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Enjoy Your Life Today

Life is beautiful, life is uncertain, life is an adventure, life is a gift. So be a person who enjoys every day, every minute, or every second. Why I’m saying this because in the past year I learned something is that your family & friends are so important to you & Every second is so meaningful with them. You need to focus and remember that the day you are currently living will only happen once in your entire life, so you need to make the most of it. It’s all about mindset, how you focus on life. We people always assume that we need to make extreme changes to our life, habits, routines, and bank balance to be happy and to enjoy our everyday life. But trust me that is not the case. Usually, we already have everything to enjoy your present day. It’s just up to you what’s important for you today.

I’m not saying that you’re recklessly living your life as if there is no tomorrow. The future is equally important to plan for, but it is important for you not to prepossess about it to the limitation that you disregard the present. Remember, the only way for you to get to the future is through a series of today. Timing is key, change is constant.

Covid-19 makes us realize that how much your health matters. Some viruses just come one day and your whole life change. You are stuck in your home, you can’t meet with your loved ones, you can’t go out, you can’t even be with someone you love the most because of how much this virus affected our lives.

So how can you enjoy your life in the present scenario in the way most people don’t? Here are some simple ways you can make your present self happy. Starting today.

1. Do not invest in the fancy things invest in things that add value to your life:- Can you just think you always wanted to buy the diamond necklace you’ve got your eyes on & one day you’ll buy that, but you’re not happy because that’s just materialistic things that’s gives you just one or two days happiness, but things you will add more value to your life when you just spend that money on a weekend getaway with your spouse or with your family, friends? I always thought fancy things make me happy, but last year with COVID-19 I don’t buy anything unnecessary thing and I feel happy I save money I help others with that & my hearts full.

2.Remember, success is something, but success, not everything:- We as people failed to realize that success does not mean everything in life. We see happiness with success if we are successfully making more money we’re automatically going to be happy. Furthermore, we live in a success-obsessed world where everything is related to money, career & we chase that. We fail to understand that success cannot compartmentalize. We need to understand that if we fail in one area of life there all the other areas automatically fail sooner or later. So the son you realize that you need to focus on everything in life, not just success.

3. Be entirely present when you’re with your family & enjoy every moment:- Be entirely present when you’re with your family & enjoy every moment:-Family is a gift of love and gratitude to God. They do so much for you before even you ask for yourself. It is your family who sticks with you through thick and often thin when life becomes TFF to handle when your friendship fades away, but they are with you waiting for you to hold you and tell you’re going to be all right. It’s easy to say you want to change the world but first make the difference in your home tell them how much you love them how much they mean to you try to spend time with them enjoy every little thing with them. Be more physically and emotionally present in their life. Eat, sleep & repeat with them. Proceed something to make them happy today you can make a great difference in people’s lives, but first, try to make a difference to your family.

Life is a such short and precious gift. I can change unexpectedly in one tiny moment. So please love yourself enough to comment on every moment of your life. Make decisions that support your happiness. Doing what makes you happy for what is worth loving yourself and makes yourself happy does not mean that you are not hauling through others. It simply means caring for you, as caring for others.

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So, please enjoy your life — because it is happening now in this current moment.

It truly is time to make yourself happy and enjoy your life. Permit yourself now to smile today at silly mistakes you made in the past.

It is your life. Use your power of choice wisely.

I wish you happiness. I desire you love.

© 2021 Anju Jagarwal

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