a chance to make new family connections and traditions as well as does a good job of bringing family together even with the ones we might not get along with all the time

Family gives us a reminder that we have something that serves as a safe space.

Our families from birth make it their responsibility to make us feel loved and this supporting force behind us often gives us the courage to go out and spread our wings.

With carry a confidence the knowledge of having people behind you gives us

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I mean there’s a reason we have heard of stories where the family members mobilize themselves and go off to fight the cause of one person especially if it’s a wronged child

And that’s just a few reasons among many about why we just love family

A good example of coming together during family gatherings is the movie: A Naija Christmas

A story of a mother and her three sons counting down to the Christmas celebrations where they have to bring their respective romantic partners to their mother to celebrate as well as score the grand prize of the family house as personal property

This movie doesn’t just show how occasions bring family together but the preparations that go into planning these occasions

In the movie, we see the first two sons scramble to get a wife each one for his own reasons.

The first son, Ugo who is a known player even by his mother, plans to get a wife just to get his hands on the property and use it to pay off a debt.

After unsuccessfully trying to deceive his mother with a random girl later goes after a church girl he knows his mother would definitely approve off, falling for her along the way

Mrs Rachel Oniga (God rest her soul)

Mrs Rachel Oniga (God rest her soul)

The second son, Obi who is the one with a girlfriend turns out to be caught in a love triangle between his manipulative girlfriend who wants him as a boyfriend but not a husband and his friend who was initially trying to help him win his girlfriend back then turned love interest

He is simply in the game to beat his elder brother Ugo in the race as he taunts him so much

The final son on the other hand isn’t even interested in the game but had a clandestine relationship with an elder woman

From where I come from as a child, occasions like Christmas and Easter meant getting new things, meeting family again as well as having a lot of food to eat and all the excitement of it was something I got reminded of watching this movie

The Christmas parties were also something to look forward too, the very thought of Santa brought a lot of smiles and this was also reflected in this movie

At the end of the day and by the Christmas celebrations each brother figured out what they wanted and went for it.

We were once again reminded that family always comes through for family and the occasions always bring out the unity amongst us

It’s like at the end of the day we are one and if we don’t have our own backs then who will?


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