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Effective Anger Management Strategies and Tips for Children


"Sometimes, my kids pass deep waves of anger and outbursts issues. These outbursts lead to frustration. Thus, I got angry and I ignored a coping management mechanism to solve this behavior of outrage and anger. So, to stop this tantrum of anger, I take my children to a room to enable them to deal with their difficult anger ".

"I can't bear to glance my kids' angry and emotional attitudes include yelling at me or lashing out! Really, this is impolite attitude that my child should understand it. So, I may punish him as a warning for not causing any anger problem ".

"When outrage passes through my young kids, they break my regulation by taking objects and throwing them on ground and this makes me hit them violently as I can't know what causes all these amounts of anger. Thus, our relationship gets worse ".

"I love my teachers very much as they aren't nervous as you".

"I can't have any choices for my children's anger management. So, I hope to find therapy and strategies of learning the anger management skill ".

"I dread that this specific kind of quick anger affects my child's health ". So, I want a new strategy and management to handle and cope with his angry attitude ".

"Anger passed through me when you prefer my younger brother than me and I can't get management and strategies to deal with this anger ".

One important thing you should do to control anger is to teach your child about expressing sentiments of anxiety, stress, anger and depression in a healthy way

"Our senses are our most genuine paths to knowledge" said Audre lorde. Sheila Ellison and Barbara Ann Barnett show in their book "365 ways to raise confident kids", feelings are the guide posts that help us mark our path in life and they need to be felt, expressed from the wonderful love to the difficult anger".

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In fact, feelings are likely complicated for children to express them as these feelings are always quite abstract concepts. So, to help children define emotion, follow these steps. The first step to start with, is teaching basic feeling words such as "happy ", "sad", "frustrated", "afraid", and "cool". Then, name your child's feelings by uttering". It seems to sense angry right now". Over ages, he can learn and recognize to label their own feelings.

Implement a developing plan to assuage your child's treatment of this intense trouble (anger)

When your child passes through anger emotions, you can use these strategies and activities for anger management like "managing anger" to encourage and exercise your child vent his feeling and energy in a peaceful way. Firstly, give the child a piece of paper, then, order your child to try to write down the exact punishment that the child's deserves. Then, help him to breathe .Then, ask him to read what he writes aloud to vent his possible suppression.

After your child calm down, you can exchange the appropriate management and best rules and techniques followed to let the person say what he annoys him.

Likewise, you can use other different strategies for children anger management like being helpful to your kids in practice coloring, reading book, breathing slowly and deeply and relaxation. You can also create a calm _down kit for your kids' help. This includes your kid's favorite coloring books, some crayons and fun book to read or a favourite toy to develop his skills in playing and remove his anger.

Soothing and positive words can be a balm for your kid's anger and can feel you better management of this anger

Sympathy with your children through using quiet and simple words during their outrage wave contributes to anger management by calming his anger and thus, galvanizing your kid to vent all his suppressed troubles. For example, if your child came from school .Then, he yelled over you, and after that, he violently closed the door, you can exchange this discussions and actions with him saying: "I can't bear to catch sad glances in your eyes and glance your angry attitude, please tell me what upsets or bothers you to have the ability to help you "."I hope to tell me and vent all your suppressed problems and I can tear out all your pains and anger ".

"When you scream or yell, you dissipate my concentration in performing any task, please, lower your voice and tell me what triggers your angry wave you and I can help you with my useful strategies to manage your anger "." In the past , when rage and anger passed through me , I used to exchange strong talk with my father and tell him what annoys me and then ,he dosed me by his wise management , strategies and solutions that satisfy me and remove my angry attitude .

Praise of his calm attitude to manage his anger

Actually, all these good comforting phrases and strategies mentioned before seem to make children manage this anger wave. It is necessary for parent in this situation to acclaim over kids' quietness trait. In fact, this praise contributes to helping to entrench the quietness trait in kids ' soul, multiple kids 'self-esteem and confidence. Thus, this will contributes to expressing his feelings and all his suppression and as a result, parents have the ability to manage their children's anger problem by these unique strategies.

Sharing in Implementation of problem solving skills to remove anger problem

After identifying anger problem in your children, it is time to help your children to manage their anger by involving them in the process of coming up with proper solutions to work in their overwhelming conflicts without providing the answers to enable your kids to struggle in solving their problems and have management for it. According to Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, they are many strategies and managements used during this process. Firstly," brainstorming together to solve this problem and discover a mutually agreeable solution for outrage management. Then, write down all ideas without evaluating. After that, decide which suggestions you like, which you don’t like, and which you plan to trace through on".

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