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How To Treat Your Family

Family Bond

Family Bond

Family is one of the most important things in life , with all of its members :: the father , the mother and children , each of the have his own turn to do to his family and to our society

First of all

1). The Father :: He should be affectionate specially with his children , also with his wife , he should be honest and generous with his family , he should treat them all equally so he can avoid problems with them , he should spend some of his time for his family , he should give them care as much as he can , but this doesn't mean that the man should should forget his parents , he should show his children that he love them and care for them , so they can feel how much are the parents are important in life.

2). The Mother :: She should be affectionate as the father should too , she must ask her children what to cook on the next days , she should also spend time with them and with her husband too .. she should show her concern for them and for her family's life , she should also help them with their studying , their homework and their school projects she should also love her family and care for them.

3). The Children :: The children should respect their parents and do what they ordered to , the should show some help to their parent , the girl should help her mother in the kitchen , cleaning rooms , the boys should help their fathers in car cleaning or any thing they can help in.

even if these conditions exists in a family doesn't mean that it should have a great life , Because these conditions should be applied in an organized way , to know how to organize these conditions , look at the next table :: --->

This table is what father should do in the week days with his family

SubjectTime Should Be Spent

Watching T.V with family

1 - 1:30 hours -- daily

Restaurants and Cinema

1 Day -- weekly

Talking to the family

1 hour -- daily

Shopping with them

1 hour -- every 3 days

Family And Technology

A picture of a family using technology in wrong way

A picture of a family using technology in wrong way

one of the most things that affect family bonding is using technology too much .. it make every member feel that he is living all alone , but does this mean to prevent them from using technology ?! , of course No .. it means that they should use it in limited time , or use it together , having fun together , each one of them will fell how much are the others important in his own life , he can also feel the importance of being in a family

This is the right way that family should use technology

This is the right way that family should use technology

one of the reasons that makes the family problems is poverty , it can affect the family by making the husband unable to buy the family indispensable supplies which can lead at the end to divorce.

to avoid this problem the family should be like a one hand , the children should reduce their expenses , and the wife should work to help her husband by the money she gain from working and her own money that she have collected in her old days .. but if the family wasn't like a one hand the husband won't be able to give money to his family and give the life that they wanted which lead to a family fights.

The Inequality is one of the biggest reasons that makes the fights between the parents and their children , like if your children had a fight on something , you shouldn't ally with one of your sons and take the other as an enemy ! this will make your son always see you as an enemy so he will hate you ! he will feel that you don't love him , he will try to escape from home or do anything else , and much cases happens yearly like this :: a father had a fight with his son :: this would happen from : inequality , scrimp , dishonest and hate

Problems between parents :



From the First corner which is :: The Husband ::

It happens because the husband feel that his wife doesn't estimate his burdens and social duties, and his financial situation. Perhaps one of the show grounds for divorce, especially in Eastern societies, the emergence of a wife look women "tomboy", where revealed some studies show that more than 45% of divorce cases that are currently, due to the attempt of women represent the personality of the man to control the affairs of the house and take over the powers of man's traditional management

As explained in this study, which included a large number of cases of divorce that the wife of a tomboy and love controversial, which cause the problems to raise in which she do this to pay her husbands attention to her , But occur in this despicable behavior, and without knowing, irreparable rift only separation and divorce, which is usually resorted to as a last resort pair of salvation from the feeling created by his dreary wife

Family Problems

Family Problems

From the other corner :: The Wife ::

Express the point of view of a woman who believes that the pair interference in the affairs of the house is more than it should, and that his staying for a long time outside the home is unacceptable, and that the desire of the pair in isolation from others or socialize in the community surrounding it, he's not alone to decide it without asking her.

The scientists said that many of the problems facing the family from the perspective of women to the perception of inferiority that you think of women that men have seen her for a wife, and if the man said bad words in front of children, low-level cultural and social pair compared to the wife, and not to give the wife's freedom or confidence in the personal behavior, and lack of cooperation in an attempt spouse to coordination their work and fulfill their duties towards the family


:: After reading ask your self these questions ::


Do I really Trust My Husband \ Wife ?

Do I Really Love My Children ?

Do I care for my Children ?

Does My Husband \ Wife Trust me ?

Does My Children Love Me ?

Am I Kind with My Family ?

Do I spend time with my Family

Do I take them out for Pleasure ?

Do I Show My Children that I care for my Parents ?

Thanksgiving To All Readers

Thank you all for reading my article , I hope that you liked it and enjoyed reading it.
i wish that this article will improve the reader's skills at treating with his \ her family by using the conditions that were mentioned in the previous paragraphs , and i'm sorry again if there was any grammar or spelling faults and I wish that i will write more and more and I hope that it will be better than this article , and I want to say : "God Bless Our Families" Because the Family worth the whole life and more so we shall love our family and wish the best for them even if you had an argument , but you still a family

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