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Can't Get Your Baby to Sleep? Try Entertaining Him or Her to Sleep.


What I call the "baby sleep" dance

There is not much a baby can do against a good lullaby and a comforting embrace from their loving parent who dreams of their baby going to sleep. Unless of course your little rascal does not want to go to sleep. I have found that, yes this method works, if my child has a full stomach and is showing definite signs of slumber on his cute little face, but the second he decides that he wants to be awake the only dreaming that will happen with a lullaby is that you will be getting sleep any time soon. Not to mention my baby boy laughs at words of any sort.

I have an almost 5 month old who is determined that sleep is for just us mere mortals.He finds that staying up as long as he possibly can is the best way to go about a twenty four hour day. Now I have determined that all babies like music. This is of course my opinion and for all intense and purposes one I will use to help my point along.

With my baby boy looking at me one night whilst I rack my brain for a more appropriate solution to my conundrum of a not sleeping baby I simply gave in to his encouraging little face and decided I would simply entertain him. So I switch on my music, and put on a station that had as much drum and violin as I could find to get a great beat. Or a good a Capella song really does the trick, especially if you try to sing or hum with it! I then lifted my happy little child and began to bounced about to the tune of the station. ( he is very fond of the a Capella version of "Game of Throwns" by Peter Hollens.) I think the rhythm and vibration of your humming or singing helps set a comforting mood for them. Almost like a subtle baby massage of their brain.

This simply was my point of sanity breaking as many a parent has reached at some point or another, but as we hopped and skipped about (safely in my arms of course) to the low beat, something strange happened; My child was showing signs of fatigue. To my enjoyment I stopped...and had to start up again as he started to wake as the baby dance slowed down.

I need to emphasize hop and skip about as I can not for any measure dance. I can however bounce about to a rhythm and sometimes I will lift him up like an offering to the heavens; which he really enjoys. Now this is not a dance that I would do in public...thus the drawing I did instead...though I know some might ( More power too you). I skip about the room to the beat and spin a little, but not enough to rattle the child (there is such a thing as shaken baby). I cannot sing so I hum to him as well, and get the full surround sound going for him. Its like a blanket of rhythmic racket. Fun for the both of us, Only you need to keep it up until all of a sudden he just passes out! Finally getting his fill of entertainment out he goes, quite suddenly and without warning. Not only that, he is limp like a rag doll and can be easily laid down in his bed without worry of waking up.

The Long Walk

As my child gets older I find that entertainment is getting to be that since he can not quite crawl yet and so cannot walk yet, he wants me to walk him everywhere. Which if you walk your child long enough your child will go to sleep. I recommend the Baby-Bjorn as this process of walking can last at the least half an hour at the most a couple hours. Its not boredom that does this, its that he is taking in so much that his brain needs to shut down for a while to evaluate. The long walk usually is best if you want your child to take a nap. Usually it does not take long for your child to "evaluate" all the information from the walk and as I have found with my child he wakes up ready to check up on a couple of things he saw on his previous walk, starting the hour stole over again.

Baby Bjorn (Purchased at Amazon.com)

Baby Bjorn (Purchased at Amazon.com)

The Lullaby

There is something about the rhythmical tune and sway of rocking your baby to sleep with the simple repetitiveness of traditional lullaby. Mixed with a full stomach your baby will simply melt into a quiet sleep and allow the anticipating parent to also get the usually much needed rest. I mean this method has gone back through written history to be one of the best ways to get your wee lad to visit the world of dreams. How many people "Don't" Know the lullaby "Rock-a-bye baby" or "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or even "Hush Little Baby"? Very few I should hope.

In case you don't know them here they are:

  • Rock-A-Bye Baby

    • Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop
      When the wind blows, the cradle will rock
      When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall
      And down will come baby, cradle and all
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    • Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
      How I wonder what you are.
      Up above the world so high,
      Like a diamond in the sky.

      When the blazing sun is gone,
      When he nothing shines upon,
      Then you show your little light,
      Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.

      Then the traveler in the dark,
      Thanks you for your tiny spark,
      He could not see which way to go,
      If you did not twinkle so.

      In the dark blue sky you keep,
      And often through my curtains peep,
      For you never shut your eye,
      'Till the sun is in the sky.

      As your bright and tiny spark,
      Lights the traveler in the dark.
      Though I know not what you are,
      Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

      Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
      How I wonder what you are.
      Up above the world so high,
      Like a diamond in the sky.

      Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
      How I wonder what you are.
      How I wonder what you are.
  • Hush Little Baby

    • Hush, little baby, don't say a word.
      Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird

      And if that mockingbird won't sing,
      Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring

      And if that diamond ring turns brass,
      Papa's gonna buy you a looking glass

      And if that looking glass gets broke,
      Papa's gonna buy you a billy goat

      And if that billy goat won't pull,
      Papa's gonna buy you a cart and bull

      And if that cart and bull turn over,
      Papa's gonna buy you a dog named Rover

      And if that dog named Rover won't bark
      Papa's gonna buy you a horse and cart

      And if that horse and cart fall down,
      You'll still be the sweetest little baby in town.

Entertain your baby to sleep

Drive Your Baby to Sleep

Taking your Baby for a car ride works wonders. This was done to me as a child. Be careful with this though, it does have a consequence. I have been learning from some adults that had this done to them as children that they tend to get more fatigued when driving. I am one of these, though I never had trouble getting to sleep when I was little. My boy on the other hand, who does not want to miss a thing so will do his utmost to stay wake, will pass out in the car seat. I just am very cautious with this and will not go out of my way to drive him to sleep.

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