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13 Educational but Fun Toddler Learning Toys to Get

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13 Toddler Learning Toys for Girls and Boys

Perhaps the greatest part of childhood is toys. While every parent knows that too many toys are not healthy for children mainly because most of them don’t get played with, we still fall for the trap of purchasing new ones even after we’ve sworn off getting our children more. Maybe it is the inner-child within us that still enjoy looking at the brightly colored, technologically advanced, absolutely-tempting mechanisms in a toy store.

The upside is that toys are especially beneficial during a child’s toddler years because it not only provides hours of entertainment but also enhances motor skills, problem-solving, creativity, imagination and when played with others, a child learns how to share, interact and develops social skills.

So yes, even the most toy-averse parents have introduced a learning toy to their little ones.

Of course, with the pressures of boosting our little one’s learning effectiveness on our shoulders, we want to make sure that the toy we are buying would actually be beneficial in the development process. After all, we want only the best for our offspring.

Let’s take a look at the list of the top 15 toddler toys for girls and boys that my friends and I have used.

Wooden Toddler Learning Toys


1. Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks With Wooden Storage Tray

The set includes 60 natural-finished, smooth-sanded hardwood blocks. Children are free to play and let their imaginations rule. The solid blocks of wood give an amazing sound when they tumble to the ground unlike blocks made of plastic. Kids can build cities, towers, and have fun knocking them down as well.

Perfect for: Kids ages 3-5 and those older who are kids at heart as well.

What it teaches: organizational and sequential skills as well as spatial relations

2. Boxiki kids Wooden Stacking Toys & Shape Sorting Board

The toy may seem simple but it holds endless hours of play for kids. Made of high-quality wood, this toy can withstand bumps, falls and crashes. Other parents would rave about how this toy was able to keep their otherwise unappeasable toddler to engage with one toy for hours.

Perfect for: Kids ages 3-5

What it teaches: boosts motor skills, organizational skills and sequential skills

3. Hape Scoot Around Kid’s Wooden Ride on Balance Bike

This classic push bike has rubberized wheels so it is both gentle on the house floor and will last a very long time. With an average of 4.6 stars rating in Amazon, parents are in love with this toddler bike. The colors are cute and pleasing to the eyes and the quality of the material is very durable and well-made.

Perfect for: Kids 1-3 years old

What it teaches: motor skills development and strength improvement

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4. USATDD Wooden Blocks Puzzle Brain Teasers Toy

Made from high-quality wood and child-safe, any parent can rest assured that their kid is in good hands with this puzzle. Yes, you can start introducing your little one to the vast and addicting world of Tetris. The brightly colored blocks make the toy so much more fun to play with.

Perfect for: Kids 2-8 years old

What it teaches: creativity and imagination thinking, eye-hand recognition, color-shape recognition and problem-solving skills

5. Wooden Building Blocks Set - 100 pc for Toddlers Preschool Age

With this product, you get 100 pieces of assorted wooden blocks that come in different shapes. The structures kids can make with this would be limitless. Scatter this among children and watch them work together to turn their ideas into reality.

Perfect for: Kids 3-8 years old

What it teaches: hand-eye coordination, color-shape recognition, organizational skills, and spatial relationships

Interactive Toddler Learning Toys


6. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

Prepare your child for the traditional table and chair setup while they’re young. It will make studying in the recommended setting so much easier in the future.

This interactive desk included 5 activity pages that children can explore and engage with. What’s more is you can upgrade your table and add expansion packs for more learning and fun. The table also transforms into an easel and chalkboard with space for storage. It features over 100 vocabulary words, 20 activities and songs.

Perfect for: Kids ages 2+

What it teaches: basic math, science, language and social studies skills

7. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

Made with BPA-free plastic, this block toy is safe for babies to play with and even put in their mouth while they’re at it. There are 5 sides to explore, light-up buttons that introduce animal names and sounds, and other interactive features.

Perfect for: 6 months to 3 years old

What it teaches: motor skills and shape and color recognition

Who says learning how to walk had to be boring? This adorable zebra toy is here to teach your baby songs, phrases and colors as well as how to walk with its easy-grasp handle and sturdy wheels.

Perfect for: 6 months to 2 years old

What it teaches: fine motor skills, color recognition, the alphabet and basic numbers

9. Teach My Toddler Learning Kit

Sixty-eight pieces of interactive play for kids. The kit includes 4 books, 4 posters, 7 puzzles and 55 flashcards. This learning kit will teach children that learning can be fun and interesting. Parents are more than welcome to bond with their kids as they teach essential skills. All it takes is 20 minutes a day and you’ve imparted essential knowledge to your child.

Perfect for: Kids ages 1-3 years old

What it teaches: literacy, numeracy, spatial reasoning, and motor skills

Electronic Toddler Learning Toys


10. LeapFrog Scribble and Write

With the help of Mr. Pencil, kids can write, draw and spell at the toys touchscreen display. Gone are the days when children use pencil and paper to trace letters and learn the alphabet. The handle on the toy also makes it easy to chug around.

Perfect for: Kids 1-3 years old

What it teaches: the alphabet, reading and writing, basic shapes and number and spelling

11. VTech Little Apps Tablet

Who doesn’t love a portable tablet that only features educational information for your kids without the risk of damaging their eyes or brains? With a piano keyboard, color-changing screen and letter buttons, children will have a blast with this Vtech tablet.

Perfect for: Kids 2-5 years old

What it teaches: alphabet, numbers and music

How about a robot companion for your toddler? This learning robot is an upgrade from its predecessor and now has an LCD screen that shows facial expressions. Using a friendly voice and bubbly personality, kids are lured to learn.

Perfect for: Ages 3+

What it teaches: alphabet, counting, color and shapes recognition, animal names, rhyming and matching skills

13. VTech Touch & Swipe Baby Phone

Yes, it’s a baby smartphone. And no, it won’t emit harmful radiation so feel free to let your little one play with it. What’s even more wonderful is that it is portable so it can keep your baby preoccupied while you’re doing groceries or on the road.

Perfect for: 6 months to 3 years old

What it teaches: role-play, hand-eye coordination, imaginative play, and language development



Babies start learning and absorbing information as early as one month old. They will be watching our every move and observing their surroundings. While we may not be able to give them our full attention 24/7, educational toys are there to catch our backs during our downtime.

Overall, toys are a win-win because we get to have some “me time” and enjoy being with the kids during play time.

© 2020 Muriel B Tewes

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