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Grand-parenting a Teenage Girl Post Covid

Growing Pains

Each generation has growing pains. Past parents groaned over their children’s radical thinking, blasphemous phrases, revolutionary movements, and immoral values every era. Whether we wallow through wars, plagues, or other potentially widespread unrest, a parent’s purpose is to protect, provide, and prepare their children for adulthood. But along the way don’t forget pointing out the importance of your everyday life can impart upon a momentous moment.

How many of us say “ when I become a parent, I’m not going to…”. As a parent, it is inevitable that one day you will hear yourself repeating those same words. Examples over the years, without going to far back, statements of revolt rang loudly several times. Just in the realm of fashion alone mini skirts, piercings, tattoos, and hairstyles are some trends exercised. Music has also been a common vehicle used to sing societies youth’s messages.

Parents from the Nineteen Fifty’s feared their teens’ rapid degradation from reveling to Rock and Roll. Their worries became fevered following Elvis Presley’s gyrating pelvis performance. Moms and Dads predicted their clean cut, soda sipping children turning into long haired, sexual deviates on drugs. Then came the Sixties! Okay, so maybe those parents weren’t far off the mark.

Today‘s families face familiar, as well as some new pangs of their own. 2020 was a banner year for the way we look at the world. The Pandemic closed down our lives as we knew them. In 2021 we found ourselves either ever present in our children’s daily life or at the extreme opposite. Changes between generations always have felt growing pains contending with fashion, music, and the fear of the future falling into deprivation. Even more than we give credit, most parents over the course of time parented during difficult times. Baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials or those still to come I hope you see the humor and beauty in these ordinary moments.

Temperaments of a Teenage Girl

Teenage girl x 10

Teenage girl x 10

Teenage Girls

Because I am currently in the throws of a teenage granddaughter’s world, it became clear to me. “I am getting old!” Raising four children and then a good part of my grandchildren’s, I should have had a clue into what lies ahead. But it didn’t take long for my fourteen year old granddaughter to remind me!

A teenage girl‘s temperament teeters along the edge of drama, tears, and embarrassment. She tends to have exaggerated emotions, especially toward romance. Your child will come and go like a ghostly apparition. One moment that cherub like face is laughing at a cartoon, then just as suddenly switches to a scowling demon slamming doors! Take the hugs while you are able. This age of transition hopefully evolves her into a healthy and happy young woman and you survive to hear her admit she understands now. But for now, you are enemies of state. It is a trying time as secrets and trusts are sure to be tested.

Twenty-twenty amplified a teenager’s boredom to a whole new level. Quarantine took away social activities teens normally use to escape. Even now that things are opened up once again, the repetitive battle of boredom bounces back and forth. You can try to ask them to join in a family game night or movie to aide in the fight. Rolling eyes and turning away is a common answer but don’t despair. A stealth flank attack works now and then. For instance, playing a movie with a family size bowl of popcorn on the coffee table draws out interest incognito. You’ll catch them peaking over their phone to see the screen or reaching for a snack. While your attention seems unwelcome, they do want you around. Of course, they will never admit this!

At which amount of boredom is she really suffering baffles you beyond belief! Any attempt to bring answers to the table are quickly swept to the side. You ask “What do you want to do?” An ”I don’t know” or “nothing” are her responses. Supposedly socially starved they are tied to phone screens that actually isolate them more. Their attraction for interaction from anonymous strangers, even appropriately, raises the hair on the back of your neck!

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Teen Lifelines

Why teens are hard of hearing

Why teens are hard of hearing

Timeless Teen Attitudes

Remember your parents yelling at you to turn down your music? While the music has changed, our teens are still rattling our eardrums. Is it a physical part of being a teenager to become hard of hearing? Well, not really but they definitely acquire selective hearing capabilities. Music is a teen‘s lifeline. It helps them cope by providing comfort that perhaps someone else feels the way they are feeling.

Being called “cringey” by your teen is not necessarily a bad thing

Being called “cringey” by your teen is not necessarily a bad thing

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